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Forum Fantasy: A tale of Forumites

ElrandirElrandir Member Posts: 1,652
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So after a recent post by Metalloman, I got the idea to make a story idea with all the regular forumites as characters. While the likelihood of me making an actual story out of this is unlikely, I thought I'd show you all the (hopefully) amusing results of my mind's wanderings.

The basis of this idea is that twelve of us are the "12 Knights", the greatest warriors of the kingdom. I chose the most prolific posters (or at least those I consider to be them) to take that title, but with the limitation of twelve, you'll have to understand why not everyone can be on it. Also, as the author of the story, can it really be thought of as surprising that I'm in it? There are many more characters than the twelve, though, with most of them having at least a short paragraph of information about them. Also, if you're not on the character list, don't despair! The lack of inclusion was not intentional, I just couldn't think of you at the time! Nine times out of ten, I can come up with a character for you if you say something! Also, if you're unhappy with your current background, I can change it! I don't want to insult anyone with my description. We can't all be the "one true champion". Also, most of my description for a character comes from what I already know about them and their activity on the forums, so that's why I have a longer bio than lots of you. I KNOW what I can say about me. =p Anyway, without further ado, here's the current (i.e. subject to change) roster of characters. Spoilered for size convenience. Also, I don't really want to tag most of the moderators because part of me feels that I'm bothering them. If they assure me otherwise, then I'll tag them. Some of them I'm comfortable with tagging.

12 Knights:

Sir Quartz (Crystal beast (Male) @Quartz‌
Quartz is a clear white crystal beast, a race that is generally not sentient. Quartz, however, is more than sentient, and while he is often quiet in official meetings, preferring to think than speak, he is quite talkative and friendly on normal days. In battle he fights with large glove-like straps, which allow him to channel his magic into his crystalline fists. The result is devastating.

Sir Caron Driel (Elrandir in his native tongue) (Fox Man (Male)
Both the youngest member of the knights in age and time served as a knight, this young fox man has proven himself a capable fighter. While he is a capable knight, combining the agility and speed of his race with a great deal of military training, he is definitively the weakest member of the twelve. Were this the Golden Age of the Twelve, he would likely not even be worthy of being one of them, but these are dark times, and the vacancy left by the late Sir A’Je’Wi’Z needed to be filled. Likable and a decent mediator, he is able to settle arguments peacefully, and has done so on more than one occasion. He is also more agile than many of the knights, but he is not superior to them, being able to find one more skilled than he in all things, except for survival knowledge. His skills in the woods are unparalleled, and on the rare occasion the knights are required to hunt something or someone down, his tracking skills are always called upon. He joined the knights shortly before Sir Eyewin, Sir Heindrich, and Sir Tan left, and while he respects them, he does not understand the devotion the other knights have to them. This leads to him occasionally insulting them unintentionally, drawing the other eight’s ire.

Sir Eyewin (Beholder (Male) (Currently MIA) @KidCarnival‌
The ancient beholder and most senior of the knights, whose eyestalks are so numerous he can control a suit of plate mail and his sword, all while retaining eyestalks for standard beholder combat. He was sent on a mission along with fellow senior knight, Sir Heindrich, and has yet to return.

Sir Heindrich (Human (Male) (Currently MIA) @Heindrich‌
A foreigner who arrived with the young boy who would later become known as Sir Bengoshi, he is a skilled master of the katana, and is one of the most senior knights. He was sent on a mission along with fellow senior knight, Sir Eyewin, and has yet to return.

Sir Metallo Man (Human (Male) @Metalloman‌
One of the more senior knights, Sir Man is the castle’s designated gatekeeper, banning entry to those he deems unworthy, and keeping them out with his mighty ban hammer, should he be forced to. He is known by most as Sir Metallo Man, but no one knows his real name. Some believe that this name was given to him because of his insistence on wearing his plate mail constantly, others believe that it is because of his strength and prowess in battle, while some simply believe that it is his real name. No one truly knows, however, what his actual name is. He wields his mighty two handed ban hammer, and has been known to wield a mace and shield on occasion. He is proud and irritable, but of a kind heart and very generous, easily inclined to laughter and jokes as to fury and anger if something is going wrong. His mood changes as quickly as the open sea; calm the moment before, stormy the moment after. But beyond all of his shifting emotions, he is, above all else, loyal to his fellows and merciless to his enemies.

