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  • gugulug5000gugulug5000 Member Posts: 236
    edited August 2019
    In Chapter 2 in the Host Tower there is an item called Letter to Aribeth. It reads "Hurry on through once has been opened" referring to the teleporters in the tower. There is a word missing in there and should probably read "Hurry on through once it has been opened," "Hurry on through once a portal has been opened" or "Hurry on through once one has been opened."

  • gugulug5000gugulug5000 Member Posts: 236
    edited August 2019
    Another typo, this time in chapter 3. When speaking with Rolkid in the mercenary enclave in Beorunna's Well he says "We could use a good man/woman like you on the battle front."
    battle front --> battlefront

    Later, Rolkid does it again, saying "Every time we get a new supply line set up to the battle front, those damn bandits cut it off!"
    once again: battle front --> battlefront

    I don't believe using two words for the term is correct, but if someone could show me otherwise, I'd believe them. Battlefront as one word, however, is definitely correct. I think this just slipped through because neither word is technically misspelled.

    And question for @JuliusBorisov, as I'm finding typos, should I just merge all of my posts into one so as to avoid spamming the thread, or is it better to just report them in separate posts as I find them, even if that means I have four posts in a row (like now). Thanks.

    EDIT: Another error in the drinking house in Beorunna's Well, when you examine some of the female sleeping commoners on the upper floor it says "This man is one of the many commoners who have come to Beorunna's Well..."
    This obviously should use woman instead of man for the female commoners up there.

    EDIT 2: In chapter 3, in the Coldwood area there is a ranger named Delvar who greets you at the entrance of the area. He says "I would have reported that directly to Aarin, pronto.."
    There is an extra period after pronto that can be removed.

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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,452
    edited August 2019
    I think reporting it from post to post is ok, but if you want to edit an old comment, that would be fine too. Don't worry about "spamming" the thread, you're doing a great work.

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  • gugulug5000gugulug5000 Member Posts: 236
    edited September 2019
    1) In Chapter 3 of the Wailing Death campaign, in the Settler's Barracks at Fort Ilkard is a gnome named Eckel. He says "If Damas wanted to I bet he could bargain a peace treaty..."
    This should read "If Damas wanted to, I bet he could bargain a peace treaty..." It was missing the comma for the if/ then statement.

    2) Also when speaking to Eckel there is a dialogue option to ask:
    "You wouldn't know anything about some ancient artifacts know as the Words of Power, would you?"
    the second 'know' in this question should be 'known'

    3) In the Commander's Lodge when speaking with Damas he says:
    "Who knows how the minds of those animals works?"
    works --> work

    4) Damas gives you a quest to kill sub-chief Arness and return his head. After you do so, he puts the head on a pike outside the gate and a new object appears in the world (obviously, a head on a spike called Arness' Head). When you examine it, it says:
    "This is the head of the Uthgardt Subchieftain Arness."
    So a couple of things here, Arness is always referred to as 'sub-chief' in every other reference to him (with one exception I've noticed). Lower case, and hyphenated. Therefore, this should probably read:
    "This is the head of the Uthgardt sub-chieftain Arness."
    This one could be nitpicking though. The only other time he's referred to as something else is when you alt-tab or hover over him in the world where he's call Subchief Arness (maybe hyphens can't be used in enemy names). So again, this may be nitpicking, but his titles are a little inconsistent.

    5) In the Creator Ruins, you receive Ultarg Seeds from Sapphira. The description reads: "Though an exceptionally hardy species the Ultarg takes 10,000 years to reach maturity..."
    There is a missing comma after species. It should read " Though an exceptionally hardy species, the Ultarg takes 10,000 years to reach maturity..."

    6) When speaking with the dragon Gorgotha you can offer to kill Klauth for her. She responds with: "You? But you are nothing but a elven creature!"
    This is obviously a case where the character's race is mentioned in dialogue, but for elves at least, Gorgotha should say 'an elven creature.'

    7) In the Fire Giant's Lair in Chapter 3 is a half-orc named Wogar. When asked about the dragon egg experiments he says: "Those damn shapeshifters have been using magic to grow an egg into a full grown dragon in the space in a few months instead of the centuries..."
    in the space in a few months --> in the space of a few months

    8) One of the prisoners in the northern area of the Fire Giant lair says: "Praise the Gods!" when you free her. Gods should probably be lower cased in this situation, as it is not referring to a specific god or title.

    9) During Tomi's chapter 3 tale, and after giving him the Ashes of Running Wolf he says "I'll send these ashes off to Halsahr as soon as I get the chance."
    Halsahr --> Halasahr

    10) Grimgnaw's second conversation: "The beauty of death is not easily understood, but if you are willing I will tell you of some of the rituals..."
    Possibly missing a comma after willing

    11) Also in Grimgnaw's second talk: "We must murder three people - a rich old man, a poor young woman and a new born child."
    new born --> newborn
    This appears again in the next step of the conversation, where Grimgnaw is explaining why those are their three targets.

