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JariahxSynnJariahxSynn Member Posts: 67
edited September 2012 in Windows PC (Archive)
Has anyone been able to pre-load the game yet? Its eight days to launch and I havent seen or heard anything about pre-loads. Or am I totally wrong about this let me know, please and thank you.


  • SeldarSeldar Member Posts: 432
    Nothing for me. I didn't know preloading was available today ?!
  • JariahxSynnJariahxSynn Member Posts: 67
    @Seldar What I had read was pre-loads would start "In the coming weeks leading up to release." Havent seen or heard much since then. Which is really annoying considering how excited I am for this game.
  • SeldarSeldar Member Posts: 432
    ah yeah ok. I think that we will recieve a mail from Beamdog announcing the preloading
  • JariahxSynnJariahxSynn Member Posts: 67
    edited September 2012
    @Seldar Well I guess the wait contiunues. See ya when the game goes live :)
  • Fake_SketchFake_Sketch Member Posts: 217
    They said it would be one week before or earlier, I guess it will be 1 week.
  • ego1steego1ste Member Posts: 88
    I hope there will be some info soon about preload or change of release date if they need more time.
  • KyzarinKyzarin Member Posts: 21
    My guess is that pre-download will happen a week before release (based on what I've seen so far), which means tomorrow. However, chances are good that I'm wrong. We'll find out. All that really matters, however, is that all of us who preordered the game have it downloaded before release day. Whatever happens, I'm sure someone will post within a few minutes of the game being released for pre-download.
  • ManveruManveru Member Posts: 75
    I agree with @bigdogchris, the'll probably try to spend as much time as possible to polish the game this week and prepare for the launch. I expect the pre-download to start somewhere around the weekend, any sooner would be useless anyway.
  • Tr_ondTr_ond Member Posts: 496
    Well, the servers will probably get a beating anyway since everyone is itching to pre-load the sumbitch the second it`s up.
  • lordkimlordkim Member Posts: 1,063
    iI got it, but i wont play it.. Just to be fair for you guys & dolls ;)

    7 Days !!!!!! Muhahahahaha.. Let the game begin ;)
  • JamesTheIdgeJamesTheIdge Member Posts: 3
    How do you preload it? I have the application however it just says getting download info... :(
  • Fake_SketchFake_Sketch Member Posts: 217
    @JamesTheldge: It seems the preload still hasn't been released.
  • JamesTheIdgeJamesTheIdge Member Posts: 3
    oh i thought lordkim was saying they were able to download it. I'm so stoked, getting all my homework out of the way so this weekend i can chill in bed with my fiance, a couple bottles of wine, our laptops and geek out on BGEE!!!!
  • Fake_SketchFake_Sketch Member Posts: 217
    I believe he was just playing a joke on us. Anyway, the preload only helps you download it before the launch so you can start playing as soon as it launches, you will not be able to play before.
  • ManveruManveru Member Posts: 75
    I hope you mean next weekend, as the game will be released the 18th ;) Preloading means just that you can download the files, not play it.
  • JamesTheIdgeJamesTheIdge Member Posts: 3
    ohhhh nooooo i thought this saturday was the 18th :( x 100000000
  • reedmilfamreedmilfam Member Posts: 2,808
    TUESDAY WILL EVENTUALLY COME. I promise. Then, you can gather your party and venture forth...
  • azuritazurit Member Posts: 182
    @JamesTheIdge you pooor man! :(
  • BladesBlades Member Posts: 167
    It would be nice for one of the Team members to actually post when the pre-load will be available. We are only 7 days away... or possibly an email update for those who pre-ordered?
  • SchehezeradeSchehezerade Member Posts: 7
    You can install the BeamDog client if you haven't already. It lists BG:EE as ready to download, but the download information is not yet available. The BeamDog client is what I've been checking on in lieu of any specific information about the preload.
  • kingcrowleykingcrowley Member Posts: 23
    Yep just waiting....
  • BjjorickBjjorick Member Posts: 1,208
    edited September 2012

    @Seldar What I had read was pre-loads would start "In the coming weeks leading up to release." Havent seen or heard much since then. Which is really annoying considering how excited I am for this game.

    i'm sure what he meant by 'weeks' was 'minutes'

    sadly, we all know they're behind on their time table, so probably a day or two before, from the new ui screenshot (ehhh), it looks like it wasn't quite finished, so i'm thinking it's something they intended to do, but won't be able to.

    the ready to download just means that you own the game. Nothing on the servers to download yet though. That's why it doesnt' have any d/l info.

    but hey, is your name based off an awesome old nes game? i think made by altus.
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,213
    Actualy Trent Oster twitted some time ago that the preload would be released in the week before release date, so any day this week...
  • SchehezeradeSchehezerade Member Posts: 7
    Bjjorick said:

    the ready to download just means that you own the game. Nothing on the servers to download yet though. That's why it doesnt' have any d/l info.

    but hey, is your name based off an awesome old nes game? i think made by altus.

    Schehezerade is from the story 1001 Arabian Nights. There is a king that catches his wife cheating on him and has her beheaded. After that, everyday he would marry a new virgin and have her beheaded the next day. This goes on for 1000 days.

    Schehezerade is well read/educated (triple threat: looks, education, well-mannered) having read 1000 books on various subjects and arranges to spend a night with the king, despite objections from her father.

    Schez asks the king to summon her sister so that she can bid her farewell and tell her a story that night. The king allows this and listens and becomes enthralled by the story. Schez stops halfway through the story as dawn approaches, and insists that it is time to sleep. The king spares her life that day to have her continue her story the next night. She ends her story the next night and continues with a second story that is even more exciting than the first, and again stops halfway through that story. The king again spares her life so she can continue the next night.

    This goes on, and she continues to tell 1000 stories. Over this time Schez bears the king 3 sons. On the 1001 night she tells the king she is out of stories. Having become a kinder and wiser person from listening to Schez's stories, the king makes her his queen.

    Anyway, the story and stories in 1001 Nights are pervasive; spinning off into things like music, movies, and games. Running into some incarnation of it is a possibility.
  • Son_of_ImoenSon_of_Imoen Member Posts: 1,806
    edited September 2012
    It needs to be patched anyway on the day of release: at the minimum, a file must be downloaded to unlock the game, so that's one thing that needs patching on the original download. My conclusion from the quiteness and no pre-download yet four days in advance (where 'in the weeks before release' was promised), is the team is still working very hard to make the game ready for release. As long as there's no announcement to the opposite, i assume the release date is still on the 18th, at some time during office hours in Edmonton, Canada.

    I just hope they will come with a pre-download earlier, so there's some days for all the pre-purchacers to download the copy. After all, the main reason for pre-download (my guess) is preventing a server crash if everyone who bought it would start downloading on D-Day H-Hour S-Second. Waiting for months in anticipition and then get a 'service is busy' error will be an unnerving experience.

    But then, it's an unnerving experience right now, methinks, for Trent, Philip, Cameron and their team to get the game ready for release as I'm sure they want to stay true to the deadline.
  • CCarluNNCCarluNN Member Posts: 200
    They're taking quite a risk with their servers, putting the pre-load start time and release day so close to each other. But hey, this isn't Blizzard, there's just no way the same thing (Diablo 3 Day of Fail) could happen to us, right?

  • KhamillKhamill Member Posts: 226
    Riiiiight.... right:),
  • NecdilzorNecdilzor Member Posts: 278
    We shall see...
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