Sir Bengoshi (Samurai knight: Human (Male) @bengoshi‌
Sir Bengoshi arrived to the kingdom as a small child, in the care of the man who would become Senior Knight Heindrich. His only real possession was his father’s kabuto, which he refused to release, and even now wears as his personal helmet, rarely ever removing it. Many people, most of the knights included, do not know his true face. Neither he nor Sir Heindrich have ever explained their relation to each other, but the two of them were very close, and Sir Bengoshi was more severely hurt by Sir Heindrich’s disappearance than any of the others.

Sir Black Raven (Human (Male) @Blackraven‌
Sir Raven is one of the younger knights, having only served as one of them for six years. He is a rare human, able to manipulate the essences of things all around us in life, allowing him to draw on the powers of many different beings. This means his powers are nearly endless, but he cannot control them for long, so they eventually crumble away and he must start again. He is also more stealthy than the rest of the knights, and is chosen for missions in which subtlety is required. He is a skilled negotiator, and along with Lady Emyr and Sir Tan he is often sent on diplomatic missions. He is able to speak many languages and is cautious in his choice of words.

Sir Boo I’yreis (Sentient Hamster (Male) @booinyoureyes‌
Sir I’yreis is, put simply, a sentient hamster. He is not some sort of undiscovered hamster man, or new form of were creature. He was once a traveling companion to a great warrior, and learned much of combat, through merely watching his companion fight. One day his companion grew old and died, as all humans do. After this, Boo wandered the world. Over the course of his travels, his body had come into contact with so many stray spells that he had become relatively immortal. One day, he was found by some strange witch, who grabbed him immediately. Boo feared his end, but the witch began experimenting on him, and over time, he became sentient; able to speak, think, and act like a human. The witch then began experimenting further, enhancing his physical abilities, till he was faster than any mortal, stronger than most warriors, and capable of taking more blows than any hamster that has ever existed. Using his newly gained talents, he escaped from the witch, and traveled to the castle to offer his skills as a knight. The rest is history.

Sir Shandyr (Elf (Male) @Shandyr‌
Sir Shandyr is a strange being, able to control vegetables as his weapon. He has a preference for, what he refers to as, "broccoflowers." As odd as his "powers" are, he has proven himself a deadly warrior, and has crushed many a foe beneath his veggie onslaught.

Sir Tresset (Race unknown. Appears Amphibian (Male) @Tresset‌
Sir Tresset’s history is as confusing as why Sir I’yreis has a mustache. All that is known for certain is that he arrived at the castle one day, rusty sword and cuirass ready, demanding to become a knight. When tested, he proved himself worthy. His race has never been seen before in the lands of this kingdom, and he has never seemed inclined to explain, but his skill with a blade is certain. He is also a skilled shapeshifter, and many believe that he is a human, however he keeps his amphibian appearance even when not in combat.

Lady Rhiannon Sian Emyr (Human? (Female) (Leader of the Knights) @LadyRhian‌
The only female knight of the current generation, Lady Emyr is a powerful senior knight, able to deal with her foes by overwhelming them with her “art guardians”, of which it seems there is no end. She is the leader of the twelve as well, and has served with honor and distinction for many years. When the previous leader was ready to step down, it was expected for the title to go to either Sir Heindrich or Sir Eyewin, (both her seniors, and distinguished knights in their own right) but neither protested when Lady Emyr was chosen for the job. She was apprenticed to Anduin when she was a child and so knows a great deal of healing magic. She is quite skilled at it, though not equal to her teacher, Anduin. She is also rather intimidating, what with her rank, her skill, and her height. She stands at 6’3”, shorter only than the surprisingly hulking 6’4” Sir Bengoshi, and the massive 7’ tall Sir Quartz. She is not at all unfriendly, however, and has shown more general friendliness to others than many of the knights.

