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The 75 roll No-Reload/No Resurrection Challenge

Not sure how much interest there will be in this but I'm throwing it out there nonetheless!!!

- You must use a non-edited roll of 75
- You can re-roll as many times as you like
- You may not min/max any stats or edit any abilities at all
- You may not resurrect any party members
- Core rules
- Update your progress in this thread, whether it be death or success!
- Try to roleplay your character as much as possible :)
- Have fun

I'll start with Gwen, an Elven Priestess of Talos although I don't know how long she will live with her crippling low dexterity lol. She can barely equip herself and nearly takes her half an hour to do so. I took her first roll of 75, updates to come in the near future

photo bgee-20130207-125439_zps536ff728.png

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  • EnterHaerDalisEnterHaerDalis Member Posts: 812
    20 minutes later.....

    Gwen's adventures begin. She starts out with a grizzly battle with Shank who gave her a pretty good run for her money. Finished some petty quests in Candlekeep and killed some rats who were playing with cats for Reevor. Gorion gets slain and Gwen embarks on an uncertain adventure, shortly joined by Imoen. Imoen and Gwen first encounter a Dire Wolf right out the gate, and after some serious micro management and near death the party is victorious. Not long after, we run into a regular wolf and Gwen decides to utilize her shock powers of Talos and summons a lightning bolt upon the foul creature.
    photo bgee-20130207-132940_zps1c5c6192.png

    2 wolves down and the duet have tasted some sweet victory. But an unexpected 3rd wolf appears and manages a fatal bite at Imoen's neck to Gwen's horror.
    photo bgee-20130207-133044_zpsdb89eeea.png

    Gwen runs away Monty Python style and encounters some much needed aid in the form of a few charismatic and evil adventurers
    photo bgee-20130207-133140_zps3edd7d0f.png

    The party dispatches a few Gibberlings and makes its way to the Friendly Arm Inn for some much needed rest. A surprise assassin by the name of Tarnesh assaults the party and just before Monty can slit his throat he lands a crippling magic missile on Gwen and she goes down hard. It's all over. Gwen has been vanquished. NOooooooooooo!!!!
    photo bgee-20130207-134041_zps1b1b410a.png

    More to come as one adventure closes, another must begin....

  • billyjeanbillyjean Member Posts: 18
    is 17 str as a halfling permissable lol?

  • Oxford_GuyOxford_Guy Member Posts: 3,729
    billyjean said:

    is 17 str as a halfling permissable lol?

    Why not?

  • Oxford_GuyOxford_Guy Member Posts: 3,729
    One problem with this is that a 75 attribute set is fine for some classes, but *much* harder for those with high minimum stats e.g. Bards

    I have been setting myself a limit of around 85-89 with my recent games, though, to prevent Uber characters, and a minimum of 7 in any stat. Imoen has 87 points (admittedly one of the highest of any NPCs) so I don't think it's unreasonable for CHARNAME to have something similar, but more than that is just makes everything too easy IMHO. A blade I recently rolled is 18/18/15/13/7/15 (86 points), which is certainly viable with potion use for scribing scrolls.

  • karnor00karnor00 Member Posts: 679
    I found it fun to take the first roll I got, and without modification (i.e. no deducting from one stat to add to another).

  • OzzyBotkinsOzzyBotkins Member Posts: 396
    Interesting idea
    You depend more on the quality of your party more then your own abilities
    I now pre roll my character with dice PnP style
    use a D20 and D6 to determine race and gender
    then I go straigth down the line ( old house rules ) for stats
    STR first DEX second the CON, INT , WIS CHA
    So when I get one I like , I use that as a guide lline
    when rolling up one that I will use in the game
    pulled the Dice out of my desk 2 nights ago
    roll for an hour or so 2 nights ago
    here is one that I plan to use
    Human Female ( no alignment yet )
    STR 17
    DEX 12
    CON 16
    INT 11
    WIS 18
    CHA 13
    87 points , Same as Imoen.
    Plan to start this one off as a fighter
    then duel class to cleric when I import over
    after BG2:EE comes out

  • Aasimar069Aasimar069 Member Posts: 803
    Bhaaldog said:

    I think it would be fun to do. A score of 75 is in many ways a more realistic way of playing the game, particularly from a role play perspective. Somewhat similar to the Fallout where you have more restrictive stat choices.

    Good luck with the adventure!

    With a bit of metagaming, you already know that Strength is improved with the super armor...
    Also, there are a few occasions to gain stats points across the game.

