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Icewind Dale 2: Enhanced Edition is almost here!



  • UnsanityUnsanity Member Posts: 54
    edited December 2022
    I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the response. I started the long read and just finished the 6th page, wow. I'm still in September 2020 posts and so far, it's been a really good read. So many changes. Too bad Beamdog won't be a part of this endeavor. Hopefully, there will be much EE traffic in the OT section here so I can bounce some party ideas/questions off of players.

    Since it's December 2022 and still no EE, I can only imagine all the good stuff that will go into this game. I may have to rethink my second party attempt and wait for EE. My first one fizzled at the dragon in Chult. I killed the dragon once, but didn't make it to the portal in time because my mage died and I had to res him and pick up all his stuff. I didn't save after killing the dragon either. My IWD:C party was 1) 1/2 Orc Fighter 13. 2-Hander 2) Human Fighter 4/Paladin 9. 3) Dwarf Cleric of Helm 13. 4) Elf Cleric of Lethander 13. 5) Human Wizard 13. 6) Halfling Rogue 13.

    I wonder if my IWD and IWD:EE party will make it in IWD2:EE. 3 pally (no kit)(human), 2 cleric/mage (both 1/2 elf). 1 fighter/thief (halfling). That's my power group and it shreds.

    Here is a question. Hopefully it wasn't asked and answered after page 6. If so, I'll delete it.

    In IWD2:EE... Will loot still drop on the floor when a player character dies? It's a pain, even if you implement quick loot, to pick up loot and do an inventory management to make sure that everything is placed back where it was originally.

    For monsters, I don't mind. I am used to it from the earlier TSR games and the first 2 Diablos. If one good thing could be said about Diablo 3, at least that got that part right. Talk about a huge QOL improvement. It would be nice to see that in IWD2:EE as well.
  • WhittakerWhittaker Member Posts: 1
    Can I get access to the IWD2 EE mod? I have been a huge fan for 20 years and would be honored to participate.
  • IakusIakus Member Posts: 36
    I just learned of this endeavor and I gotta say I'm really looking forward to this! IWD2 is the only Infinity Engine game I haven't played yet.
  • jopasapsjopasaps Member Posts: 1
    I would like to get access to the Icewind Dale 2 EE Mod? Thanks in advance and greetings from Spain.
  • l2clusterl2cluster Member Posts: 1
    I would also like to get access to the Icewind Dale 2 EE Mod. Thank a lot!
  • HoltHolt Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I apologise profusely to be the 999th person to ask!
    That said, if you're wanting more beta testers, then I'm interested!
    I'd love to provide proper feedback as well as to enjoy the game, too!
    Thanks for your consideration :-) My GitHub:
  • Stargazer5781Stargazer5781 Member Posts: 183
    Hi! Is it still possible to join the IWD2 EE mod? Here is my github - Thank you!
  • gamlekaaregamlekaare Member Posts: 1
    Hi! Would love to try this mod, if possible :-)
  • PanKantPanKant Member Posts: 4
    Just a question - couldn´t barters (and items) be met more often? It seems to me, that I find/buy some +1 weapons/armours early in the game, then long time no update in inventory and then suddenly three barters with lot of way stronger stuff. More gradual improvement of drops / goods quality would help the to balance the game imho.
  • MerlkirMerlkir Member Posts: 3
    edited December 2022
    if portraits for companions are a hang up for the mod, I'd be happy to help.
    That is, if you're looking for artists to do them.
    Here's my portfolio:
    I can't promise I can do many, but a few at least should be good fun.
    (I don't really use these forums, so the fastest way to contact me would be through email, as listed on my site)
  • ThorssonThorsson Member Posts: 190
    Sorry if this has been asked before, but if you have mods installed with IWD2, how will IWD2EE interact with them?
  • phurgawtinphurgawtin Member Posts: 2
    Requesting access to IWD2:EE beta test, and willing to give feedback, assuming you're still looking/willing for additional beta testers this far into development. No github account, but willing to make one if necessary for commenting / tracking of requests.
  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 3,078
    Thorsson wrote: »
    Sorry if this has been asked before, but if you have mods installed with IWD2, how will IWD2EE interact with them?