Sir Jacob Tan (Human (Male) (Currently MIA) @jacobtan‌
The statistician and strategist of the knights, Sir Tan has crushed his foes with cold calculated actions and unarguable logic. He is a skilled mage as well, capable of devastating his foes with a variety of magic and swordplay. He prefers his magic, however, as he finds physical confrontations unnecessarily messy. He often accompanied Lady Emyr and Sir Raven on diplomatic missions, as his keen strategic mind and knack for debate was helpful indeed. With his disappearance, Driel has take his place in the diplomatic missions, but the fox man cannot fully fill his role. He was sent on a mission to discover what happened to the senior knights Eyewin and Heindrich, but, like them, has disappeared.

Other characters:

Crevsdaak: Chaos God (No true race or gender. Appears as a young tomboyish woman) @CrevsDaak‌
This “Mad god” is one of many deities, though most do not interfere with the lives of mortals. Crevsdaak finds great joy in confusing mortals, whether by helping them unexpectedly, or harming them without reasons. It especially enjoys playing with the knights, since they are powerful mortals, who can withstand more “rough treatment” than most of the Chaos god’s other "toys". Even Crevsdaak’s appearance is chaotic, appearing as a young tomboyish woman, while occasionally making references to itself as a male. All physical aspects seem relatively female, and it’s voice is female, (I imagine the great fairie’s voice from Zelda. OoT and MM, specifically) but everyone believes the deity to have no true gender.

Dee: King (Wombat Man (Male)
The quiet, dour, and generally beloved king of the kingdom, Dee has served for many years, even before some of the senior knights, such as Heindrich, appeared. He has served with intelligence and wisdom, and when required, has taken his mighty broadsword and slain many a fool that dared cross him. Many years ago he served as the leader of the twelve, and while many forget this fact he has a great deal of proven skill.

Jack Romani: Court Jester (Human (Male) @jackjack‌
Everyone in King Dee’s court must be at least somewhat trained to fight, and this lovable bard is no different! He is as you’d expect, a ladies man, a fun guy to be around, and good in a fight! While his true battle talent is his bewitching music that can confuse and even harm his foes, he rarely reveals this, as he cannot choose his targets. On the rare occasions he’s fought a foe or foes alone, he’s torn their very minds apart with his powerful music. He’s been the court jester for several years now, and so is familiar enough with the knights to joke about with them, sometimes to their amusement, other times to their annoyance.

Anduin: Court Healer (and possible necromancer) (Gnome (Male) @Anduin‌
This odd gnome is always seen muttering to himself, and many believe he may be mixed up in some unsavory business. Regardless, he is one of the most talented healers in the kingdom, and the king values his input.

Elminster: Court Wizard and Advisor to the King (Human (Male) @elminster‌
The ancient wizard, known far and wide as the most powerful wizard in the kingdom. Shares his name with the fairy tale wizard Elminster from the popular book of fairy tales “The Forgotten Realms.” He may be the most powerful wizard, but don’t let his age fool you, he is still a fit and capable man, able to travel or fight better than many young mages.

Meagloth: Elminster’s impudent and impetuous young apprentice (Human (Male) @meagloth‌
This young sorcerer is incredibly talented, as one would expect from the apprentice of Elminster. While he can be occasionally grating on the senses, he is a friendly, good natured young man who has taken to the multifaceted teachings of Elminster well. (Meagloth, please don’t get mad at me. Anything that sounds insulting is just to add to the character. I don’t think you’re impetuous, impudent, or grating.)

Lolien: Head of the Fungi tribe. (Male? Never can tell with them shrooms…) @lolien‌

Awngrieshuum: Lolien’s Personal Bodyguard and the Head of the Myconid Guard. (Male? Never can tell with them shrooms…) @OneAngryMushroom‌

Silverstar: Raccoon Man Sorcerer and clever foe of the knights. (Male) @Silverstar‌

Minevese: Royal Guard Commander @mlnevese‌
The loyal commander of the king’s royal guard. In his youth he trained long and hard, desiring to become one of the twelve. He was unfortunate to be born in the Golden Age of the Twelve, and was unable to compete with the masters he faced. His skills were noteworthy, however, and he was made a member of the royal guard. Over the years he trained further, and while he never ascended to the rank of knight, he became the commander of the king’s royal guard. Many believe he is on par with the current knights.