    Therefore, the so called "choices" are very easy to be made...

    Intelligence and dexterity to 9.

    And average constitution ...

  • ToffeeToffee Member Posts: 55
    75 point no reload or resurrection? I'd be dumping everything into con and dex, except the challenge is a no-adjustment one.

    I killed a black bear, a gibberling and a dread wolf with charname jester & Imoen. Then I got cocky and took on a regular wolf... High-tailing it out of their after it slaughtered Imoen with casual ease, I ran into another wolf, whom I managed to confuse into killing the first wolf (my crossbow helped). Unfortunately that same wolf then killed me. It wasn't glorious.

  • CorvinoCorvino Member Posts: 2,269
    This would be pretty viable with a vanilla thief, swashbuckler or bounty hunter. With an okay dex and con they could sit at the back with a bow and then disarm traps as needed.

    10 18 16 10 10 10 is a 74 point roll (unpossible!) that in fact gives you the max stats you need for this role unless you demand max shorty saves. Additional str/cha/whatever would be nice for carry weight and adjustment reaction but is not necessary.

  • Fighting_FerretFighting_Ferret Member Posts: 229
    edited February 2013
    I tried this and made it all the way to the bandit camp, before getting killed. My main character was a pure class cleric with stats: Str - 13, Dex - 14, Con - 13, Int - 10, Wis - 13, Cha 12 ( i did re-roll a few times to get relatively even stats, even passing if a particular stat was too high >15). I played on core difficulty. I din't rest until at leas 2 party members were tired, or 3 members were severly injured. Rest was always done in inns, save for resting outside the Nashkel mine entrance once
    , as there were guards.

    I stuck pretty much to the main quest line, taking all NPCs along the way (Imoen, Xzar, Montoran, Khalid, Jaheira). I lost my first party member in the Nashkel mines, Montoran got hit with hold person and got killed by Mulahey, no biggie so I picked up Xan. We then made it back to Nashkel and then to Beregost where we did a few minor quests and met Tranzig. We then went to the FAI and did the quests there. I took a detour at this time and went after Brage, and lost Jaheira in the fight against the hobgoblin leading the kobold commandos. I replaced her with Kivan from High hedge, who I had encountered while locating Perdue's short sword. We then went to Peldvale and tried to join the bandits, no dice. We were seen as too weak, so we had to fight. We won that battle and continued north to the bandit's camp. With little to do but assult the camp head on, we somehow made it into Tazok's tent (we lost Khalid and Kivan outside to the numerous bandit archers and the leader of the Black Talons). The remainder of the group got killed in Tazok's tent as we were mostly bereft of magic and had no front liners.

    I wanted to make this the most like playing as a new player. We went strait to the FAI after acquiring Imoen, Xzar, and Montoran, and only stopping to retrieve the items from Gorion's corpse. We then met up with Khalid and Jaheira and went south, staying on the road to get to Nashkel. We stopped in Beregost, long enough to ask about an affordable inn, the red sheaf inn was recommended, and we fought the assassin there and rested and continued south. In Nashkel we went to the mayor ans then collected rumors around town, eventually fighting the assassin here as well. We went to the mines, rested outside, and took the you have one day the mine overseer gave us to explore the mines seroiusly. We made it through the mines in a few hours and came out the back entrance. We travelled west from there to get back to Nashkel, where we took our reward from the mayor and killed yet again another assassin. Back to Beregost we did the minor quests in the town and spent some of our meager gold on a new sword for Khalid (long sword +1) and armor for Jaheira (plate mail). The rest is above.

    **Of note here is that I left all the ester egg items alone, so we didn't get the hidden diamond, ring of princes, the ever memory ring, the ankeg plate, or the wand of frost. We also didn't keep any items that were to be returned for quests (belt of elvish bane/girdle of piercing).

    Furthermore, spells like command and sleep are SO good. My main character had recahed level 3 just before going to Pelvdale, but Kivan and Xzar were level 2, and Xan, Imoen and Khalid leveled to 3 in the bandit camp. Most of these fights were way over our heads, but were rendered easy due to the use of these disabling spells. Also using consumables helps greatly as well. In the Nashkel mines, using Montoran to sneak past the melee kobolds to assault their archers made the mines a breeze, as it negated the ranged factor from the enemies. About ranged... it is awesome, but can be used against you as well... enemes you don't want to see/fight until later or who are the most annoying in the early game are 1)hobgoblin archers, 2)kobold archers, 3)kobold commandos, 4)bandits, and the worst are 5)black talon elites.

