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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition has been announced! Visit to pre-order, apply for the Head Start and check for details. NWN:EE FAQ is available.
Soundtracks for BG:EE, SoD, BG2:EE, IWD:EE, PST:EE are now available in the Beamdog store.
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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is announced!



  • ShandaxxShandaxx Member Posts: 7,561
    edited November 2017
    Queegon said:

    Never played NWN 1, played pretty much everything else genre-wise, adored NWN2.

    Still I feel like I might not like this one. Missing my 1st pre-order badge here, I guess.

    Any insight to maybe change my mind? The game looks pretty ugly in 3D, I have no problem playing old-fart 2D games, but ugly 3D? Oh boy. Morrowind and Gothic are eye-candy compared to this.

    There has been quite an argument going on about the graphics in a different thread.

    First of all, a significant graphics update can break mod compatibility. And there are tons of mods out there and a whole community behind it. At first I wasn't even aware of that. It has become clearer and clearer to me that they are the main target group of this Enhanced Edition. The second target group are gamers on whose computer the original game does not run anymore without complications.

    The suggestion has been made that if graphics are one of your main concerns, you should not buy this Enhanced Edition, at least not now. Just hold off for the moment, give it some time, and wait and see how much work Beamdog will do on the graphics and whether you like result.

    And while it is perfectly fine for Beamdog to mainly address the two target groups I mentioned above, I wish it had been communicated in a better way somehow and through an official channel. I only realized this by a quite unnerving argumentation in another thread.

    In the end I did preorder the game, because I thought maybe I could join the head start and help contributing in hunting down some bugs. But I have a history of being a beta tester for Beamdog, so that point is of course not convincing for everyone ;)
    I am thinking that if I show that I contribute to the cause of NWN:EE maybe in turn my wish for better graphics will gain more weight and reach more ears. And maybe that is just a naive illusion :tongue:

  • egbertegbert Member Posts: 81
    Shandaxx said:

    I am thinking that if I show that I contribute to the cause of NWN:EE maybe in turn my wish for better graphics will gain more weight and reach more ears. And maybe that is just a naive illusion :tongue:

    They alright have your money - why should they work for you anymore?
    What do you get for paying in advance? PERHAPS an headstart - PERHAPS...

    (BTW to say "most users don't like it" is MUCH CHEAPER than to make graphics better.)

    I will decide after reading some reviews.

  • HunterRayder93HunterRayder93 Member Posts: 152
    MadHatter said:


    Did you see this screenshot from @Ancarion ? NWN has been given new legs and we haven't even started to touch the possibilities of a 64-bit, normal mapped, higher res, higher poly, shader rendered mod yet.

    OMG is Fantastic!!!! but what is mod? and really great! how much I would like a graphic like this!

  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 1,489
    ThacoBell said:

    Aedan said:

    Shandaxx said:

    First of all, a significant graphics update can break mod compatibility

    BGEE, BG2EE, IWDEE and PSTEE completely broke mod compability. And yet, modders updated their work.
    I guess they could have done the same for NWNEE...
    While true, the scale of the amount of user created content is much much larger than what exists for all four of those games combined. And the work made modeling 3d characters and environments is probably more time consuming as well. Imagine if you favorite game of all time got re-released, but only 1% of it worked. Thats what would have happened if NWN had a graphical overhaul.
    I disagree with this justification. It's not impossible to implement a graphical overhaul that's optional, has updated models and textures for all in-game objects, and can be turned on or off from the options. A lot of other games already do this by having multiple levels of model and texture detail available in the in-game options.

    Let's say Beamdog had implemented a graphical overhaul into NWN:EE with an optional new detail level for both in-game models and textures. If you played NWN:EE with a lot of mods, and found that the modded stuff clips a lot with the overhauled models, or they had bad texture inconsistencies that bothered you, you could simply go into the menu and revert the enhanced models and textures back to the originals. All of your mods and custom modules could work with it just fine.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 4,140
    @Adul That still doesn't solve the issue of the cost being too high for a small developer like Beamdog. The slider could also act inconsistently with mod content. Toggling it could cause all number of graphical glitches and potential crashes.

  • iKrivetkoiKrivetko Member Posts: 910
    edited November 2017
    My first reaction was a definite HELL YES until I realised that the graphics weren't being upgraded. No point whatsoever in that case.

    Post edited by iKrivetko on
  • ShandaxxShandaxx Member Posts: 7,561
    iKrivetko said:

    My first reaction was a definite HELL YES until I realised that the graphics weren't being upgraded. No point whatsoever in that case.

    Careful, careful what you say. At first, I was thinking like you. I expressed my wish for better graphics and I was told that I should be ashamed of myself for that.

    Now you may think "wtf?". But no! They were right, and I was wrong! I will tell you why:

    Better graphics break mod compatibility and custom contents that have been made throughout the years. And there are TONS of them out there.

    So when someone says "I wish for better graphics in NWN:EE" that LITERALLY equals to saying "Dear custom content makers, dear mods, please throw away all of your work, on which you have spent years".

    And you can certainly see why many would deem that rude and disrespectful to all modders, custom content makers and Beamdog.

    Luckily for you, you have not yet explicitly said that you wished for better graphics, not literally.
    So I hope for you, you will be fine, and no one will take note that you might actually want better graphics.

    That would very likely be seen as offensive and result in negative reactions. I would dislike to see you going through what I went through.