Scary Wizard: Scary Wizard @SCARY_WIZARD‌
Detailed explanation: Scary Wizard

Troodon: Retired Knight (Panda Man (Male) @Troodon80‌
Troodon is the previous Knight Leader of the 12. He is Lady Rhian’s predecessor and King Dee’s successor. This panda man was a master of combat, but in his old age he has grown weaker. He is still a mighty warrior, but his age is catching up to him. Knowing this he retired ten years ago, and returned to his home village.

South Paw: Evil Fistmancer (Illithid (Male) @Southpaw‌
A dark and evil Illithid, more powerful and cunning than most of his kind. He is also physically skilled as well as mentally, knowing a variety of martial arts that he uses in tandem with his mage. He is a fearsome creature and although he has not been heard from in many years, there are some who remember his battles with previous members of the twelve, and believe that he still roams the lands, causing terror wherever he goes.

Kiwi Doc: Squire (Drow (Female) @kiwidoc‌
The only current squire to one of the twelve, Kiwi is Lady Emyr’s apprentice, and has learned a great deal from her. She is still young, but has already gained a great deal of skill in combat. She uses the same style of special “art guardian” magic that Lady Emyr uses, although while Lady Emyr can summon her art guardians in any form that she chooses, Kiwi can only use heavily armored female guardians. Lady Emyr is quite impressed with her skill, however, and fully believes that she will one day become a powerful and respected knight.

Tanthalas: Ancient Knight (Human (Male) @Tanthalas‌
One of the “great old ones” of the twelve, this powerful knight lived several hundred years ago, and was a respected member of the knights. His memory stone resides in the Hall of Heroes within the castle.

Jalily: Ancient Knight (Human (Female) @Jalily‌
Jalily was the first female knight among the twelve, nearly 800 years ago, and she is often regarded as being the strongest woman warrior ever, having wrestled giants to the ground, competed with crystal beasts for the strongest punch (and won, I might add), and forced a dragon to be her mount. Her memory stone resides in its own alcove of the Hall of Heroes.

CaloNord: Bounty Hunter (Human? (Male) @CaloNord‌
This shady human’s morals are questionable at best, and downright despicable at worst. He’ll do whatever it takes to succeed, and he’ll accept any job, as long as the pay is right. His dark actions belie a more tender side, however, as he works for his family. His targets don’t know this, of course, and so are less fond of his attempts on their life. He’s a powerful human, however, having even dueled against some members of the twelve before. His combative power is not on par with theirs, but he is a cunning, crafty, and skilled opponent, and so while he failed to defeat the knights, he certainly gave them a fight. His current location is unknown, but there are always ways of contacting him.

Excerpt: (This is during an attack on the castle from unknown enemies wearing black armor)

Driel cut one of the black armored men down as he yelled to Tresset, “Sir Tresset, they breached the inner rooms! Should we go to protect the king?!” Tresset replied as he ducked and weaved around his own foe’s blade, “Nay, Sir Driel, the royal guard exist for a reason!” Driel shot back “But these men are challenging even for us knights! And not only the weaker among us, such as myself! Even Lady Emyr is struggling!” Tresset gutted his foe before casting a glance at the carnage around them. “Perhaps you’re right! Go, help the royal guard! We’ll hold them here!” Driel nodded before dashing down the hall, occasionally stopping to slay one of the shadowy warriors. As he ran down the halls he began seeing corpse after corpse of the royal guard. Occasionally he noticed one of the dark warrior’s corpses, but it seemed they were winning the fight against the royal guard.

