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[List] IWD:EE compatible Mods

DarkersunDarkersun Member Posts: 398
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Again I try to make a list to help organize the available Mods ;)
Please let me know if you find mods that are not in the List.

Right know I have no recommended install order for this list.
But normally it should be good too follow this structure:

1) story mods
2) NPC mods
3) item mods
4) kit mods
5) BG2Tweaks
6) other tweak/overhaul mods

Released Mods:


[Mod] DnD 3.5 Rules in Bg:EE and Bg2:EE v 2.0
(It also works with Icewind Dale ENHANCED EDITION 2.5)

Scales of Balance

Might & Guile

The Divine Remix
The sphere system component is not working with IWD:EE.

Rogue Rebalancing (RR) v4.80 is available for IWD: EE

[MOD][BETA] Tome and Blood: More Options for Wizards and Sorcerers

[MOD] [BETA] Monastic Orders of Faerun

[MOD] Eldritch Magic

Raduziel's Universal Wizard Spells

Relieve Wizard Slayer

[mod] Weasels!

Improved Shamanic Dance


[Kit Pack] Deities of Faerûn [Cleric Kitpack for IWD, BG(2)EE and EET]

Chaos Sorcerer Kit

The Mercenary (Fighter Kit)

The Militia Officer (Fighter Kit)

The Charlatan (Bard Kit)

[Kit Pack] I Hate Undead [IWD, EET, BGEE, BG2EE]

[Mod] The Deratiseur Unused Kits Pack

A Frosty Journey: The IWDEE Kitpack

Wizard Slayer Rebalancing for BG:EE, BGII:EE and IWD:EE

Wizard Slayer 2.0

[MOD] Runescarred Berserker v 1.0 (for IWD EE)

[MOD] Duskblade Kit v1.1 (For IWD EE)

[MOD] Improved Archer Kit (for BGEE, BG2EE, IWD:EE and original BG2/BGT)

[BGEE mod]Misdrha'al Hymmet's Bladesinger kit

Class/Kit Attempt: Warlock


[Mod] 3.5 Edition/ Pathfinder style Tweaks Collection (thac0, Constitution, hit dice)

Tweaks Anthology

BG2 Tweaks works on IWDEE

aTweaks v4.5 available for IWD: EE

Hardcore Dual-Classing

No restrictions

[MOD] Lighting Pack for the Enhanced Edition

House Rules for IWD:EE (IWDEE tweaks)

[Mod Release] APR on Spec

Thieving Mod for IWDEE

Stronger Creatures - Simple Difficulty Mod

Jester song enhancement


LavaIt - IWD: an item pack for IWD EE

[Item Mod] More Style for Mages: Ranged Wizard's Staffs, Circlets, Robe Visual Tweaks, Now in IWD:EE

Add Morningstar of Action +4 to random treasure list

Spells and Magic

Golem Construction for Spellcasters

[Mod] Spontaneous Casting For Clerics and Druids (now works with IWD:EE)

Wild Mage Additions


Turald NPC Mod

[mod] Dusky NPC for IWD EE

Afaaq, the Djinni Companion


[MOD] Minor NPC Portraits for IWDEE

IWD:EE Portrait Variations


Awesome Soundsets

Alveus Custom Soundset mod


Convenience Script - Instant store access, Easy prebuffing, Bard song, Find traps

Under development

Soulmarine's IWD:EE FrostWood GUI

[MOD] Starlight - new weapons and spells for IWD:EE [WIP]
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