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  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    Well, I already have 3 playthroughs going and not much time to game anymore, but I could not resist rolling up a character for this challenge - I mean how long can I last anyway? I went with a Mage/Thief. I rolled a while for the stats, but couldn't pass up the 18 dex, I had landed on a 17 int at one point but all the other stats were way too low, 14 seemed to be the most common roll for my int score, so this looked pretty good to me even if she is very fragile with only 9 con.


  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    Ok, so Gwyn ran some errands in Candlekeep, looted the inn (since surely she can use those things on her journey more than the rich patrons), and fended off two assassins. I'll tell you, it's a different experience actually taking a hit from one of those guys and having to hit them each twice before they went down. After Candlekeep she met up with Imoen and they visited the scene of Gorion's death. Next they joined forces with Monteron and Xzar, kind of shady characters but they did give her a potion and she could use the extra muscle.

    The party arrived tired at the Friendly Arm inn and were confronted by an assassin, a lucky critical hit from Imoen's bow and Xzar's fast Larloch's draining spell interrupted his casting and Gwyn got a final shot with her bow, killing him. That could have been much messier, since I didn't prep or position my party like I usually do for that guy.

    Inside they spoke to Khalid and Jaheira and agreed to all travel together to the Nashkel mines. The party rested and then equipped themselves in preparation for the journey.

    I hope to have more time to play this one out. So far, so good...

  • antiserraantiserra Member Posts: 2
    This is very interesting :)
    I've just started my Char (Elf thief/mage). I am going to meet Gorion.
    stats are :
    Str: 16
    Dex : 14
    Con : 9
    Int : 17
    Wis : 6
    Cha : 13

    I will update my journal here after doing a little bit more :)

  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    edited February 2013
    After equipping themselves they walked around the inn a bit and talked to the guests (and looted unattended chests). They got the quest for the ring, the spider infestation and the belt. The party killed off the hobgoblins in the area then headed south and dispatched the ogre using entangle and ranged weaponry. They turned in the items and found that they had a belt that would change the gender of the wearer. In jest they put in on Xzar, he looked quite nice as a woman:


    Next the went to Beregost where they ran into Neera the wild mage, they saved her from the red wizards but did not have room for her in the party, so they sent her on her way. Next they took a trip to the temple for a potion of antidote to have on hand for when they cleared out the spider infestation. They did a bit of wandering curious about the area and came across some war dogs. Crazy Xzar ran in screaming about how he was death or something wielding his dagger, and well, he became dead! The group was shocked to lose a member of the party but he was a crazy one. They passed the cursed belt to Khalid ignoring Jaheira's protests:


    The group then explored a bit more and ran into a bunch of hobgoblins that they had less trouble with than the dogs - go figure. Then they returned to Beregost and took out the spiders, good thing they had the potion because Khalid was poisoned, but he chugged it down and was fine. Next was Nashkel, they arrived at the inn tired and injured from some skirmishes along the way (Orgillions, Hobgoblins and Bandits). Just before entering however they spotted a monk putting on a show, they talked to him a bit and then recruited him to their party. Inside the inn they were met by an assassin. It was a tough fight, first Khalid and Jaheira were held in melee against her, then she held Rasaad who tried to go in with a stunning blow. Monteron rushed into melee to try and draw her off, but she would have none of it and bashed Rasaad's skull in with her club. After that she cast entangle which tied her up and allowed Monteron to retreat and the party finished her off with ranged weapons.

    The party rested, saddened that their new friend fell so quickly. Gwyn had her dream and learned cure light wounds. After resting they spoke with the Mayor and learned about the trouble in the mines, they also learned of a bounty on a man named Brage and another on the sculptor Prism. The group headed to the mines and was ambushed by some brigands, but a half-orc named Dorn came to their rescue, they recruited him as well, mostly because they could use a strong fighter and he looked the part. The group tracked down Prism and agreed to defend him, they tried to reason with Greywolf but he was an ass and attacked them. Things started off ok, but then got messy real fast. First Khalid went down in a single blow. Surprised at the swiftness of the blow, Dorn drank a potion of speed and poisoned his weapon, hoping to finish the bounty hunter off quickly. Before he could strike the injured man however, he too was felled in single strike and the Jaheira (now level 2/2) was injured, she retreated and switched to a sling, and Monteron rushed into melee. Greywolf laughed at their valiant attempt, he was badly injured but still in the fight. Then he gutted Monteron and rushed toward Imoen. Imoen drank the other potion of speed and ran away while Jaheira and Gwyn finished him off. Staggered by their heavy losses, they retreated to Nashkel to regroup.