As he came up to the massive double doors leading to the throne room itself, he saw several royal guards lying dead against the doors, which were half open. It seemed as though they had put up a valiant stand, however, as the corpses of their foes were numerous. Driel hoped he was not too late as he burst into the throne room, only to see corpses strewn across the floor. It seemed the royal guard had all fallen, though he saw no living members of the black knights either. The corpses quite covered the floor, and nimble as he was, Driel’s progress was slowed, trying to cross over the carpet of flesh and metal. As he traveled through the massive throne room he wondered to himself why such a large room was necessary. He was jolted from his thoughts, however, as he began to hear the sounds of battle. At the end of the throne room, just below the steps to the throne itself, stood two figures, locked in deadly combat. A pile of dark armored bodies lay around the pair, and as he drew closer, Driel realized that it was the commander of the royal guard, Minivese, dueling what he presumed was this enemy squad’s leader. Having seen no royal guards near this end of the room, Driel assumed that it was Minivese who defeated them all. He was impressed with the man’s skill, but had no time for respect, as it seemed the commander was growing tired from the long fight. The two foes had blades locked, but the black armored knight was forcing Minivese back with brute force. With his keen fox ears, Driel heard Minivese growl out the words, “I’ll never let you touch the king!” to which his menacing foe responded with a grin, invisible under his horned helmet, “You mean like the other royal guards did? They did an excellent job of stopping me.” At these words Minivese’s eyes flared and he practically roared, pushing his foe off of him and delivering several fierce blows, all of which were blocked, however. His foe responded by casually knocking Minivese’s blade from his hands, kicking him to the ground, and raising his own blade for the final blow. Driel tried to move faster towards them, but his paws slipped on the metal armor of the dead men below. Before the blow landed, however, a colorfully dressed figure darted from behind the king’s throne, drawing a short sword from within his lute, and piercing the dark knight through his chest from behind. Minivese, Driel, and the dark knight all showed visible surprise; Minivese that his life was not over, the dark knight at his death, and Driel at the identity of the surprise attacker.

As the enemy fell lifeless on the floor, Driel finally reached the throne and cried out in surprise, “Romani?!” The colorfully dressed court jest flicked some of the blood from his blade and grinned at Driel. “Surprised, Sir Driel?” Driel nodded in disbelief as Romani helped Minivese up. “These are dark times for our kingdom, Sir knight, and all of us in the king’s court must be trained and ready to sacrifice ourselves at any time for his majesty.” Realizing that the king was in fact still here, Driel kneeled before the throne. “Are you all right, your majesty?” Driel asked, as the wombat-headed man simply stared at the scene before him, leaning on his arm, all the while seeming unsurprised by any of it. “Yes, thank you Sir Driel. I’m afraid you’re a bit late. My personal protection seems to have done a fine job of it.” King Dee nodded at Minivese and Romani as he said this. “Of course, your majesty.” Caron nodded. The king continued “Although if you wish to prove your worth, I do believe the three of you can work together to deal with this next group coming through the doors now.” As he said this, the king pointed to the far end of the throne room, where they could see another squad of dark armored knights charging them. Gripping their blades, the three of them prepared for another onslaught.

When their foes finally reached them the fighting was fierce. For every suitable dodge or parry, there was another scrape or scratch. Before long, Driel’s normally orange fur was a darker shade, now more crimson than orange. Minivese was beginning to show his exhaustion as well, taking more blows on his shield than trying to dodge. On Driel’s other side, however, the ever vivacious jester was dancing around his foes, confusing them with jokes as he pricked them with his short sword. Minivese and Driel needed the boisterous energy of their entertainer ally, however, as his seemingly endless well of energy gave the others a sense of comfort. Romani dodged past one strike, whispering in his opponents ear “Knock-knock!” as he went by. The man responded in a near growl, “Who’s there?” as he spun around and swiped again at his colorful target, missing him and gritting his teeth when he felt the prick of the short sword in his side, not deep enough to kill, but enough to aggravate. As Romani pricked him in the side he whispered in his other ear “Dead meat.” The man spun around with a massive cleave, which Romani ducked under as the man yelled “Dead meat who?!” Romani popped up after the blade had passed over his head, grabbed the man by the shoulder with one hand, and thrust the blade between the slot in his cuirass, piercing the man just above the stomach and straight up through the chest. “Dead meat you.” Romani replied smugly, smirking as the man collapsed. His smirk quickly faded however when he heard the groan from Driel. “What?!” Romani exclaimed. “Couldn’t you have come up with something a bit better than that?” Caron said, his eyes showing just how terrible the joke had been. “That was just awful!” Romani frowned, ducking under another foe’s blade before slicing the man’s side open. Suddenly a twinkle appeared in his eyes and he turned to look at Driel. “Hey now, it’s not easy, okay? You try slaying them while on the battlefield!” He said, his face breaking out into a cheeky grin. Driel grinned back at him widely, his large fox mouth showing off his many sharp teeth. “Okay, you redeemed yourself with that pun.” Romani opened his mouth to respond, but was forced to hold the statement, as more foes came hurtling down upon them.

