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CLUA Console for BG2EE



  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 234
    Vodosbn said:

    Borek said:

    If i remember correctly in the Mind Flayer City there is a room that respawns an Illithid every time you come in, as long as you completely leave that room 1st, so you can always grab a new Control Circlet and re-charm from that room. It's to the North of the room with the slaves where you create the Control Circlet.

    Yeah, in my memories, the mind flayers keeps respawning until you open the doors, but, here, it doesn't. I tried everything I can, slept a thousand hours, kill all the slaves (because I was angry), and nope : no mind flayer. I wanted to spawn a mind flayer with the console, but I can't open the console. And above all, my last save is in Athkatla, just before venturing to the island with the mad wizards.

    I use a french patch which translate the text and I thought it caused a glitch, so I uninstalled the game, removed the patch, created a new game, sacrificed a goat to the gods, but no results. I don't know what to do next.

    Hmm, well it definitely spawns in my game, because every time you open a door with the controlled Illithid it breaks control and attacks, needs killing (or i guess maybe recharmed with a new circlet, never tried that), i always had to charm 1 for the door in the room where the slaves appear, then go back and get a 2nd one for the last door near the Brain room.

    As for the console then you need to make sure you use a proper code editor not a word processor, and depending on your OS you need to be careful with exactly what you type in, various platforms can have several different versions of various forms of punctuation, only 1 of which actually works. Also note that there are NO spaces or tabs in the line to add.

    SetPrivateProfileString('Program Options','Debug Mode','1')

    That is the line copy/pasted from Notepad++ (code editor, free one) from my installation, try adding that to yours and make sure when you add it that it seems to match the format of the other lines of code, if it looks different then your text editor may be applying incorrect formatting.

    Obviously make sure the game is closed when you make the edit, make sure you are changing Baldur.lua for version 2.0 or later, Baldur.ini for version 1.3 or earlier.

  • VodosbnVodosbn Member Posts: 3
    I downloaded Notepad++ and edit Baldur.lua file with your line. It works now. Thanks a lot for your help Borek, I think it didn't work because I changed the .ini file instead of the .lua file. You saved my game ! I can finally get out of this stupid mind flayer's dungeon.

  • Borg_DealerOfDeathBorg_DealerOfDeath Member Posts: 78
    Just what info do you see when you bring up CLUA and how much of it can you edit?

  • BorekBorek Member Posts: 234

    Just what info do you see when you bring up CLUA and how much of it can you edit?

    Best to check youtube to see what it looks like, as for what you can edit then you can create items, creatures, adjust most in game flags, change XP/gold, what you cannot do is create unique items that do not already exist (or edit existing ones), directly change stats (you can create the stat books though).

    You need programs like Near Infinity to create unique items and you need something like EE Keeper to edit things like class kits, change your race/class/kit etc.

    As a rule i use the console to adjust romance and quest timer variables to mean i don't have to wait X game (or real time) number of minutes for dialogues to advance, NPCs to appear and the like. Changes to XP/Gold/Items/Kit/class/stats i usually do in EE Keeper, i also use Near infinity to tweak some items (Carsomyr adding +50% MR rather than the default value which sets you to 50% MR w/o stacking), maybe tweaking something like the Haye's Robe from the end of Neera's quest to being similar to Robe of Vecna, changing shapeshifter paws to adding to stats rather than assigning fixed values.

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