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Max Total Roll ?????



  • DivinaDivina Member Posts: 26
    edited April 2018
    I agree with what you are saying @JuliusBorisov but shouldn't this respect go both ways between forum members? That is, for my own clarity, a member can insult multiple people at once but if one of these people sees fit to call them up on it then they are the ones slapped on the wrist? Somehow I really do not think that is fair.

    You do not think this is offensive and inflammatory?

    "Sure, I TOTALLY get that. Everyone has their own house rules. One player's "cheese" is another player's "great strategy". It's a single-player game, and all that matters in the end is your own personal enjoyment.

    But I'm genuinely baffled when people talk spending literally hours re-rolling stats, or even more extreme, running a 3rd-party utility to automatically re-roll endlessly until some minimum threshold is attained. I truly can't see how that's any more legitimate than just using CTRL+8 or EEKeeper.

    The most charitable explanation I can think of: Perhaps folks feel they've somehow "earned" their score after they put in hours of mindless button mashing. When the random number generator finally spits out a 95+ after tens-of-thousands of clicks, perhaps that's a sign that the AD&D gods have smiled upon CHARNAME and he/she is the chosen one! (I.e., it's a role-playing thing.) Ooohh-kay!"

    Let's count:

    1) "cheese"
    2) genuinely baffled because equal to cheating
    3) CHARITABLE explanation (the fact that someone is presumptuous enough to think they have the right to be "charitable" with you and your ilk)
    4) the Gods have smiled on charname
    5) chosen one!
    6) because you are "role-playing" (I can hear the uh-huh)
    7) "Ooohh-kay"

    But other than that, this fellow forum member clearly TOTALLY understands.

    And I am the one slapped on the wrist?

    EDIT: TLDR: To clarify, people here have the right to be condescending/sarcastic towards me but I cannot use the @ function to say exactly what I think about it when I feel it was disrespectful?

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,799
    edited April 2018
    Please, flag the posts you think are offensive according to the Site rules. Don't discuss it in the thread.

    My warning was for everyone, not for a certain user.

  • DivinaDivina Member Posts: 26
  • bretbret Member Posts: 24
    edited April 2018
    Wow, didn't mean to offend or condescend. And of course, it's a ridiculous thing to argue about: If pressing "reroll" countless times (vs CTRL+8) adds to your enjoyment, then I'm not going to persuade you to do otherwise.

    I was mostly (genuinely) curious about the underlying motive that drives people to prefer countless rerolls vs ctrl+8 when the outcome is identical. There have been some interesting answers here. I enjoy reading the discussion.

    Another possibility that occurred to me: Perhaps spending (literally) hours on the character creation screen is how some folks build a greater sense of attachment to CHARNAME. Listening to the music, thinking about the upcoming adventure, setting the mood. As someone who generally plays a completionist-style, I can relate to taking things slow and enjoying the process. It's just like re-watching the same cutscenes for the 100th time or strolling through Beregost, when you could easily quickly skip / CTRL+J through that stuff.

    Of course, that explanation doesn't cover folks who use 3rd-party utilities to automate their re-rolls. I still can't get my head around that one, but I'll stop trying :wink:

  • DivinaDivina Member Posts: 26
    Thanks for your conciliatory response @Bret I appreciate it. I think for me personally (though I cannot speak for everyone), @Grond0 covered it perfectly when he spoke about character creation being part of the game itself, especially the fact that the game gives you that possibility. There are other games (e.g., NWN or DA) that greatly limit your ability to do such a thing, so there it is illegitimate and not part of the character creation. Considering that BG gives ability, to me it appears completely legitimate - someone might get the roll they want in the first try by luck, same as another might have to roll for days and they won't get lucky. Another part of it is what you described, spending a lot of time on the character and thinking about who they are - conversely, I also spend inordinate amounts of time picking race, skin tone, and any other specs when I create the character. It is pretty much guaranteed with any game that has a character creation process that I will not be able to play the game on the day that I start it, simply because I spend so much time on the character creation screen.

