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Imagine a new magic weapon!

Let's imagine a new weapons, that can be created and added in IWD:EE. An original weapon, a weapon of your dream, what should it be?

Myself, is dreaming to add this weapons:

1. Tsunami, a magic wakidzashi, because there is'nt any good in the game.
Tsunami is a +3 magic weapon that can cast a druidic spell Smashing Wave by a percentage.

2. Sharping Edge (don't really like this name, maybe you can suggest better), a magical halberd +1, with seriously increased critical chance (+2 to critical), but needs a 19 dex from its wielder (let's say to not chop your party member head by accident :D)

3. Swordshield (meh, i'm not good at names), a shortsword with mediocre +1 bonus but with a fantastic +3 AC. One of the best weapons in off-hand.

4. Longsword with a rare magic gem in grip, which can store 3 spells (it's a simple minor sequencer). Maybe we should limit it only to rangers and paladins, what do you think?

So, do you dream about a special weapon in IWD?



  • jackjackjackjack Member Posts: 3,251
    edited November 2014
    Name "Parry Mason"
    Other name(s) Main Gauche
    Item value 26,000 GP
    Weight 1 lbs.
    Identify 75

    Combat type Melee
    Proficiency Type Daggers
    Handing 1-handed
    Range 1 ft.
    Damage 1D4 +2
    THACO +2
    Damage type Piercing
    Speed 0

    Special: +2 AC, +1 APR

  • MrGoodkatMrGoodkat Member Posts: 167
    edited November 2014
    Name "Whispers of Death"
    Item value 61,000 GP
    Weight 1 lbs.
    Identify 85

    Combat type Melee
    Proficiency Type Daggers
    Handing 1-handed
    Range 1 ft.
    Damage 1D4 +4 (+2 cold)
    THACO +7
    Damage type Piercing
    Speed 5

    Special: +3 AC, limits your APR to 3, 10% chance on hit to freeze time for 1 second for everyone but the wielder of WoD

    The general idea is that it's an enchanted dagger that emanates a strong aura of frost, slowing both its victim and its wielder at the same time. Thus the low speed, hefty AC penalty and the APR limit.

  • hexxactlyhexxactly Member Posts: 40
    I'd be happy for a +3 +1 Constitution weapon a cleric could wield. A maybe a helm that could detect traps once or twice a day.

  • ZugZug Member Posts: 2
    I have made 4 legendary weapons for my HoF playthrough.
    My team is composed of :
    Elf - Mage(entropist)/Thief
    Orc - Barbarian
    Human - Warrior9/Cleric(Lathander)
    Half-Elf - Bard (Scald)

    The mage/thief has a Moonblade :

    1D8+0 - +7 to hit - strike at distance (with sword of Mordenkainen animation, looks cool :D) - ignore strengh - +20% resist magic/cold/electricity - on crit : blindness on target
    Chances on hit :
    Dispell on target (think Carsomyr) - 50%
    Cold 1D8 - 100%
    Lightning strike on 1 target (20D10) - 5%
    Powers (1/day) :
    Entropic blade - The blade turns into a flaming sword for 20 seconds, lose most of it's powers, but give a big bonus to entropy and elemental resistances, and gives the power "improved alacrity" (lvl9 mage) to the character for the duration.
    Shadow blade - The blade turns into a dagger for 30 seconds - the dagger is 1d4+0 and +7 to hit, and has a random chance on each hit to give the character various powerfull but very short duration buffs : improved haste, more attacks per round, increased backtab multiplier, strong poison, backtab every hit ...

    This one may look overpowered, and it is, mind you, mages and thiefs are relatively weak in HoF mode, in any case, it's very fun to play with, the dagger mode is very dynamic, with huge spikes of damage (100+) alongs with very fast attacks when I get lucky with the dices :) In standard mode, the blade is deadly against mages with it's dispell on hit, and the random lightning strike is very fun and rewarding (and makes up a little for the lack of spell damage in HoF)
    This is a very beefed-up version of the blade that I used in my last BG2 playthrough

    The barbarian has a leather armor :

    AC 2
    +20% to physical resistances
    +25% to max hp when worn
    Regeneration 1hp/s
    on each hit taken : +1% to physical resistances for 15s, but as the armor magicaly hardens, movement modifier is also reduced by 1

    This armor basicaly turns my Barbarian into a tank, when surrounded with many enemies, resistance can go up to 75-85%, but it reduces mobility to almost nothing.

    The cleric has a mace :

    +5 to hit
    +4 spellcasting speed

    On each hit, chance to cast various spells like mass heal, prayer, blessing etc ...

    I always found cleric buffing to be boring and tedious, so this weapon is basicaly just an autobuff mace, just send the cleric into melee and voilà ! The mass heal proc is nice to have and often a lifesaver, but is very far to be enough to do the whole healing job, so it stays somewhat balanced, at least in HoF.