    There they recruited Minsc and agreed to rescue the wizard Dynaheir. They returned to their fallen comrades to gather their equipment, which they could not carry before. Then they headed to the Friendly Arm inn to turn in the spider quest and rest before heading to the Gnoll fortress. And that is where our heroes are now.

    The Fallen

    Rasaad - Level 1
    Khalid - Level 1
    Dorn - Level 1
    Monteron - Level 1/1

    Current Party

    Gwyn - Level 1/1
    Imoen - Level 1
    Jaheira - Level 2/2
    Minsc - Level 1

  • EnterHaerDalisEnterHaerDalis Member Posts: 812
    Awesome!! I'm thrilled to see people are into this idea :D

    Just moved into a new place and will be starting another run soon

  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    @EnterHaerDalis - I really liked this concept because it forces lower scores and avoids min/maxing for the most part. I'll tell you though, 14 int on thief/mage is really rough for writing scrolls to your spellbook, I almost wish I had gone for the lower dex, higher int rolls like @antiserra. I will play this out though and I'm having fun. Another concept I want to try is a nonviolent monk. I think I'll go with the first roll I get and basically this guy will avoid conflict if at all possible, including running away and always trying to pick non confrontational dialogue choices - I usually pick the ones that lead to a fight so this will be something new for me :P

  • Aasimar069Aasimar069 Member Posts: 803
    edited February 2013

    Awesome!! I'm thrilled to see people are into this idea :D

    Just moved into a new place and will be starting another run soon

    I had made a similar purposal a few weeks ago that wasn't successful.

    It was a joke initially (same as you but with no pause, solo and hardcore rules).

    But now I'm happy to see that people are thrilled by this one ;-)

    EDIT :
    Here's the thread :

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  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    We last left Gwyn and friends in the Friendly Arm inn with Jaheira, Imoen and Minsc. While there they turned in the spider quest (Gwyn gained a thief level) and realized they never picked up the lady's bottle of wine, well no time for that now, they have more important things to do. They also ran into Neera who was pouting in the corner for being turned down last time. Well rested and resupplied, there was only one thing left to do before heading out to rescue Dynaheir - hold Minsc down and equip him with the cursed belt:


    Minsc was not amused, but Boo found it quite hilarious. With that out of the way, they headed toward the Gnoll Fortress, stopping in Nashkel along the way. As they traveled to the fortress they came across a man being assaulted by a white bear. Not wanting to leave the man to his fate, they engaged the bear, though a badly timed entangle spell by Jaheira made the task much more difficult than it should have been. In the end though they were victorious and rewarded with gold, Imoen also gained a 3rd thief level.

    Finally they were close to the Fortress, they could see it in the distance across a bridge. They first rested for the night since they were exhausted, and then headed across the bridge. They were accosted by some giants demanding a toll, with their funds running very low the group decided they could not afford it and were going to find another path to the fortress. Unfortunately the giants weren't happy with missing out on income and attacked them and died surprisingly easily. They were carrying some nice gloves which Gwyn identified with a scroll. Minsc and Jaheira keep fighting over them though. After they crossed the bridge, Gwyn suggested they explore the cave system South of the fortress first, in case Dynaheir was being held in one of the caves. If so, this would allow them to rescue her without a direct assault on the fortress. They didn't find her in the caves, but did find an interesting tome - they have no idea what it is yet, but looks important.

    Next they headed to the Gnoll fortress and fought their way through hordes of Gnolls and Xvarts (ok not hordes, but enough to strain a low level party). Luckily many areas offered convenient choke points and the party only suffered some injuries. At last they rescued Dynaheir, who did not recognize Minsc at first due to the belt. We're not so sure she's very keen on the change. Minsc wanted to purge the rest of the fortress of any remaining evil, but the rest of the party felt they were nearing their limits and did not want to press their luck. In the end they convinced him that rescuing Dynaheir was enough and they headed back to Nashkel for rest and resupply before investigating the mines.

