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The LoB + SCS Solo Challenge vs Bhaal´s Cataclysm



  • HarpagornisHarpagornis Member Posts: 1,656
    edited May 2017
    You can visit Watchers Keep right from the start in SoA - at least in my installation @Blackraven! ;)

    P.S. But you cant upgrade it in SoA - ok i got it! :D

    Would Nymph Cloak work?

    Will hopefully visit the Basilisk area with Korgath today - we will see! ;)

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 606
    I rolled a DD for BG1 and got him to level 7 in a day.
    I also got all three belts including Golden Girdle (charmed Kirian on the third try).
    What's really fun about DD in BG1 is the fact that "random" enemies like Hobgoblins, Kobolds and so forth don't feel any different with LoB than they did with insane, you can just facetank them, something that's not possible with my F/M/T unless I buff myself.
    Even Ankhegs can be facetanked with Belt of bluntness and Def Stance.
    With Belt + potion of anti crush I did the same as the druid and tanked the flesh golems, it was just a lot quicker due to me having 2/1/2 apr (Drizzts scis), so even after I killed all Sirines outside the potion was still active.
    With level 7 the DD now even has 3 apr -5 is base AC but this becomes a lot more in BG city, due to the DD having only 17 Dex, with the tome of Dex, ring +2, Balduran's Helm and Cloak this would go up to -9.
    With the respective items and armor bonuses from full plate it would be -16 vs slash, -12 crush (-22 with potion) and a whopping -17 vs missiles if you use boots and belt.

    I really like the DD due to his insane saves which are probably most notable in BG1, since every class has pretty bad saves (druid comes closest due to being level 10 but is still lower especially vs spell by 3 points) but DD will have the same tough time vs Belhifet as everyone else, except Druid. :(

    I think the conclusion of Druid being the best class will not really change because of Harm in BG1 and even in BG2 no caster class is really "better" than the druid in my opinion.
    Only bad part about druid is dual classing, but since SoA is by far the easiest BG game that is not that big of a deal I think.

    I think I'm gonna stop wasting my time with creating new chars, finish BG1 with my F/M/C and then focus on my Totemic. :D

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 606
    Droolit grabbed the tomes from Candlekeep and then moved on to taking the last tome from Ramaziths thanks to the newly aquired 19 ST.
    Because of 21 WIS she now also has 3 level 5 spells and thanks to 9 Int can finally cast protection scrolls.

    Did Diarmid become unkillable?
    I found a nice way of getting him stuck with my dogees and nymphes, but after he dropped to near death quickly he never died and after he outlasted my summons ran outside where interestingly enough he stayed after I went after him.
    Since he still seemed unillable I left him there, maybe he is bugged now and will never make it to the final fight. :D

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 606
    Ok @Harpagornis coulda sworn he used to be killable when EE released, but it was just near damn impossible since he always ran out quickly. :D

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 606
    Very nice revenge @Harpagornis ;)

    One question:
    I heard you can take SoD items into SoA, is that true?
    Can you also take the ring of purity?

  • Victor_Creed_SFVVictor_Creed_SFV Member Posts: 606
    Yes real life is more important and we wish you the best @Harpagornis :)

    Meanwhile I'm having the worst Sarevok fight of my life.
    Angelo somehow turned into a pussy and doesn't want to fight me.
    It started very weird by him only trying to dispel my invis once while he already did not move into the corner with Sarevok and his friends but stayed in the northeast corner, which seemed a blessing to me at the time cuz I didn't have to lure him out.
    After fighting a couple of my summons his Stoneskin wore off and he instantly went invis via shadow door never to return again.
    While casting my neclace at the others I even made a mistkake once of letting them spot me and had to walk them in another corner (northwest) but while doing all this he never atacked me.

    After everyone but Angelo and Sarevok were dead I was able to spot his vague whereabouts by spamming quicksave, firing the rest of my missiles only gave me one hit out of maybe 10 charges since he just keeps wandering while invis.

    Now I'm in a similar but worse spot with the charmed nobles I left the games and have autopause on sight on, but invis ofc lasts twice as long as charm. (he must have cast normal invis after shadow door or drunk a potion)

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