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Will BGEE be available on steam?



  • norolimnorolim Member Posts: 62
    edited July 2012

    I really really don't get it.

    Me neither. I don't think these people understand. How can you prefer a game with Steam DRM to a DRM free/client free game? If you buy it on Beamdog (or hopefully GOG in the future), you won't need to remember where to download the game. You'll just download it after you buy it and keep it on your HDD.

  • FuzzyPuffinFuzzyPuffin Member Posts: 289
    norolim said:

    Me neither. I don't think these people understand. How can you prefer a game with Steam DRM to a DRM free/client free game?

    Beamdog's version has it's own DRM. But that's beside the point. Steam isn't just a store––it's a service. For me, it comes down to convenience. I like having most of my games in one place, always up-to-date, without having to think about it. I like the steam overlay and my friends list. I love the sales, and it is the only digital store that offers PC/Mac versions in one purchase.

    In @drej163's video, TotalBuscuit makes some good points, but I don't believe people are being "irrational" when they request a Steam version (though I do think it's a bit silly to boycott the game because of it, and moronic to pirate it.)

    Is Valve perfect? No. Their Mac client sucks, it's not terribly good for small SSDs (all Steam games have to be in one folder. You can use symlinks, but it's not an ideal solution) and their support isn't always the best. But their service is for me, hands-down, the most convenient place to buy my games, and I'll always go to them first if I can.

  • intexintex Member Posts: 2
    well will wait for the steam release then if you can't confirm activating any beamdog on steam later. o

    boxed version will be hard to resist though

  • gmazcagmazca Member Posts: 60
    From Trent Oster's twitter posts he really hates games that enforce extreme DRM (like diablo 3). Getting the game from Beamdog without the need for a client is the simplest solution in my book. You don't have to be online to play and you aren't required to use any other client...seems like a win/win.

    That being said, having a friend's list like steam would be nice but not all-together necessary considering the Baldur's Gate in-game chat (which could use a bit of enhancement btw). But that's assuming you're playing with your friend in BG and not communicating across different games.

  • KonabugaKonabuga Member Posts: 135
    I remember back when people disliked Steam. They just wouldn't buy a game if it reguired Steam. How times change.

  • norolimnorolim Member Posts: 62
    edited July 2012

    Beamdog's version has it's own DRM.

    Source, please. But tbh, I won't be surprised if they use some kind of mild DRM, like an activation key. That's nothing in comparison to the limitations Steam introduces.

    For me, it comes down to convenience. I like having most of my games in one place, always up-to-date, without having to think about it. I like the steam overlay and my friends list. I love the sales, and it is the only digital store that offers PC/Mac versions in one purchase.

    So you basically let Steam think for you? I see.

  • DocDJulDocDJul Member Posts: 0
    edited July 2012
    Hi, is there any plan to release the game on the steam platform ?

  • powerfulallypowerfulally Member Posts: 261
    @DocDJul Not now, but possible in the future. PC version is Beamdog exclusive for the moment.

  • intexintex Member Posts: 2
    yeah because spending some times getting your games up to date from a vanilla install is so much fun ^^

    its just easier to have all your games from one online resale company, easier keeping track of everything. and you can make stuff offline available on steam too so ...

    until bg-ee on steam its sticking to the mods.

  • M0tyM0ty Member Posts: 1
    WTF is Beamdog ? Who uses Beamdog ???

  • powerfulallypowerfulally Member Posts: 261
    @M0ty Beamdog is a distribution service, Overhaul Games is a division of Beamdog. You won't need the client to enjoy the game, so it's basically like downloaded from GOG. What more do you require?

  • Twilight_FoxTwilight_Fox Member Posts: 448
    We will all already have the Beamdog version when the steam one will come out (if its come out). ^^

  • RemrenceRemrence Member Posts: 1
    This game would have been bought about ten seconds after it was announced if it had been released on steam. Nothing against Beamdog, of course, but since so many users know about steam and it's a convenient way to keep track of games and start multiplayer games I really hope you consider releasing it there as well.

  • hackmedhackmed Member Posts: 3
    I understand why people only buy games on steam (digitally at least), some others might limit their digital services to two platforms.

    Over the years I have bought games from these different services, some I have bought a bunch (GoG, Steam). But others I have only bought one game, the first episode of the penny arcade games for instance, I got this when it first came out, from a platform that I now don't remember.

