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"Maybe this time" [NO-RELOAD THREAD]: "The Tale of TEN THOUSAND Trials"



  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    edited July 10
    @Flashburn I like your idea for a party. I have decided to have a "I hate undead party" for my next run. Doing this will of course mean that the party is not as balanced as it could be. I think that you might discover that in your run through, but it will make it better from a Role Playing perspective.

    Jiwan's party meanwhile defeated Mulahey with some difficulty. That was my own fault. I cast a spell that causes a cloud of cold and then summoned weasels. The weasels were hurt by the cloud and turned on me. Meanwhile Mulahey held both Alora and Thorin. It therefore turned into a long battle which only ended when the weasel spell expired. By that time Thorin was badly hurt. However 8 hours of sleep sorted thaat out. :)

    We went to pick up Xan and discovered that he had become a bard. That was a mistake in the installation. It looks like another installation is needed. I will however persist with the current game. I am using party members that are usually ignored by me. It will make a change to use them for a while, and if I do want another mage, Indira and Dynaheir are available.

    I bumped into Skeezer Lumpkin. I asked him to join the party and discovered that he is nowhere near the character that I remember. He is completely nerfed and I am not sure whether or not to keep him.

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,455
    edited July 9
    @Flashburn I like your idea for a party. I have decided to have a "I hate undead party" for my next run. Doing this will of course mean that the party is not as balanced as it could be. I think that you might discover that in your run through, but it will make it better from a Role Playing perspective.

    If this I Hate Undead party is using my mod, be aware that an IWD campaign will be a breeze (except for a dungeon or two) and a BGEE campaign won't let most of the kits shine their abilities.

    BG2EE is more balanced.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    @Raduziel I could see that ahead of time. However, I do have DSoSC installed and those kits should shine there, perhaps in Bonehill to some extent also.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    Flashburn wrote: »
    We Hate Magic

    BG1 complete!

    Hoppy - Magekiller 11
    Torque II - Rebalanced Wizard Slayer 9
    Joe - Inquisitor 9


  • ussnorwayussnorway Member Posts: 258
    edited July 12
    please put autoplay videos inside spoiler tags

  • StromaelStromael Member Posts: 109
    @Grond0 + others, how long do your multiplayer sessions go on for? It seems in the last one you completed a significant chunk of the first game in just one go; I start to feel pretty slow when I consider it takes me one of my one-hour sessions just to complete 1-2 minor goals or battles. :tongue:

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,713
    Started a new run with a Sword Dancer, War Hulk, and an Artisan's Kitpack Kensai. They are tearing the games in half so far and working out much better than the We Hate Magic group. I am surprised by just how quickly they can kill things because I think this is the fastest I've ever gotten to BG2 before, and the Sword Dancer just killed Kangaxx like it was nothing.

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,713
    Here's a run I've been wanting to do for a little while. 3 dwarves think they have the best solution to melee combat.

    Melee Combat Specialists
    Slashy Mc'Blenderson the Sword Dancer: Hit the enemy lots of times really fast and stack the hitstun using lingering damage ticks! Abuse on-hit effects!
    Drugar the Artisan's Kitpack Kensai: Constant critical hits! If they're immune to crits, use Kai and never miss for increased damage!

    Since our reputation doesn't matter, we kill Algernon for his cloak and charm Silke and weaken her using Landrin's spiders. All of them are killed by us, getting us quite close to a level.
    Tenya's bowl is returned for our first easy level. The ankheg behind her house is also killed.

    From selling the Ring of Wizardry, we have enough money to buy Krieg the Quarterstaff +3 from Ulgoth's Beard and we also kill Dushai for her ring. Now to outfit Drugar with magic scimitars. I leave the game running for 10 minutes or so while I make dinner.
    The nearby half-ogres provide level 3. Drugar learns Defensive Fighting.
    DEFENSIVE FIGHTING: The Kensai sets their base AC to a value equal of 6 - (level/2, rounded up). This ability lasts indefinitely until deactivated. However, while Defensive Fighting is active, the Kensai loses his Ki Critical modifier, becomes unable to critically strike at all, and is unable to use Ki Strike or Ki Focus.

    Kelddath's sirenes are lured away from the temple and killed with Algernon's Cloak. The wolf pack to the east is also slaughtered which gains everyone level 4. Slashy gains +1 lingering damage tick over time.

    Tarnesh is next, who is blocking us from buying Buckley's Buckler. Slashy rushes him down while Drugar guides Tarnesh's Sleep spell away from the party. He saves against it and returns to the brawl. Tarnesh's next Sleep spell strikes true on all three dwarves, but not before he dies first.
    Krieg wakes up early because of his Unstoppable ability, which lets him shake off certain disablers after a round upon a failed save vs. death at -15. The ability is supposed to let him shake it off on a *successful* save at -15, but its bugged so it occurs the other way around. This means when he is high level, decked out in save-reducing gear, and/or highly enraged, this ability will not occur.

