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Forum Badges and Points

LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
edited November 2012 in Site Resources
So, back when I started on the Forums, I had no idea what all those badges and points stood for, or how you got them. Now, after combing back through 1600+ forum posts, I have a list and how many points each badge gives you, at least for the badges I currently have. If you are looking forward to a certain badge, now you'll know how many points you get for it!

imageFirst Comment +2 Points (If your first comment starts a topic, you will not get this badge)
image10 Comments +5 Points
image100 Comments +10 Points
image500 Comments +15 Points
image1000 Comments +20 Points
image2500 comments +20 Points
image5000 comments +20 Points
image10,000 comments +50 Pointa
image25,000 comments +100 Points
image50,000 comments +200 Points

imagePhotogenic (Changed your icon) +10 Points
imageName Dropper (used an @USERNAME in a post) +5 Points
image Pre-ordered Baldur's Gate: EE +49 Points
imageBaldur's Gate Supporter (Preordered Baldur's Gate: EE before ship date was changed to November 30th) +50 Points
imageFriend of Baldur's Gate (was an original member of /r/FriendsOfBaldursGate) +150 points
imageBeta Tester +500 Points
image Baldur's Gate Moderator +500 Points
imageTeam Member +1000 Points
imageCombo Breaker (gained 5 badges on the same day- and this makes 6!) +5 Points
image1 Million Views (created a thread with 1 million views or more) +141 Points (?) (not sure of point total)
imageHyperchicken You do not talk about Hyperchicken... (seriously, from a bug report thread)

image5 Agrees +10 Points
image25 Agrees +10 Points
image100 Agrees +10 Points
image250 Agrees +25 Points
image500 Agrees +50 Points

image5 Insightfuls +10 Points
image25 Insightfuls +10 Points
image100 Insightfuls +10 Points
image250 Insightfuls +25 Points
image 500 Insightfuls +50 points

image5 Likes +10 Points
image25 Likes +10 Points
image100 Likes +10 Points
image250 Likes +25 Points
image500 Likes +50 Points

imageTomb of Horrors (took part in the Roleplaying Challenge: Tomb of Horrors) +5 Points

A thousand thanks to Cheesebelly for help with the html for the pictures!

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