It appeared as though they were outnumbered, and the three men could not hold the enemy much longer, but suddenly from above a familiar squeaky cry was heard. From above dropped a hamster wielding a sword the size of which you might see a normal man use. Despite the small wielder, it’s effectiveness was proven immediately, as the hamster dropped directly on top of one of their foes, his blade piercing straight through the man’s head and into his chest. No one understood how the tiny hamster could swing such a large blade so efficiently, but efficient he was. Leaping from one foe to the next, the tiny hamster cut the enemy down one by one. When the area seemed safe, the hamster wiped his little brow and said “My! What a rip-roaring good fight! You fellas alright? You seemed to be having a bit of trouble there.” Driel wiped his face, trying to get rid of some of the blood. “Sir I’yreis, you have no idea how glad I am to see you!” I’yreis laughed “Well I appreciate the sentiment, dear friend!” I’yreis looked around, a smirk appearing on his hamster face. “So which one of us is going to tease ol’ Metallo about letting these fools in here, hmm? After all, he’s the gatekeeper who keeps everyone out with his mighty ban hammer. Minivese wiped his face with a rag. “I say we leave it to Jack. After all, he’s the jester, is he not?” Romani grinned. “I daren’t! Last time I teased Sir Man, I was banned from the castle for three days!” The four of them burst into laughter, but quickly stopped as they saw a shadow drop down and dart towards the king. His majesty! The four of them dashed towards the throne, the bullet like hamster in the lead, followed closely by the fleet fox, but the shadowy figure threw a net back at them, catching Driel and I’yreis off guard. Minivese and Romani were too slow to catch up to the figure, and the four of them had an immense sinking feeling as the man’s knife darted towards the king. That is, of course, before the king drew his massive broad sword and cleaved the man fully in two! Minivese darted up to the king first, inquiring if he was alright, while Romani began untangling the two knights from the net. “Your majesty, are you alright?!” Minivese exclaimed, before quieting immediately as the dour gaze of the king fell on him. “I am just fine, commander. Might I remind you that I once led the twelve? Just because I no longer wield a blade does not mean I have lost all semblance of skill.” The four of them thought to themselves that that was obvious, though they said nothing. Even Sir I’yreis was not capable of cleaving an armored man fully in two. “Forgive us, your majesty. We failed to protect you on our own…” The four of them said slowly, deeply apologetic and ashamed that their levity had put the king in danger. “Nonsense. You did nothing wrong. I am not injured, no?” The four nodded slowly. “Exactly. No sense in feeling misery over something that did not even occur. Now come, my castle is still under siege…”

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    Well, I had to conduct some reconnaissance... :P

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    Ooh! That's a nifty idea, @Tresset‌ . I hadn't thought about that option. Of course since we're knights, you'd be more like a fighter/druid, but same difference. =p

    As for you, @Troodon80‌ , I dunno. I imagine you'll be in the story more than once. Perhaps we have a mission near your village and come to you for advice, perhaps you aid us in some serious situation threatening the kingdom. I have no idea.

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    I do love my turnip fruit patch.
    Elrandir said:

    Also, I don't really want to tag most of the moderators because part of me feels that I'm bothering them. If they assure me otherwise, then I'll tag them. Some of them I'm comfortable with tagging.

    I have no problem with being tagged. I may (almost assuredly) not reply immediately, but if there is something that warrants a reply then I will do so as soon as I can.

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    unfortunately if I were in my role would be too predictable...

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    @element‌ I dunno how much will actually be written, but I definitely think I'll at least make a couple little stories from this.

