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Help me decide on a new pet.

SmilingSwordSmilingSword Member Posts: 827
edited August 2015 in Off-Topic
Hey everybody

I have had cats, dogs, snakes, fish, scorpions, lizards, frogs, toads, terrapin, a tortoise and a micro pig as pets in the past. Now I don't have anything and it's doing my head in. Had to give up Scruppy, my pig in the beginning of the year because of Indians. I run a student house for my parents when I'm not at work and they rented the back house out to Indians. Apparently Hindu's can't live on the same property as swine.

I live in South Africa in the Eastern Cape so anything remotely interesting is illegal to keep as a pet. This isn't really a problem, it just makes it very expensive and hard to find a decent breeder. Also there is the constant worry of environmental people finding out fineing you and killing your pet. This almost never happens, but it is a possibility. I'm a cat person at heart, but my sister lives on the same property as me in a different house and she has cats "that live in my house." I don't want to get a kitten because her cats are two of the lamest cats I've ever met and they would probably teach the kitten to be lame too. Oh also I don't like dogs very much.

Anyways all suggestions are welcome. I want something fairly intelligent, not just a show piece, something that I can chill with. Also I can't get any big lizards, that would want to roam the backyard because the students would all freak out and leave, so no rock monitors or tegu or anything like that.

Help me decide on a new pet. 18 votes

Ferret: Illegal
CrevsDaak 1 vote
Sugar Gliders: Illegal
TheElf 1 vote
Cape Genet: I'm not sure of the legality, but they are local and not endangered. So it could be a possibility
meagloth 1 vote
Hedgehog: not sure if they are legal or not. I have heard conflicting stories.
ChildofBhaal599Nonnahswriterbooinyoureyes 3 votes
Emerald Boa: Legal.
Leapord Geckos: Legal, cute but boring.
Blue Tongue Skink: Legal
Nimran 1 vote
SethDavisKamigoroshiLadyRhianTroodon80CaloNordJuliusBorisovTeflonFinneousPJOzzyBotkinsdunbarwubble 11 votes
JuliusBorisov[Deleted User]CaloNordCrevsDaak


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