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[List] IWD:EE compatible Mods



  • DarkersunDarkersun Member Posts: 398
    edited February 2018
    Sorry for the late answer@LavaDelVortel @argent77 and @Raduziel . Added Weasels!, Chaos Sorcerer Kit, The Mercenary, The Bodyguard, The Charlatan, Raduziel's Universal Wizard Spells, and Relieve Wizard Slayer to the list.
  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714
    @Darkersun Thanks!

    Can you please add my new kitpack Deities of Faerûn to the list?

  • DarkersunDarkersun Member Posts: 398
    @Raduziel done, thanks.
  • bearcattonybearcattony Member Posts: 21
    What mods are compatible with iwdee 2.5 since big world setup is behind?
  • argent77argent77 Member Posts: 3,179
    The mod Improved Shamanic Dance is now compatible with IWD:EE. Can you please add it to the list?

  • SinaheribSinaherib Member Posts: 38
    edited July 2018
    Сan you please add my Turald NPC Mod to the list?
    Thank you!
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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,714

    This is embarrassing, but I made some mess and mixed two mods I was working on at the same time. Can you please rename The Bodyguard (Fighter Kit) to The Militia Officer (Fighter Kit).

  • DarkersunDarkersun Member Posts: 398
    Sorry for the long delay, I finally updated the list (I'm not very active in the forum at the moment)
    @argent77 added under Overhauls
    @Sinaherib added under NPCs
    @Raduziel I renamed the Title
  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,133
    Hi @Darkersun
    Thank you for keeping track of the mods an all.

    I do believe that Cam Dawg made an unfinished business mod, that was released when the G3 celebrated their 15 years anniversary. Couldn’t see it on the list

    Link to mod:

  • fluke13fluke13 Member Posts: 392
    @Darkersun Thank you
  • deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 168
    edited November 2018
    2 kits : Morituri and Lion Warrior to add
    1 cool module to add : semi multi cleric

    The links are here
  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,437

    Hi @Darkersun
    Thank you for keeping track of the mods an all.

    I do believe that Cam Dawg made an unfinished business mod, that was released when the G3 celebrated their 15 years anniversary. Couldn’t see it on the list

    Link to mod:

    Note that Unfinished Business was built into IWDEE itself save for the Marketh's Ring component. Marketh's Ring is available for IWDEE via Unfinished Business as of v8, as @StummvonBordwehr notes.

    Personally, I'd prefer G3 links to go to their respective project pages, e.g. use this for IWD UB:

    and use this for Tweaks Anthology:

    Announcement threads get obsolete pretty quickly, whereas the project pages do not.
  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,868
    Hi! Could you add my mod Improved Heart of Fury Mode under the Overhaul section?
  • JackMacGrathJackMacGrath Member Posts: 1
    just asking,i can download all the mods or just some,Because i install all the mods in order and for example my shaman and some other classes of mod don't appear to i choose
  • ArguszArgusz Member Posts: 24
    edited June 2019
    Question about the "DnD 3.5 Rules in Bg:EE and Bg2:EE v 2.0" mod for IWD:EE.

    In general, what other mods in this list will work well with it, and what should be the load order, overall and primarily in terms of the various tweak mods that work with IWD?

    As I go through the readme's of each one, it seems most of the changes are already covered in the DnD 3.5 overhaul. Though I am sure there are some things that I might want if they aren't included. (I have replayed BG and BG2 EE multiple times in the past with those tweaks so I am familiar, IWD EE not as much, and the 3.5ed rules interest me.)

    I'm just afraid to start installing until I know for sure I won't end up with errors.

  •  TheArtisan TheArtisan Member Posts: 3,277
    Just want to mention that my Tweaks mod has a new IWD:EE exclusive component that adds BG2 soundsets to the majority of NPCs in the game. It's a pretty simple change but I think it improves the experience significantly.
  • deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 168
    Todd, my new mod is now in english and compatible iwdee.
  • AbelAbel Member Posts: 782
    Thanks for keeping this list updated!
    A few mods that may be of interest to others:
    Mod NPC: modifies recruitable NPC stats from a pregenerated character template
    Multikits: adds multikits (multiclasses with kits)
  • deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 168
    edited February 2020
    Todd the super tester guy is available for IWDEE (Shop)

    Semi-Multi-Cleric work for IWDEE (Kit)

    oops : ever said :/
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  • kamuizinkamuizin Member Posts: 3,703
    edited May 2020
    Searching: Mod that change the IWD always dispell effect of dispel magic to % chance of dispell that BG/BG2 use (and that remove magic use in IWD as well).

    Does anyone know a mod that attend to this issue?

    Obs: also, dispel magic affect less effects in BG/BG2 than IWD, in IWD GoI, spell turning and a lot of other magical effect are dispelable.
  • deratiseurderatiseur Member Posts: 168
    My shop mod is ready (and in english) for IWDEE
  • inethineth Member Posts: 649
    edited January 2021
    I've packaged my latest portrait pack as a proper WeiDU mod. Can you add it to the list?

    Name: Portraits from Icewind Dale II
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