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NWN Toolset: Enhanced Edition. Try the new updates and share your feedback



  • PaphjortPaphjort Member Posts: 13
    Thank you, virusman

    The new version of the toolset is great and I haven't met any errors yet. Good work! Especially the rotating/scaling of placeables and creatures.

    The only bad is thing is that I now have to uninstall it again to be able to continue my mod, since I changed to the development branch while building it.
    Can't see a way to make it work in the updated toolset. Even tried changing min. req. version in module.ifo from 1.78 to 1.77, but the toolset still insists it needs a newer version to be able to open my mod :-(

    Anybody know how to change a module from development (1.78) to stable (1.77) ?

    I hope the wait is not too long before the updated toolset is released properly. :-)

  • EurgigaEurgiga Member Posts: 6
    edited June 19
    I'd like to see a "flip" option (button? hotkey?) that flips the selected object in the toolset along the X, Y or Z plane, as selected. If multiple objects are selected, the flip option will instead flip the objects as a group.

    If possible, another useful function would be the ability to manipulate the spacing of a selected group of objects via click-dragging, perhaps by drawing a box around the group when selected with a grabbable corner.


  • SquidgetSquidget Member Posts: 13
    Thank you Virusman. This is a huge help for builders!

  • TheCapuletTheCapulet Member Posts: 30
    Any chance we'll get a key remap in these builds? Would be amazing to switch the numpad keys over to the more useful and modern wasd group of keys. Even a simple toggle would do the trick.

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 642
    edited June 26
    @TheCapulet Ye gods NO!. I hate the antiquated wasd. I only use the arrow keys and remap those games that allow it. Those that don't I drop. It's a matter of touch. I can instantly feel the arrow keys without looking whereas I have to take my eyes away from the screen to find wasd.

    My guess is that you are on a laptop and don't have a full keyboard with separate arrow keys. That's the price you pay for portability.


  • dunahandunahan Member Posts: 72
    @TheCapulet @TarotRedhand I think it would be better, if we could specify the controls ourself, or not?

    Like a addition to nwtoolset.ini:

    And if they are missing, the usual controls are used.

    That would help Capulet and wouldn't disturb you ;-)

  • TheCapuletTheCapulet Member Posts: 30
    @TarotRedhand Not at all. In fact, I have a separate number pad, just so I can keep my hands in a natural position. Which is the whole benefit of the WASD location. Obviously proper keymapping would be ideal, but making a simple toggle would be far easier than adding an entirely new menu to handle keymapping.

    And the reason the arrow keys wouldn't be ideal is because there's only 4 keys there. 9 keys are needed to make use of all of the available hotkey functions, which the WASD location would provide.

    q & e for camera rotation, z and c for camera zoom (or better yet, for camera tilt, since zoom is already on the mouse wheel), and X for recentering.


    Definitely ideal, but I was suggesting the easiest route, hoping virusman would be more likely to pick up a smaller project like that.

  • TheCapuletTheCapulet Member Posts: 30
    Another thing I'd like to request again, since it's been over a year since I've mentioned it, is object rotation tied to a hotkey.

    Since we're getting all these fancy object manipulation hotkeys, it'd be the one of the last, if not the actual last hotkey we're missing. Select object, hold alt (or any other key), and move mouse in the direction to rotate the object.

    Only other thing I could think of is a key to toggle the static flag at selection or multiple selections.

  • TarotRedhandTarotRedhand Member Posts: 642
    Just a thought but seeing as the toolset is being actively worked on are there any plans to fix this issue with the conversation editor, while you're at it? It appears that it doesn't affect everybody but does affect quite a few people as others reported it too.



  • NotsonobleNotsonoble Member Posts: 6
    Late to this but very very thankful for toolset updates.

    Hope someday to see a linux build of the toolset. Too, but for now will take what I can get.

  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,505
    edited July 4
    virusman wrote: »
    Talime wrote: »
    Just a headsup:

    Even the old toolset stops working correctly after the nvidia update.
    Means, it crashes on start up.
    Gets random access violation errors.
    Or freezes on loading the module.

    So looks like I have to put my whole project on hold now till this gets fixed, since downgrading a whole system because of a toolset of one game stops working, is not a practival solution. Especially if the driver update fixes general performence issues.

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, going to the driver settings and disabling Threaded Optimization for nwtoolset.exe should fix the driver issue.

    @virusman I have tried disabling Threaded Optimization for the toolset, but it still wont start for me. I have an Nvidia Quadro M4000 and I tried both the latest driver and rolling back to the previous one.

  • LeoArcticaLeoArctica Member Posts: 1
    My toolset closes for no reason when I try to load an area.

  • TheCapuletTheCapulet Member Posts: 30
    How difficult would it be to make objects with blank names in the pallete show their tag instead?

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