    Now on to cheating: I agree with you on 3rd party utilities - for me that is not part of the process I feel comfortable with at all, but have no judgement on folks that want to use it. People spend their money on games to have a good time, so whatever floats their boat. I also play on harder settings, but have no judgement reserved for people that want to play story mode to just see the game. Whatever people want to do to have fun is fine with me. And again about cheating - despite the fact that I feel compelled to create the perfect character, the only reason I have ever used the CLUA console was to shut down the terrible Anomen romance that would *just not end*. I am completely against cheating and did not even go to Watchers Keep throughout SoA even though playing without quivers and extra placeholders for all those annoying things in the backpack drove me nuts after the generousness of SoD with those items. In many ways I am a complete glutton for punishment in my games and a completionist too. I think we have to think about all the little things/obstacles people set for themselves along with the boons they "grant" themselves before we can get a clear picture on how balanced they play the game. Though, again, for me, I don't care if someone plays in a balanced way as long as they are having fun. I only know what 'moral code' I have with my game and how I play it to feel good about myself and that is enough.

    Once again, thanks for explaining your point more clearly.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,560
    edited April 2018
    @Ayeotiee Thats a really good roll for a Bard. I swear, they are really hard to roll well for.

    @bret @Divina I use a halfway method. Once I hit a certain roll for a class, I'll use EEKeeper to get up to that roll on future runs to save time. So I don't CTRL-8 to max my stats, but I'll CTRL-8 a 93 for my bard, because that's the highest "legit" roll I've gotten for a bard.

  • DivinaDivina Member Posts: 26
    edited April 2018
    @ThacoBell Can I just derail the topic for a minute and say that I *LOVE* the fact that you play a bard? So few people do.

  • AyeotieeAyeotiee Member Posts: 34
    edited April 2018
    @ThacoBell maybe I got lucky on that bard, but I think fighters have harder time getting high stat rolls, though technically they don't need it that much expect for maxing out strength, dex and con. But I prefer to have a few points in other abilities just for RP flavor.

    I could try a bard playthrough(I prefer the concept of the vanilla bard over any of the kits, blades are cool, but they feel more like sword-dancers than they do traditional bards) but I guess I'd have to get used to my main not being the top dog killing machine in the party like my Berserker, Cavalier or Barbarian. >:)

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,560
    @Divina Bards are the BEST.

    @Ayeotiee Bards just rely on so many stats that getting a good spread is pretty difficult, of course, I'm a freak who plays every Bard (even non-Blades) as melee characters.

  • ArtonaArtona Member Posts: 1,044
    I'm on re-roll team, because I find it weirdly exciting - or maybe not "exciting", but there is certainly some sense of fun when you keep clicking and know that you can get something like 95 anytime.
    And I need hogh rolls, because my Charnames are Mary-sueish wish fullfilment, so I won't play if they aren't pretty, smart and strong.

  • UpliftUplift Member Posts: 1
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 695
    Good rolls are obviously class dependent.

    When trying to see what racial enemies rangers have to choose from, I rolled an unkitted human ranger. First roll:

    I didnt even need the character so I scratched it... B)

  • NoloirNoloir Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 310
    edited May 2018
    100 Roll vanilla Elf Ranger named Noloir for BG2EE. My first BG2EE character. Unfortunately the device I had this char on was stolen so I never defeated the last enemy with that run.

    As I understand it though certain races have an easier time rolling high for specific classes than others. Elves roll high with Rangers, Humans Paladins.

    I'd imagine Gnomes roll exceptionally well with mages, Half elves with bard, Halflings with thief, Dwarves with Fighter or Fighter/Cleric and Half Orcs with Barbarian but I have yet to experiment with halflings and gnomes. I find it hard to take characters that are half the size of Imoen seriously enough to use them though their bonuses are phenomenal when it comes to saving throws. Particularly gnomes and dwarves.

  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 988
    edited May 2018
    The division between players who go for point buys, 4d6 rolls, randomised 3d6 rolls etc. stretches back a long way in rpg history. Is an adventurer an exceptional hero or just someone who got caught up in events? I can even imagine various game modes where the difficulty and stat rolling methods could change. Example: High fantasy where your hero has wonderful stats, a starting magic item, and quickly levels beyond the reach of regular foes, but will face some relatively tough bosses. Or at the other end survival horror where you get random 3d6s, little equipment, bandits etc. spawn and move around a lot on many maps, and every recruitable npc you meet has a chance of being dead, dying, or hostile.

    For myself it was quite fun no-reloading a 75 character to ToB, but having played Call of Cthulhu I'm not that invested in high stats anyway! What's the lowest roll that you would accept / set?

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