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Vampire: Bloodlines 2



  • DrHappyAngryDrHappyAngry Member Posts: 1,577
    Meant to add that I don't think you're wrong for disliking the way it was implemented, I just wanted to point out you gradually choose through the game how the ending will be.

    I definitely didn't feel like it was weighted, I played goody two shoes except when I kicked that Nosferatu's ass who the game made pretty clear was going to off you.

    Looks like the game's delayed till 2H 2021, now

    Now I'm getting worried they're going to stamp on Mitsoda's work with this long of a delay. What dumbass decision it was to fire a bunch of people, which has just resulted in more delays.

    I'm not sure why you say it doesn't feel like it was weighted.

    If 3+ of your five choices are "nice" then you get the bad ending. If 3+ of your five choices are ruthless, you get the good ending. If you choose power and ruthlessness, you get the ending you wanted.

    Wow seriously, that's how they weighted it? Not a fan of that decision at all and still think it was garbage. I'd have been cool with them killing me for outing everyone without being ruthless enough, it's just that it should have been my decision to make whether I do or don't. The interactivity in these sorts of games is so low, I feel like they didn't provide the right choices at the right times, even if it would have brought negative consequences, like death it horribly needed the option.

  • BelleSorciereBelleSorciere Member Posts: 2,125
    I mean if you're ruthless you'll do what it takes to get more power

    If you're nice, well...

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,017
    Creating games is a giant unpredictable experiment with many moving cogs and gears that as you build on top of them are difficult to align and maintain. Sometimes overwhelming.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,203
    I wonder if the next studio will have to start from scratch.

  • BallpointManBallpointMan Member Posts: 1,631
    edited February 23
    Yeah. This is a pretty wild development.

    I sort of read it as though Paradox will develop it internally (it doesnt say that, to be clear - but I guess I kind of assumed that to be the case if the development is ongoing and Hardsuit Labs is no longer working on the project).

    On one hand - Paradox's internal studios are generally quite good. On the other hand, this game is waaaaaaaay outside their realm of expertise.

    It's probably best if they give it to another studio, but I'm not at all sure who or what that will look like.

    Edit. Just saw a quote, and it looks like they rather clearly said a new studio is already working on the game. So I was almost certainly wrong to think Paradox took over development.

  • jjstraka34jjstraka34 Member Posts: 9,813
    edited February 23
    I would not place any money on this surviving to release, and if it does, you may be looking at an Underworld Ascendant situation, where what was supposed to be a modern Ultima Underworld (in the same way Pillars of Eternity was a modern Baldur's Gate) ended up being released as a broken amalgamation of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Thief, just to recoup some money. You may get a game, but there is a good chance it won't really resemble the Troika classic.

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