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[Released MOD] Call of the Lost Goddess - A quest mod for BG2EE

AciferAcifer Member Posts: 157
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"Know that it is folly for the gods to change fate."

"Call of the Lost Goddess" is a quest mod that adds new quests, areas, monsters and items to BG2. It is inspired by the pen-and-paper adventure "For Duty and Deity" by Dale Donovan.

Key features:
  • 46 new areas to explore
      45 new areas designed from scratch in 3D
    1 modified area from IWD
  • A new city district accessible from the worldmap: Goldspires
  • More than 40 new unique items
  • New monsters with new animations: Vrocks, Dretches, Nighthags and many more
  • Challenging battles
  • Many sidequest for a full gameplay experience
  • Multiple different roleplaying options to solve most quests
  • 8-10 hours playing time
  • The mod is set in the SoA part of the trilogy
  • The adventure and quests are playable from the beginning of the game
  • Game engine: BG2EE and EET
  • Recommended character level: Level 10+

Current version: 
Version 1.0 

This mod is only compatible with BG2EE / EET, not the classic BG2 - ToB game

Click the link below to download the English version of the mod from the German Baldur's Gate community page:





Acifer: Graphics, design, programming
Morpheus562: Enemy and encounter design, scripting
Lava: Ideas, item graphics and design, Beta Testing
Weigo: Worldmap programming
megrimlock: English version, proofreading, Beta testing
OiseauRebelle: Beta testing
Soul: Beta testing
Morywen: Beta testing
Genwa: Beta testing
shadowlich: Debug test run, proofreading
Taimon: Coding help
Argent: Coding & WeiDU help
Roberciiik: Worldmap help for BP-BGT
Shai Hulud, Lotus Noctus, Belryll, Danol: Help with German translation
Laura Hirsbrunner: Readme Template

This mod uses many animations taken from Infinity Animations. Credits for these amazing animations go to the original creators of this mod.
This mod uses animations originally created for Neverwinter Nights 1 and one songfile from NWN1.


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  • LavaDelVortelLavaDelVortel Member Posts: 2,718
    Oh, the preview is going live! Nice! :)
    Thanks for letting me test this! :)
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,360
    Awesome. Congrats
  • shadowlichshadowlich Member Posts: 60
    Yes, another quest mod !

    Let me look for bugs, because that 'll be the first thing I ll do anyway :D
  • shevy123456shevy123456 Member Posts: 179
    Is there some central repository for the mod as well? It is quite convenient to quickly report some smallish issues e. g. on github issue trackers or elsewhere (for the most part).
  • DuronDuron Member Posts: 135
    Love the looks, can't wait to test this. So little time, so many tests to make :D
  • FrenzgynFrenzgyn Member Posts: 80
    Holy f***k!
    Dude, you know how to bring up the hype!
  • AerakarAerakar Member Posts: 1,030
    This looks amazing, thank you!
  • LawfulStupidLawfulStupid Member Posts: 38
    Looks awesome! Can't wait. Question, could we get a peek at the new worldmap? I love mods that add new districts to Athkatla.
  • AciferAcifer Member Posts: 157
    Thank you all for your feedback!
    Question, could we get a peek at the new worldmap? I love mods that add new districts to Athkatla.
    Yes, here is the new area on the world map. It was a bit difficult to find a suitable place, as it is technically not a new district within Athkatla, but just outside the city walls.
    It is the location "Goldspires", Waukeen's temple district, that's why I placed it directly on the edge of the bay.


  • Nymrod85Nymrod85 Member Posts: 2
    It was outside the city walls in canon anyway.
  • Dalmir_The_DarkDalmir_The_Dark Member Posts: 53
    This looks incredible! Very Planescape: Torment-esque. I am very eager to try this.
  • LlewrenLlewren Member Posts: 35
    This looks stunning, unsurprisingly. I have no doubt that it will be fantastic.
  • AciferAcifer Member Posts: 157
    Version 1.0 of the mod has been released! See my first post for a download link, the readme and other info:
  • SourSour Member Posts: 92
    This is very exciting. It's like SOA is getting DLC expansions in 2024. I'm in the middle of a playthrough with a ton of mods installed so it will be a while before I can get around to this but I'm looking forward to it. Congrats on the release, it looks very original and professionally done based on that trailer. Thanks for sharing it with us.
  • DuronDuron Member Posts: 135
    Can't wait to try it out. Hopefully all my installed mods won't be crushing the game.
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