    So now I am not even sure how I can re download a game that I have bought, even after a quick Google search, I'm still not sure. I'm just worried a few years down the line I will have the same problem with bgee, not to mention all the other games I have bought from other services.

    So yes, I also hope this eventually comes to steam, and if and when it does, I hope those of us that have bought bgee from beamdog will be able to claim the steam version (Which I was not able to do with Penny arcade adventures and the tales of monkey island).

  • WintermuteWintermute Member Posts: 1
    I'm pretty excited about this and may purchase it on one of my portable devices - I will hold off on the computer purchase until (or if) it is available on Steam. I've purchased the BG collection many times over the years other than a new adventure and some characters I feel I can get a pretty similar experience with the community mods. Thanks for doing this guys! You'll have a guaranteed purchase from me and many others if you can get it on steam.

  • NugatoryNugatory Member Posts: 1
    if you release to stream you might have close to a million sales or more, i seriously dont understand why you do not do this ( i for one do not intend to buy from minor digital companys, i burned my hands to many times, and besides all my other games are on steam )

    On another node, Good job overhaul, thanks for remaking one of the best games ever.

  • roboticsunroboticsun Member Posts: 42
    edited July 2012
    I knew devs confirmed that they do not have any plan for a steam version right now, but the problem is in some countries it's very inconvenient to purchase from beamdog. I recently saw MDK2 HD will be put on steam soon, so can we expect a steam release for BGEE sometime next year?

    really looking forward to see BGEE on steam since I can not purchase it here.

  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    edited July 2012

    1.Im curious of why it should be on steam. ??

    2.Howcome its better that the people that made this EE isnt selling it ?

    3.Why need a 2nd or 3rd part to sell this game ?

    4.Why is it inconvenient to purchase from beamdog ?

  • KnettgummiKnettgummi Member Posts: 152
    @roboticsun I'm just curious: why can't you buy it from Beamdog?

  • kraedkraed Member Posts: 60
    Conspiracy theories aside, being on steam means that Valve do take a cut of the profits from the game. Selling directly from here means 100% of the sale goes to the developers and/or license holders.

  • Excalibur_2102Excalibur_2102 Member Posts: 351
    @roboticsun You do realise that they are NOT using the beamdog client for BGEE? Its just a stand-alone download.

  • MeraMera Member Posts: 100
    I really don't understand why steam is needed...
    I can fully understand why you would not want the beamdog client (in fact, I'm of this opinion, less third party stuff is always better) but I don't get this love for steam.
    There's absolutely no added value to using steam in this case (and don't get me wrong, I think steam is great, seeing how much I spent on the summer sales). And more money to the developers = more awesome games in the future.

  • HinkelHinkel Member Posts: 14
    Although steam takes its cut, there are more people who use steam than there are people who use the Beamdog Launcher. Therefore more people would actually know about BGEE if it would get a release on steam. This would lead to a greater number of potential buyers and therefore more money for Beamdog and BG3.

    Thats at least why I would support a steam release. Wether they are allowed to release it on steam is a whole other matter and out of our controll however.

  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    How difficult is it to spread the word that it actually can be bought at Beamdog ????

  • SirBuliwyfSirBuliwyf Member Posts: 117
    How is it better to get it from Steam than direct from Beamdog? You don't need a client, it's a straight up download like any other file on the internet. Saying you're better off getting it through steam is like saying you're better off if all your internet traffic were routed through steam first before it gets to you.

    Getting it through Steam actually makes both you and Overhaul WORSE off.

  • LediathLediath Member Posts: 125
    edited July 2012
    I also dislike every freakin' game being on steam...
    I was one of the few people that actually *liked* the idea of origin. At least they provided some direct competition to steam. I own too many games on steam to just ditch it as a service completely. But, whenever I have a choice, I ALWAYS buy either directly from the source (Arena Net, Beamdog, Runic), or from a competitor that doesn't have a client I have to boot up every time I want to play my games (Amazon, GoG).

    If you look through the haze and fog, *** Steam is DRM ***.
    And in many instances, steam punishes legitimate consumers while doing nothing to stop pirates/piracy.
    I challenge anyone to go through the steam catalog and find games that are NOT capable of being pirated.
    I also challenge anyone to state, matter of factly, that they've NEVER been hampered from playing games that they've already purchased and/or installed because of the steam client.

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