    @OneAngryMushroom‌ Sure thing, I'll make that change for you. XD Also, you only lost the title of tribe leader due to him having a real name. Awngrieshuum isn't much of a name. ;p

    @CrevsDaak‌ You're the god of chaos, but your nickname among the "petty mortals" is the mad god. As for mlnevese, it has to be pronounceable. =p

    @ChildofBhaal599‌ It would be?.. *confused glance* Considering your image is related to Dark Souls, do you mean you'd die very quickly? =p

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    Thank you! And oh no! Who was it this time? D=

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    Elrandir said:

    @element‌ I dunno how much will actually be written, but I definitely think I'll at least make a couple little stories from this.

    @OneAngryMushroom‌ Sure thing, I'll make that change for you. XD Also, you only lost the title of tribe leader due to him having a real name. Awngrieshuum isn't much of a name. ;p

    @CrevsDaak‌ You're the god of chaos, but your nickname among the "petty mortals" is the mad god. As for mlnevese, it has to be pronounceable. =p

    @ChildofBhaal599‌ It would be?.. *confused glance* Considering your image is related to Dark Souls, do you mean you'd die very quickly? =p

    well I did complete a no death/no bonfire run so that is proven irrelevent :)

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    Hahaha Props to you, @ChildofBhaal599‌ ! I've never played the game, but I know enough about it to know that that's impressive.

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    Ahahahah, I laughed hard at a *certain* part, @Elrandir‌! Really nice story, and seems that a great adventure lies before us (I really want to know how these damned knights have succeded to pass through the reach of my banhammer - I think I have to find a name for my hammer - which has never failed before.).

    If I could put some guidelines for my character, furry fellow knight, I would tell you that
    he is known by most as "Metalloman", but no one knows his real name. Someone believes that this name was given to him because of his full metal plate armor, someone else believes that is because of his strenght and prowess in battle, some other simply believes that it is his real name, as much as they call him Sir Metallo (name) Man (surname) or simply Sir Man.
    But no one knows (and this is meta-knowledge, so no other character could know that) his name has its root from the Knight's youth when, toghether with three other fellows squires (as he was at that time), experimented new kinds of sounds in the armory while all the knights were out for practice exercises, using helmets, plates, bowstrings, maces, shields, blades and so on. The names of the other members of that "band" are not known.

    Sir Man wields a two-handed Banhammer, as well as mace and shield, if the circumstance requests it and he is a fighter/cleric.
    (I will decide for the weapon's names later)

    He is proud and irritable, but of kind heard and generous, easily inclined at laughs and jokes as at fury and anger if something is wrong for him: is mood changes quickly as the open sea: calm the moment before, stormy the moment after.
    Loyal to his fellows, merciless to his enemies.

    More than I thought, but that's it! ;p

    EDIT: BTW, I haven't told you but of course I like this thread a LOT, and I really hope you'll write often here of our adventures! :D
    I also hope that everyone involved here would give some infos of his own character to help Elrandir to describe all at the best. :)

    Can I suggest you, @Elrandir, to also copy paste under spoiler tags your adventure posts and all useful infos/updates in the OP?
    I gave you an insightful, but after thinking on it, I believe that this thread deserves a promote.

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    @Silverstar‌ That's a simple word change, my friend, so no problem there! hahaha

    @LadyRhian‌ Hmm... I think I'll work into the story that you were apprenticed to our mad little gnomish healer in your youth and learned your healing arts from him... Yeah, that'll work.

    Edit: And now I have you to thank for a promote as well! Woo-hoo! =D

    @Metalloman‌ Awesome! My biggest concern when you started talking about your name was the fact that you were saying Metalloman was one word, but you settled that little bother for me in the same post! XD As for you being a fighter cleric, I'm not sure I plan to add that tidbit. We have a lot of healers as it is, and I like the image of you being a nearly undefeatable warrior with your mighty ban hammer. We'll see. As for updating the original post, I was planning to do that, actually. I was just letting the first wave of comments take place before doing any editing. =p

    And thank you for the promote! =D Two on one post! I feel awesome!

    @Anduin‌ , oh yes, we're all aware a hobby keeps a mind healthy. Just look at you. Your hobbies have done SO much. ;p

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