    My bard has a long bow :

    chance on hit :
    War song of Sith
    Great malediction on targets

    Can summon arrows (20 each / day)
    Hope arrows : low damage, proc emotion : courage, emotion : hope and Song of Tymorra on hit.
    Spike arrow : huge damage, stun, attack song
    Confusion arrow : average damage, confusion on target, mass slow

    This weapon prevent the bard from being a pure buffbot, as songs are activated from the melodic bow (I like to see it as a harp-bow !), and the different types of arrows. Makes the bard gameplay more interesting.

    I have provided the files if curious people want to use or modify the items for their game.
    Description is generic, so put whatever you want with DLTCEP.

    Zlame.itm is the basic moonblade, it calls zblade.itm and zdague.itm as powers
    Zgrok.itm is the leather jacket, it calls zgrok.spl as a passive ability
    Zbow.itm is the bow, it summons the 3 types of arrows (zarpik, zarconf, zarhope)
    Zmasse.itm is the mace

  • ZugZug Member Posts: 2
    @‌ Kensai
    Here's your weapons, I had 5min to spare ;)
    Well most of em, I was not sure what spells you wanted on your longsword

    I did not test them (cannot do that at .. huh work.) but it should be okay.
    I did not include a description so it's generic, as this is not stored in the item file, and I do not want to mess with dialog.tlk right now, but feel free to add one with DLTCEP if you want.

    You will need eekeeper to add the item to your savegame :
    DLTCEP for editing : 7.7/

    Cheers !

  • kensaikensai Member Posts: 228
    Zug said:

    @‌ Kensai
    Here's your weapons, I had 5min to spare ;)
    Cheers !

    Wow! Thanks for good work!
    I'll test it tomorrow :)

  • kensaikensai Member Posts: 228
    Zug said:

    on each hit taken : +1% to physical resistances for 15s, but as the armor magicaly hardens, movement modifier is also reduced by 1

    This armor basicaly turns my Barbarian into a tank, when surrounded with many enemies, resistance can go up to 75-85%, but it reduces mobility to almost nothing.

    That's a great concept!
    Clearly the idea of this topic is to collect original ideas and then make them in to a whole unique mod!

  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Member Posts: 7,734
    sounds a lot like the dwarven defender special ability

  • CaptRoryCaptRory Member Posts: 1,660
    I'd like a crossbow that has a 20% chance of casting Magic Missile when fired instead of using up a bolt.

  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,557
    Battle Axe of Peace

    Lord Dwarven Beard of the Greyrock clan was in a constant struggle with another dwarven clan whose name has been lost in the ages.

    Anyway, while his clan was at war with this clan, he asked an eleven mage to commission him an axe that would turn his enemies to pieces.

    It might have been his accent, it might have been the mage being a dick, but the axe Dwarven Beard got back was nothing he expected.

    Cast friends twice per day
    Cast charm person once per day

  • TvrtkoSvrdlarTvrtkoSvrdlar Member Posts: 353
    edited November 2014
    Loving the thread so far!

    Here are a few of my own half-baked ideas:

    * Rusted Band: clerical ring, automatically casts 6 ironskins on the wearer when they drop below 10% HP

    * Periapt of Preservation: generic amulet, makes the wearer immune to 'chunking' (non-resurrectable death)

    * Bloodied Talisman: generic necklace, adds life-leech to the wearer's weapon (leeches 1 HP/hit from target)

    * Twisted Gear of Enoll Eva: generic ring, doubles wearer's APR (useless on low-APR chars, uber on high-)

    * Trollbane Ring: generic ring, adds +1 acid damage to the user's melee/ranged weap (works with both!)

    * Ring of Evasion: kensai ring, pure-class only, grants +1 AC for 9 seconds each time its wearer is hit

    * Earthbound Legwraps: druidic boots, roots attackers in place (33% for 1s, 33% for 2s, 33% for 3s)

    * Gloves of Magic Amplification: mage wrists, increases the wearer's spellcasting level by 5

    * Fulmarra: +3 generic longbow (3APR), fires bolts of lightning that cut through foes and deal 3d6 dmg.

