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Is this the last of the Line?



  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 1,545
    scriver said:

    I dunno MouseMagic, that sounds pretty much spot on for the canonical Abdel Adrian.

    So that's where he got his "inspiration".

  • UnderstandMouseMagicUnderstandMouseMagic Member Posts: 1,545
    tbone1 said:

    @UnderstandMouseMagic Still better than Twilight.

    Or this

    Star Wars Holiday Special

    That's a low bar to aim for when you have £200 million to spend.
    Maybe I should write to Disney and offer to make the next one for a hundred quid and a packet of fags?
    Couldn't do any worse. ;)

  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 818
    As long as they don't let Rian Johnson anywhere near it...can you imagine?

    Eh, it was still better than Rogue 1.

  • TheGreatKhanTheGreatKhan Member Posts: 106
    Well Rian Johnson would at least be able to take the Forgotten Realms in a "bold new direction". At least that's what professional rotten tomato reviewers would tell me.

  • MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 124
    Unless there are EE versions of Knights of the Old Republic I & II projected I don't think Star Wars should be discussed here.

    I cannot help but being disapointed with Baldur's Gate saga being fully over there are many lose ends.

    Like who are the hooded figures at the end of SoA? Obviously not the hand, they don't quite fit. That's the question that bugger me the most, I'd love to see a major expansion of ToB or an interlude between SoA and ToB but that's going to be wishful thinking.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 814
    the common thoery is that they are meant to be the five. it's just theier designs were not set yet which is why they look nothing like they do in tob.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 4,136
    Yeah, I'm fairly sure its as megamike15 says.

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 2,946

    As long as they don't let Rian Johnson anywhere near it...can you imagine?

    Really don't read this if you haven't seen the Last Jedi

    Charname would be found living in a cave eating spiders having murdered one of their companions because they had thought about short changing a barkeeper.

    You wouldn't need to learn spells, learning is a waste of time.

    Two of your companions would up and charge off to the Athkatla (the City of Coin) and lecture the people in the Mithras about the evils of being rich, liberate the animals from the circus, ignore the children held by the slavers in the Copper Coronet, and then fall in love during the spare afternoon they had.

    You would see the signposted evil "big bad Snark" having breakfast and then watch him die at teatime having learnt nothing whatsoever about him.

    Nobody tells you anything or gives any quests because it's so much fun watching people floundering around not knowing what the hell is going on........... oh look, there's an explosion......and a fight over here....and a squirrel over there

    Every wilderness scene is covered in a white substance that looks suspiciously like snow but is in fact salt, washing powder or cocaine (you have to taste it to find out though)

    You'd start at level 30 in every class because you're a woman of course duh..........

    Or CHARNAME could be a 10-year old born of a virgin mother (cue ominous music). He would wander into a pitched battle and try spinning because that's a good trick. Then, he'd sit down to tie his shoes and accidentally activate a wand in his pocket that would kill all the bad guys.

  • MatthieuMatthieu Member Posts: 124

    the common thoery is that they are meant to be the five. it's just theier designs were not set yet which is why they look nothing like they do in tob.

    Yeah, obviously but even knowing so it still buggers me. These guys feel more like a tierce group with its own agenda than more Bhaalspawn.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 1,609
    I can see only three possibilities for an eventual BG3

    1) A prequel with the quest to save the children from Bhaal's Temple

    2) An interlude between SoA and ToB

    3) A Cyric-style quest of another CHARNAME trying to overthrone the Bhaalspawn.

  • the_sexteinthe_sextein Member Posts: 427
    edited January 15
    The quote from Trent Oster on the last page of this thread pretty much confirms that SOD was in fact, the last of the line. Any game using a new engine will have to use a new rule system and a new graphic system with a new art style and totally new gameplay. If it has the name Baldur's Gate in the title it's similarities will be in the title only. The spirit of these games being used in new game engines is always welcome. POE and TTON are two examples of this.

    Personally, I am surprised that they have chosen to move on from the infinity engine entirely. I fully expected them to make a new series using a new engine but I had hopes that they would at least push out one more expansion for BG2/TOB. After all, most of their team is made up of Infinity engine modders and they spent the last 5 years upgrading the infinity engine for SOD. The only original game they have made so far is an infinity engine title. It seems like they are In the best position to do it but oh well. If Beamdog has decided not to then I doubt we will ever see a new infinity engine game that adds to the Baldur's Gate universe in an official capacity ever again. That being said, I am very grateful for the improvements they have made to the engine and SOD is truly a gift I never thought I would see. We were truly lucky to get something like this after all of these years and have it strike such a close balance with the original look and gameplay of the 1998 predecessors.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 4,136
    I believe it was Trent Oster that tweeted a bit ago that the IE is a NIGHTMARE to develop for. Probably a major factor there.

  • StaranStaran Member Posts: 35
    Beamdog should make an iwd 3.
    Just my 2 cents.
    Bg3? Seriously? You can one hit dragons by the end of 2!
    Bg 3 just has you going through the entire Parthenon wiping out gods left and right.

    When I was in my 20’s and the bg series game out, I must have played them over and over again 20 times.
    I bought bg2 we the day it came out on mobile and still haven’t finished it.
    But iwd!
    I only finished iwd once when it originally came out and said “’s ok” but wow does it lend itself better to tablets. Must have played it 5 times since it was rereleased!

  • JoenSoJoenSo Member Posts: 352
    I always had the theory that the hooded figures at the end of SoA were those old tutors in Candlekeep and that they helped Charname to set all the Bhaal craziness in motion. And then things got out of control.

    And I know I’ve said this before, but I reeaaally hoped that SoD would be about another bhaalspawn that realize that the prophecy isn’t about them. And then you get to decide how to go down in a blaze of glory.

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