    Some notes on specific mods:

    Widescreen Mod - Unnecessary as IWD2EE already includes a way to set the game to a higher resolution (various options up to 1920x1080).

    IWD2-Ease - Most of the components are unnecessary because IWD2EE makes very similar changes, or are incompatible. The readme will have a list of which components are compatible.

    Almateria's IWD2 Fixpack - Should be compatible.

    Light of Selune - Should be compatible.

    Tactics4IWD2 - IWD2EE's Creature Revisions component already improves enemy AI and encounters, so this mod is probably unnecessary.

    NPCs - Should be compatible.
  • ThorssonThorsson Member Posts: 190
    edited January 2023
    @OlvynChuru Thanks, those have changed since early doors, so I'm glad I asked. I assume that we will need to install the EEFix first and then other mods?

    P.S. What about Tioma's Mods - Ammo Belts/Bottomless Bags, Sun/Wood Elves, Additional Cleric Domains?
  • ThorssonThorsson Member Posts: 190
    @OlvynChuru P.S. If the NPC part needs work, then I could possibly help. I've been reading fantasy books for a very (very) long time, playing computer games since they were on mainframes, D&D since the first boxed set. I've not done any creative writing, but I've written a lot of reports, including as expert witness to lawyers, plus I have had proof reading training and experience. I could probably do a voice over, if you want any with a British accent (I can do several).
  • ShezardShezard Member Posts: 1
    Hello ! I would love to try this mod !

    Here is my github :
  • brunardobrunardo Member Posts: 526
    Hoping to try this out too as waiting to start a new playthrough for HOF again, great work!
  • phurgawtinphurgawtin Member Posts: 2
    Turns out I did have a github account. It's just been years since I've used it.
  • GreyjoysAnatomyGreyjoysAnatomy Member Posts: 1
    Played through icewind Dale 1 recently and just found this mod, amazing work! Would love to test it out if possible

    Here's my github:

    Thank you!
  • Ossie1972Ossie1972 Member Posts: 15
    Is anybody getting responses to the playtest offers? Seen plenty offering but I got no response & haven't seen an update from the devs for some time
  • AvonShierAvonShier Member Posts: 2
    If the playtest offers are hearing responses, I would love to try it out
    Github is:
  • Acrux2Acrux2 Member Posts: 53
    edited January 2023
    Ossie1972 wrote: »
    Is anybody getting responses to the playtest offers? Seen plenty offering but I got no response & haven't seen an update from the devs for some time

    People are joining the Discord that includes the link to the beta download, if that's what you mean. It looks like when you requested access before, you didn't include a link to your Github account. You'll need to do that.
  • The_BittersteelThe_Bittersteel Member Posts: 1
    Would be thrilled to join + test.

    Also, I've read about the Discord, but haven't found a link for it - and the current Beamdog forum search function is, well, limited...thanks in advance!
  • KirikiKiriki Member Posts: 2

    Is this project still active? Wanted to check it since there is no official EE, but couldn't find discord server people were talking about earlier.
    My github is
  • AvonShierAvonShier Member Posts: 2
    Hello, I would love to try out this mod!
    Here is my github:
  • KirikiKiriki Member Posts: 2
    Just to reassure others, devs are still active, if you give your Github account, you will be invited in Github to this project
  • AmorAmor Member Posts: 1
    Hello, dear developers! I would like to participate in beta and am ready to give feedback.
    My github:
  • m0nk5trm0nk5tr Member Posts: 1
    edited January 2023
    Hello everyone! Tried writing in direct messages to @semiticgoddess a month ago, but no response :(
    Maybe more luck here? :) *link removed*
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  • Allanon81Allanon81 Member Posts: 334
    Is there any way to install this other than Weidu installer? Like just a zip or something? Maybe somebody can DM me? The typical weidu installer takes me a godawful amount of time.
  • mledmled Member Posts: 46
    Will this be usable on (for example) linux ?
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