    The Fallen

    Xzar - Level 1 Necromancer
    Rasaad - Level 1 Monk
    Khalid - Level 1 Fighter
    Dorn - Level 1 Blackguard
    Monteron - Level 1/1 Fighter/Thief

    Current Party

    Gwyn - Level 1/2 Mage/Thief
    Imoen - Level 3 Thief
    Jaheira - Level 2/2 Fighter/Druid
    Minsc - Level 1 Ranger
    Neera - Level 1 Wild Mage
    Dynahier - Level 1 Invoker

  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    @Aasimar069 - wow 75 stat, no pause, solo and hardcore rules (by which do you mean "core" or insane?) not sure I would last very long haha

  • JLeeJLee Member Posts: 648
    @SirK8 I must say, that was really fun to read and it has inspired me to rethink the way I play my games. Thank you for sharing

  • Aasimar069Aasimar069 Member Posts: 803
    edited February 2013
    SirK8 said:

    @Aasimar069 - wow 75 stat, no pause, solo and hardcore rules (by which do you mean "core" or insane?) not sure I would last very long haha

    Sorry, I meant insane rules;-)

    Here's the thread :

  • EnterHaerDalisEnterHaerDalis Member Posts: 812
    edited February 2013
    My Gwen dead.....Sirk8's Gwyn dead...

    enter Prada the totemic druid. More to come soon

    photo bgee-20130214-002144_zps111ab86c.png

  • EnterHaerDalisEnterHaerDalis Member Posts: 812
    Prada's adventures begin doing petty chores around the coastline town of Candlekeep. An assassin named Shank gave her a real run for her money adding second thoughts to the obvious perils of the challenges that lie ahead. Gorion gets ambushed and good friend Imoen forces herself upon Prada and forms an alliance. Prada's spirit snake was employed early on against a formidable dire wolf, black bear and a few gibberlings. The party meets up with a Xzar and Montaron and agrees to help them with their affairs in the nashkel mines. Heading east the party is ambushed by a savage band of gibberlings and Xzar falls victim to the slash of there blades in all his rare 8HP glory. Montaron doesn't seem to disturbed about his buddies death and the party keeps on the move after slaying the little bastards. The trio made there way to the friendly arm inn where a rogue mage jumped them and ended up expelling many magic missiles, rendering full health Imoen dead with a single spell. Khalid and Jaheira are employed by recommendation of Gorion and some the party takes care of some hobgoblins to the north and returns a ring for a nice lady. Heading south The party encountered numerous Xvarts and a big fat ogre which was handled in beautiful fashion with an entangle spell and efficient use of slings..and Montaron nearly dies after getting struck with a lighting bolt. Continuing southbound, the town of Beregost is explored and the party meets a mage named Neera and aids her against some curious Thayan Wizards. Montaron takes a flame arrow on the chin and unfortunately perishes in a heroic effort. Neera joins the party after the battle and Beregost is further explored. A dwarf named Kagain showed interest in finding a certain caravan and the party agreed to help him out and he joins the employ of Prada's party. A chirpy bugger named Garrick leads us to a twisted evil mage named Silke and the party sniffs out her deceipt and disposes of her in quick fashion. Garrick offers his services and he is welcomed into the adventure.. The group enters the red sheaf inn and a hellish brute of a dwarf named Karlat jumps the party. Many resources and spells were utilized against this brute but he seemed unkillable and managed a fatal blow on the most recent addition to the group, Kagain, taking his dwarven bretherin to the grave. Garrick played a song of mourning and the party of five awaits future endeavors.......

    The Fallen

    Xzar - Level 1 Necromancer
    Imoen - Level 1 Thief
    Montaron - Level 1 Fighter/Thief
    Kagain - Level 1 Fighter

    Current Party
    Prada - Level 1 Totemic Druid
    Khalid - Level 1 Fighter
    Jaheira - Level 2 Fighter/Druid
    Garrick - Level 1 Bard
    Neera - Level 1 Wild Mage

    photo bgee-20130214-004508_zps2c199bbc.png

    photo bgee-20130214-012150_zps2e39a257.png

    photo bgee-20130214-012455_zpsd9b19616.png

    photo bgee-20130214-014231_zps1d652373.png

  • BlockBlock Member Posts: 2
    Wow guys this is soooo cool, me and my friend are starting an adventure atm!!!!

  • SirK8SirK8 Member Posts: 527
    @EnterHaerDalis - Yeah taking Neera is definitely a risk haha! Avoiding overt metagaming and trying to stay in character as much as possible also adds a nice challenge to this overall.

  • BlockBlock Member Posts: 2
    Yea me and my friends are actualy lvl 3 rogue and 2 mage, we lost the dwaf fighter montaron imoen (dreadfully killed by 3 bandits (wich we fled) and the necromancer. Life is hard

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