    * Splinter: +3 generic spear, 15% on hit to proc a 'splinter' (3 piercing damage per sec, for 10 seconds)

    * Baleheart: +4 evil-only spear, 1d6+4 damage, 25% chance per kill to gain +1 stackable damage for 8h

    * Darthirii'elg: +4 generic shortsword, drow weapon, +8 THAC0 & damage vs. elves, 25% vorpal vs. elves

    * Zrimira: +4 generic scimitar, has a 10% chance per hit of delivering a Coupe de Grace (quad damage)

    * Double Edge: +3 generic bastard sword, +33% slash resi, does +3d6 slash dmg. to target & wielder

    * Cinderblock: +2 generic hammer, +2d4 crushing dmg., 10% on hit to knockdown for 3sec (no save)

    * Shanker: +2 generic dagger, gives +1 APR, lowers target's piercing resistance by 25% per hit (20sec)

    * Backstabber: +1 rogue dagger, adds +1 to backstab threat range with each kill (buff lasts 10sec)

    * Steel Rain: +2 kensai katana (pure-class only), gives +2 APR but -4 THAC0

    * Demonskull: fighter helm, +3 THAC0 ('Demonic Focus'), can cast party-friendly Skulltrap 3x/day

    * Stygian Plate: armor, -1 AC, 100% ice immunity, freezes attackers solid for 3s unless they save at -1

    * Ardent Rage: barb-only cursed scale, AC of 10, when hit: +1 THAC0 & +1 damage (stackable, lasts 30s)

    * Troll Hide: generic hide, no AC bonus, gives +1HP/sec., but also sets Fire & Acid resistances to -100%

    * Slumbering Sentry: medium shield, +4 AC, heals its wielder for 2d8 when hit, but after a 20-second delay

    * Event Horizon: medium shield, no AC bonus, 100% chance to slow attackers for 10 seconds (ignores save)

    * The Fortress: tower shield, +6 AC, 35% chance when damaged to bash (stun) the attacker for 1d4 seconds

    * Robe of Mnemonic Recall: cursed mage robe, no defensive bonuses, but can refresh arcane spells 2x/day

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,669
    Here's my idea:

    "Shaft of Blight"

    Equipped abilities:
    Wielder is immune to poison and disease but has a -2 Charisma penalty.

    Once per day, the wielder can make it so that the next successful hit he/she makes with this weapon will cause the target to be stricken by a horrible disease; they get -4 Strength, Constitution and Charisma, and it lasts permanently or until cured. (I'm not a modder, so I'm not sure if the engine has a way of temporarily giving a specific weapon additional properties, but there is definitely one solution: when the ability is activated, it creates a special weapon which looks identical to the Shaft of Blight, but has this disease ability and only exists for one attack)

    Damage: 5+2, +an additional 3 poison damage with each hit
    THAC0: +2
    Damage Type: Crushing
    Weapon Type: Quarterstaff
    Weight: 2
    Speed Factor: 2
    Requires: 3 Strength

    It would probably be found on the floor on top of the Talonite ziggurat. Perhaps the priests were hoping that Talona would bless the weapon further if they sacrificed Mother Egenia.

    ...Actually that gives me another idea! Perhaps if this weapon is in the game and you don't get to Mother Egenia fast enough, they should sacrifice her, which means you don't get the experience for freeing her but when you kill the Talonites and retrieve this staff it is more powerful.

    Also, I know that this weapon kind of resembles the Serpent Shaft from Baldur's Gate 2, but at least it is sort of different plus you won't just insert it into the halberd.

  • kensaikensai Member Posts: 228
    edited November 2014
    So here is a few new ideas to share, and bump the thread :)
    1. A new, spiritual spear +2 that can magicaly strike from a longer distance that normal weapons. So with it you can fight like a ranged attacker.

    2. A spear +1, "The Idea". Once per day as a special attack you can throw it to the enemy, spear then becomes a lightning strike (like a similar mage spell), this lightning can't harm its wielder. (+100% lightning resistance while ability is activated)

    3. A +2 short sword with +10% chance of casting "Color Spray" on succesful hit. Taste the rainbow! (or random?)

    4. A +3 Axe "Cleaver", if wielder kills a monster he gains +1 attack for 15 seconds. Like a little overpowered "Cleave" feat from dnd 3.5.

    5. Magical sword +3 "Enter your cool name here". While it's one handed it's also needs an empty off-hand.
    Unique feature is the grapping hook (which sets in pff hand), you can throw it to the enemy to caught them ( on failed save throw) and gets pulled to the wielder (Who said "Get over here!"?)

    6. And just for lulz, +2 Club "The Bat". "The Bat" is a simple weapon that can launch a stone +1 to strike enemy (1 lvl spell Magical Stone). It's better if by ability this weapon can work like a sling but with a club profiency , but I guess it's not possible. Anyway another feature is simple, each time owner of weapon makes a critical hit, you can hear a "Homerun" melody.

    Inspired by this :

  • old_jolly2old_jolly2 Member Posts: 453
    edited November 2014
    ... no need to hurry.

    Name Horizon
    Item value 322000 GP
    Weight 7 lbs.