    Basilisk Country. Korax goes around and paralyzes all the basilisks so Slashy can help finish them off. Against Mutamin and his pets, Slashy gets put to sleep so Korax paralyzes the mage and then his pets. This lets Krieg and Drugar come in and clean up. Drugar gains Ki Strike from leveling up to 5.
    KI STRIKE: May be used at-will. The Kensai's Ki Critical range modifier is doubled for their next successful attack within one round and deals maximum damage. The successful strike causes a cumulative fatigue penalty to the Kensai which decreases as the Kensai levels up. Ki Strike will fail if the Kensai is too fatigued.
    Kirian's group is quickly eliminated. Drugar and Slashy cut through her Mirror Images and take her down. The priest is interrupted with a flurry of attacks, leaving the warriors sitting ducks.

    We visit Durlag's Tower since we're in the neighborhood. Kirinhale is tricked into thinking we'll give her a new plaything, but is slashed to pieces instead for 11k XP, thanks to aTweaks. Everyone levels up from the nearby ghasts.
    We go into the first floor of the dungeon since there are tons of delicious consumables there that will aid us in our journey. Krieg tanks the traps. We run into a skeleton warrior who has wandered away from his room, who crits Drugar for almost half his max health.
    We kill the skeleton and take Drugar back to be raised. Now he's going to be behind on XP. I think we can take on all three of the Greater Doppelgangers hanging out in the library. It was a risky venture as they kept hitting Krieg, lowering his AC and making him liable to go berserk, but we still won in the end.

    We sell the stuff we scavenged from the dungeon and get some new gear: the Deep Red ioun stone for Drugar to negate crits; the Girdle of Bravery by crafting all three AC belts into one from Thalantyr, and the Chelsey Crusher halberd from Ingot. I think we can overwhelm Shoal before she does anything too drastic with her Nereid powers, but she charms Drugar and drowns him. Dammit.
    We get her to surrender and then kill Droth with just Slashy and Krieg, then raise Drugar and return to finish the job.

    Bassilus is the next major target. I know we can interrupt his casting of Aerial Servant if Drugar and Slashy somehow fail by using Krieg's huge damage to kill him outright.

    Thalentyr crafts the Sword of Rage +3 for us so we can go sirene hunting, which gets Slashy and Krieg level 7. Drugar follows shortly after. I use EEKeeper to give them all their extra half attack since leveling to 7 on all of them did nothing.

    From the Nashkel Carnival, we buy the Shield Amulet and an Amulet of Protection +1, which are both needed to create the Improved Shield Amulet. Now Drugar has pretty decent AC. We also buy the One Gift Lost while we're there.

    Time for the Nashkel Mines. It's probably the fastest I've ever gotten through the mines. Mulahey is killed by a vicious crit from Krieg. His kobold and skeleton lackeys are all fried with a Potion of Explosions.

    Nimbul's Mirror Images and Stoneskin are taken out in less than a round, which makes it the easiest Nimbul kill I've ever had. Bandit camp. Not much to say but I bought the Horn of Kazgaroth for Drugar to give him extra defense. I hardly ever use it.
    The entire camp is put to the torch. Taurgosz goes first, then we fake a retreat to get all the bandits to follow us, then scorch them all by taking turns using the One Gift Lost. They put up a good fight, though.

    Cloakwood Mines. Slashy uses the two Arrows of Detonation found in level 1 of Durlag's Tower against Drasus' group before they can react. This softens them up. Drugar will use the Boots of Speed.
    Slashy cuts through Kysus' Stoneskins and Mirror Images, causing the mage to attempt to cast another Stoneskin in response, but Krieg puts an end to him with a quick halberd thrust. Slashy uses a Potion of Magic Blocking to negate a Chaos from Rezdan. For the following round, Rezdan is cut to pieces, helpless to do anything but wait for his aura to recover.

    We use three invisibility potions to avoid fighting in the mines. When we reach Dave's room, we wait several minutes for all of his reinforcements to arrive. They all gather in a big group around Dave. Once they're finished filing in, we kill all 4 Battle Horrors and Dave's guard, then incinerate all the bandits by taking turns with the One Gift Lost again.
    Dave is evicerated by Slashy and Drugar. He tries to go invisible but is interrupted, spelling his doom. That was... really easy.

    Slashy Mc'Blenderson - Sword Dancer 7
    Drugar - Kensai 7
    Krieg III - War Hulk 7

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,129
    @Flashburn Have you tried ordering the Sword Dancer to attack your War Hulk and trigger rage bonuses?

  • FlashburnFlashburn Member Posts: 1,713
    edited July 16
    Enemies trigger rage bonuses on the War Hulk well enough if there is a great number of them or if they're particularly strong, so the Sword Dancer doesn't really need to do that. But I bet that could actually be useful in certain situations.

    The Kensai has an HLA that causes crits to reduce a creature's physical damage resistance by 5% for 4 rounds, so if I can get him to score a crit or two, I can have the Sword Dancer make the War Hulk lose control and stack the rage bonuses for inconceivable amounts of damage. This should work on creatures that have very high or 100% physical resistance but no MINHP1 item. The Chromatic Demon is the first thing that comes to mind Oops, scratch that, Chromatic Demon is immune to crits.

    I will still have to try this on something.

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