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TeamBG Community Updates

CoM_SolaufeinCoM_Solaufein Member Posts: 2,603
edited November 2014 in General Modding
This topic will keep you updated on our mods and other news. The mod updates in this topic are for the non-BG:EE mods so there will be no confusion. Any BG:EE mods released by TeamBG will have its own topic. TeamBGCoM is a combination of the oldest Infinity Engine modding communities, TeamBG and the Chosen of Mystra.

Visit TeamBG for all of your modding needs. Mods for BG, BG2, IWD, IWD2, BG:EE, BG2EE. We have a large source of tutorials on how to mod and modding tools!

We also host mods! Bring your BG, BG2, IWD, IWD2, BG:EE, BG2EE mods to us. Free area on the message board and space to download your mod.

Mods listed below that are for or work with BG2:EE:

Drizzt & Friends Rework:
Item & Store mods
TeamBG's BG2:EE Armor Pack:
TeamBG's BG2:EE Weapon Pack:
Expansion mods
Freedom's Reign/Reign of Virtue:
The Undying 2.50:
NPC mods
Tsujatha Melalor:
Vampire Tales:
Yoshimo Romance:

Mods listed below that are for or work with BG:EE:

Deidre and Joluv in BG:EE:
Drizzt Rework:
Level 40 Rule Set/High Level Abilities:
TeamBG's Armor Pack:
TeamBG's Weapon Pack:
Dark Horizons
Dark Side of the Sword Coast [Open BETA]

Mods listed below that are being worked on to be compatible with BG:EE:

Mods listed below that are being worked on to be compatible with BG2:EE:
The Undying Version 3.0:

Our mod list:
TeamBG "Still Building Worlds"
TeamBG & Mod News Get the latest news on mod releases A site that takes you back into the history of IE modding.

Remember, we will be happy to host mods or custom files for the BG and IWD games.

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