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Faiths and Powers: Gods of the Realms (Kitpack and divine caster/spell tweaks)



  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 10,711
    edited April 18
    Ingame the cleric/mage of Shar has no shadow spells in the spell book at all.
    It doesn't seem caused by SR because right after I made a cleric/thief of mask (major access shadow) and every single spell was there.

    I thought I figured this out - there is a problem with FnP's use of the newest QD_Multi function, thanks to a recent addition that I made to the function... but if that was the case, then it would be affecting all multiclass clerics, and the C/T of Mask would be having problems too.

    So... I'll keep investigating. (There still is a problem with QD_Multi, which I need to code around, so it's good it was brought to my attention anyway.)

    EDIT - man, this is really weird. The CM of Shar kit is getting the wrong spells. This is a combination of not addressing the new 206 effect in QD_Multi, and our decision to allow unkitted clerics to get sphere access. (We need to just give them access by different means, because right now they are giving the trueclass spheres to every multiclass cleric. Easy enough.)

    But I don't see the C/T of Mask getting any spells - the relevant effects in QD_MCP01.spl are not there. And yet, in my game, the C/T of Mask does get spells, and seems to get the right spells (including focus access to the sphere of Shadow). That... shouldn't be possible. The kit should be bugged, and somehow it is not. :hushed:

    I'm a bit flabbergasted. Let me fix the QD_Multi issue and the CLABPR01 issue, and then see where we are.

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  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,280
    Let me fix the QD_Multi issue.

    Tag me in the new release, please.

  • subtledoctorsubtledoctor Member Posts: 10,711
    edited April 18
    Raduziel wrote: »
    Let me fix the QD_Multi issue.

    Tag me in the new release, please.

    No, QD_Multi will stay the same, I just need to alter something in the FnP sphere system.

    (QD_Multi 0.6 added end-of-spell 206 effects to prevent characters getting the .EFFs applied more than once; FnP adds the sphere assignment effects after that 206 effect, which can render them non-functional. So now FnP just needs to delete the existing 206 effect and add a new one at the end of the effects list.)

    This fix is up now, btw, in version 0.77sd5. I tested and the C/M of Shar kit does indeed get the proper spells, and multiclass kits no longer get the Trueclass spells in addition to their own.

  • ThePoeyThePoey Member Posts: 3
    Really loving this mod, it's breathing new life into my BG and BG 2 playthroughs.

    Quick question for anyone else who may have experienced this problem; doing a playthrough as a Stalker, but on both BG and BG2, casting Blindness as said character causes the game to crash. Anyone encounter this or have an idea for a fix?

    Really excellent work though, subtledoctor, and thank you for all of your hard work!

  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 909
    Is Chaotic Commands not appearing at level 5 a known issue? I & several others have noticed this.

  • Alpha115Alpha115 Member Posts: 6
    edited 4:14PM
    @subtledoctor Hi I’m having a weird bug were the jungle ranger never gets poison weapon. Is this normal?

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  • Alpha115Alpha115 Member Posts: 6
    @subtledoctor also I noticed that the justifier ranger from Divine remix upon hitting level 8 gets the ability to select spells which is cool but it has 65218 1st level spell slots. Any idea how that could happen?

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