    Combat type Melee
    Proficiency Type Two-Handed Sword
    Damage 1D10 +2
    THACO +2 bonus
    Damage type Slashing
    Speed 8

    Special : Every 2000 HP the wielder suffers in combat , he gains a permament ability point

  • PibaroPibaro Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 2,989
    - Holy Symbol of Kelemvor - Only usable by clerics. When wielded (as a weapon) it grants +2 level on turn undead.
    You can't attack with it.

    - Spiked shield +2.
    It's a large shield with spikes. When an enemy attacks you and miss (hitting the shield), there's a 30% chance of dealing him 1d6 damage.

  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,669
    Pibaro said:

    - Holy Symbol of Kelemvor - Only usable by clerics. When wielded (as a weapon) it grants +2 level on turn undead.
    You can't attack with it.

    I'm pretty sure that Kelemvor wasn't yet a god at the time that Icewind Dale takes place. I believe Myrkul had his position.

  • CaptRoryCaptRory Member Posts: 1,660
    Fandraxx said:

    Any type of weapon that does 1d8+3 and summons boo to assist you in battle when you hit someone.

    It must be a sword!

  • DreadKhanDreadKhan Member Posts: 3,859
    Grapes of Wrath
    Crafted by fallen Druid driven mad by the death of his animal companion, these tiny, barbed berries are thrown as darts. They are usually favoured by Blighters, but any evil non-druid can use them. Not for humanoid consumption!

    Dart +5
    Save vs Death at -5 or be poisoned badly.
    Found in groups of 5.

  • CaptRoryCaptRory Member Posts: 1,660
    If you fired them out of a cannon that'd be Grape Shot! Bwahahaha~

  • kensaikensai Member Posts: 228
    1. Blinker, a +2 shortsword that get's you invisible for 1 second on succesful hit by chance. Only for pure fighter.
    It may be a little imbalanced.
    2. Glaive, a +3 two-sided halberd, and because of that has an +1 attack per round.
    3. +3 Club, that on succesful hit cast 1lvl spell Reflected Image on weapon user. Like I hit you so hard that everything in your eyes multiplies. Starts as a joke, but I guess It's pretty powerful weapon :)
    4. +4 Hammer, 20 str needed, can knockdown an enemy on succesful hit, large enemies are invulnerable.

  • billygreatbillygreat Member Posts: 66
    I imagine a beautiful katana + 3 with the following abilities :

    Hit target must save vs. Spell or be stunned for 1 round
    5% chance of an extra 20 electrical damage to hit target

    with the name Celestial Fury. Oh wait...

  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 2,127
    I want a halberd that hits multiple creatures with one swing (separate thac0 check per creature). Because if 5 zombies stand next to each other I should be able to cap them all.
    +3 is enough for general purpose.

  • kensaikensai Member Posts: 228
    edited November 2014
    Jarrakul said:

    Okay, I'm gonna try my hand at these. Hopefully they're interesting. Possibly they're hard to code.

    Well they are interesting for sure! Blunted Blade of Eldath is very hard to code ( maybe other more experienced modders can advice us how to make this work? ), Black Prison coding is doable (opcode protecting from healing spells?), Darkened Eye is a little strange and controversal imho, others are good!

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
  • jimmysdabestcopjimmysdabestcop Member Posts: 74
    Long Sword
    Damage: 1D6+4; +1D4 Electrical
    THAC0: +4

    Special Effect Crits turn enemy into Dust.

    A little nod to Fallout 2.

  • old_jolly2old_jolly2 Member Posts: 453
    edited November 2014
    The morality is not doomed.

    Name Doom
    Item value Unsellible ( no one will buy , too much attention )
    Weight 12 lbs.

    Leather Armor

    Special : If hit by a weapon other than fists , no matter the weapon is magical or not , it breaks.
    You can skip the gym now , and lean your smile to ears.

    Name The Thunderous Supply
    Item value Unsellible ( no one will buy , too much attention )
    Weight 3 lbs.

    Bow , Longbow

    Damage : +3 for every 2 INT
    THAC0 : +1 for every 4 WIS

    Special : +1 attacks per round for every 10 CHA

    It doesn't matter anymore...

    Name An Unwithering Alliance
    Item value Unsellible ( no one will buy , too much attention )
    Weight 0


    Special : Time effects don't work on the wearer , including but not limited to Ray of Enfeeblement.

    Special : Cast Harvest 1/Day. Harvest is like the opposite of Time Stop , the caster will not be able to move during the period , harvesting the time passing to gain +1 Strength and +1 Endurance for each round that he is not interrupted. Harvest lasts for 10 rounds , and the bonuses wither one by every 2 rounds.

    Special : Can Summon Dahaka only once for 4 rounds. Dahaka will attack anyone in sight except which the time is allied to. Dahaka's attack will inflict damage as much as the remaining days of the target , so true immortals are immune.


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