  • iKrivetkoiKrivetko Member Posts: 910
    Graphics aren't API's: you can't break a game's functionality with them. The way I see it is either one embraces the changes as a modder and updates their work, or they don't, which is where I install my trusty GoG version and play a module that I'm particularly interested in. I have little interest in buying a game that I already own if it is no different.

  • AndarianAndarian Member Posts: 61
    edited November 2017
    Most of the NWN modding community has moved on. Even if NWN:EE brings some of them back, only a fraction of the MANY mods out there will be updated. And Diamond only runs on some systems. So I very much appreciate Beamdog's approach of prioritizing NOT breaking the massive corpus of NWN mods out there.

  • wsnavigatorwsnavigator Member Posts: 17
    There is this joke that life is like a computer game - the story could be nasty, but the graphics are simply amazing.

    When it comes to NWN, I think the original graphics are OK, and the setting and story is what makes the game good. For me, there is no much need for improved graphics in this game, I'd rather enjoy usability improvements. Comparing NWN's UI to that of BG and IWD, I find the former quite less useful. Now that EEs provide good support for high resolutions, it would be great to see some attempt at showing more game data on the screen, just like in BW and IWD.

    Oh, and it's great to finally see EE version of a game based on 3e rules!

  • Mrpenfold666Mrpenfold666 Member Posts: 416
    will you be adding classes? AKA gimmie wild magic!! will we have more companions to play with aswell? or is it going to be less BG:EE and more NWN:HD edition?

  • VitorVitor Member Posts: 262
    edited November 2017
    @JuliusBorisov , any chance of upgrading the system from 3E to 3.5?

    Also, implementing all the Feats and Prestige Classes from the Complete Warrior, Complete Adventurer and other supplements?

    Post edited by Vitor on
  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 8,255
    Does it say anywhere what platforms will be supported?

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 13,421

    Does it say anywhere what platforms will be supported?

    What platforms can I play on?

    By pre-ordering on Beamdog, you can get Head Start access to Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.

    Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is playable on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • VonDimentiaVonDimentia Member Posts: 13
    Excited. Made an account here after hearing of the enhanced edition coming out. It's been a long time since I've played NWN! <3

  • LordRumfishLordRumfish Member Posts: 913
    Oh my. NWN:EE? With the Aurora toolset intact or even better? I remember making a very silly playable mod just to see if I could a long, long time ago, and I recall it being easy to use even then. Now I've logged over 450 hours using the toolset for Shadowrun: Hong Kong and I'm familiar with dabbling into the things I thought were "tough" back in Aurora (scripted events, etc.). It's going to be very tempting to fall into the modding rabbit-hole for this one... and some of those extra campaigns I never played through, so it should be fun to take a whirl gameplay-wise as well.

    Also... D&D 3.5(ish)! Hell yeah! It's still the version I use most often.

  • egbertegbert Member Posts: 81

    Also... D&D 3.5(ish)! Hell yeah! It's still the version I use most often.

    3.5 rules are used by NWN2 only, NWN is ruled by v3.0

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 13,421
  • rammurrammur Member Posts: 11
    Sirick said:

    Looks like they are not adding anything to make the game look better, besides shaders. They will be leaving it to modders it seems is the attitude.

    Beamdog, you're in a unique position to really breath some life into the game in terms to looks. Heck, make new graphics optional if backwards compatibility with old user content is so important. Trent keeps saying you're looking forward, but you're tying your hands with the past.

    Fine by most of us game was literally dead in the water only thing keeping it afloat were modfders which alot of people had no idea the communityw as still alive so simple fact BD had picked it up and started a ee edition is great and i have all respect for that at least its getting supported again and im sure they have future plans for it now.And its headstart which im assuming is the equivlent of a ea or beta phase who knows what they have plans for.

  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 4,064
    edited December 2017
    Looks like I'm late to the party... again. I blame my life for that, given that it has been pure Baator lately. :expressionless:

    It is pleasant to see that Beamdog has managed to successfully aquired the rights of the Neverwinter Nights franchise. Especially since I seem to remember a post couple of years back, where Trend was saying something along the lines that the rights of this IP were a true nightmare to behold.

    Thinking further, this also means that we'll most likely see NwN2:EE in a couple of years as well. Which would ultimately lead to the continuation of the franchise in form of NwN3. Both outcomes are quite sought after by me personally. ;)

    However... at the current look of things I will abstain from getting NwN:EE for the time being.
    While it was the right call from Beamdog to include *all* of the Premium Modules (including those missing from the Diamond Edition). The lack of enhanced graphics, even in form of simple spell fx overhauls, weights heavily against it. Honestly, I get better graphics when playing the GOG release via PlayOnLinux and the FXAA Injector Tool than what I saw within the trailer of NwN:EE.

    That is not to say that it won't get any better, of course. Only that it requires time. Time for more post-release features to flow into NwN:EE. As well as hopefully reanimating the various old modding communities to continuing their works of passion. But again, this won't be a fast process. I estimate in around 2 to 3 years, NwN:EE will become one of my favourite games. So I am looking forward what the future holds until then.

  • LughChulainnLughChulainn Member Posts: 14
    Is Beamdog going to make NPC's like in Baldur's Gate? Because if they do and make gay options, let's have them not all be evil? Thanks.

  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 4,855

    Is Beamdog going to make NPC's like in Baldur's Gate? Because if they do and make gay options, let's have them not all be evil? Thanks.

    They are not adding anything to the existing official modules

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