    12) Toward the end of Grimgnaw's second talk, a possible response to him is "Seems like your Order likes to kill off it's members."
    it's --> its

    13) After giving Grimgnaw the dagger in his final conversation he says "I fell a faint aura emanating from the blade."
    fell --> feel

    14) Boddyknock's second talk in chapter 3 "...when lit smokepowder will explode with a blast of surprising force."
    missing comma after lit

    15) Later in the same conversation as #14 Boddyknock says: "...all who leave Lantan must first visit the clerics of Gond Woderbringer..."
    Woderbringer --> Wonderbringer

    16) In Boddyknock's final conversation: " journey is also a holy pilgrammage in the service of Gond Wonderbringer."
    pilgrammage --> pilgrimage
    This is also misspelled in one of the responses to this stage where the PC can say "I don't have time to help you with any holy pilgrammage!"

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  • gugulug5000gugulug5000 Member Posts: 236
    edited September 2019
    Another day, another batch of typos. Daelan seemed to have a lot of missing commas in his conversation, but I'm kind of rushed today so I probably missed some.

    1) Boddyknock final conversation: "Whenever one of my people embarks on a sojourn to the mainland the clerics of Gond pray..."
    Missing comma, should be: "Whenever one of my people embarks on a sojourn to the mainland, the clerics of Gond pray..."

    2) After asking for a dragon scale, Boddyknock says: "I would be a fool to leave you now even if I thought I could find a dragon scale on my own."
    Another missing comma, should say: "I would be a fool to leave you now, even if I thought I could find a dragon scale on my own."

    3) After giving Boddyknock the dragon scale: "You have aided and guided me throughout my sojourn in the service of the Gond's church."
    the Gond's church --> Gond's church

    4) Daelan's first talk in chapter 3. He says: "And then lord Nasher sent her to Port Llast with Aarin Gend."
    lord --> Lord

    5) Daelan's second talk: "...the warriors told him to stay with the woman and infants."
    woman --> women

    6) Achievement description, Ride or Die Henchmen: "You secured six livelong henchmen for the low-low price of three priceless presents."
    I believe livelong should be lifelong, unless I'm just misunderstanding a reference or something.

    7) Master Ford in Chapter 4 says "When awake it consumes my thoughts and at night it haunts my dreams."
    Missing comma, should be: "When awake, it consumes my thoughts and at night it haunts my dreams."

    8) Master Ford again, when asked about the location of the Words of Power: "...they might be the key to unlocking it's secrets..."
    it's --> its

    9) When you fight Aribeth in Chapter 4 and examine her, it gives a descriptions saying things about how the evil shadow has been lifted from her, even though she's most definitely evil. Her whole description is wrong until after you beat her in battle.

    10) After fighting and sparing Aribeth, if you visit her in the cell she'll say the line: "Should Neverwinter survive, he may chose another sentence for me."
    chose --> choose

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  • IsrafelIsrafel Member Posts: 9
    On the Xbox version of BGEE I and II, the game title reads “Baldurs’s Gate.” This drives me insane every time I play, probably more than it should. If not here, please tell me who to contact to get it fixed.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,452
    Can you please provide a screenshot, @Israfel ?

  • IsrafelIsrafel Member Posts: 9
    It's not in-game, so I can't do a screenshot on the Xbox, but here's a photograph:


    Pardon my dog's ears, as he tries to figure out what I'm doing.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,452
  • NugrudNugrud Member Posts: 2
    In Durlag's Tower the Journal entry after talking top-right Warden seems broken - "this is what he had to say:" - there is nothing after the : sign.

  • IsrafelIsrafel Member Posts: 9
    @JuliusBorisov Is this one of those things where I need to uninstall and reinstall or something? It's now showing up in other situations correctly, but still wrong on the home screen. I've definitely cleared the cache in the time since last posting here.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,452
    We haven't managed to repro the case or find what is causing it. It is showing everything correctly on our side.

  • Ian579Ian579 Member Posts: 33

    Apparition says:
    You have passed though all that was set before you.

    I believe the "though" should be "through" instead.

  • Ian579Ian579 Member Posts: 33
    edited May 24

    Sladres says:
    Perhaps I am paranoid, [Character Name]. ...

    But I didn't choose the option which reveals my name, so Sladres should not have known my name.

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  • Ian579Ian579 Member Posts: 33
    edited May 24
    The following issues are for Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition.

    Dhall says:
    one of the guides by the front gate has a key to it

    Shouldn't "guides" be "guards" instead?

    Gamlin says:
    The Lady curse you!

    "curse" should be "curses" instead.

    A face on the wall (in Weeping Stone Catacombs) says:

    "APERATURES" doesn't seem to be a word.

    Sensory Stone says:
    The words he... you.. are about speak are true,

    I think there should be a "to" after "about".

    A conversation with Fall-from-Grace has duplicate reply options:
    "How long has it been going on?"
    "How long has it been going on?"

    Kesai-Serris says:
    Those few who somehow escaped she tormented in their dreams, riding them like steeds, breaking their wills and hurling their souls into the colorless oblivion of the Gray Waste...

    A phrase seems to be missing at the beginning. Maybe it's "As for".

    Ravel says:
    Their tiny heads filled with ideas of how the planes *should* be, yet can *never* be or the planes they would be no longer.

    The "they" should be removed.

    Aegis of Torment says:
    gems that serves as its eyes.

    "serves" should be "serve" instead.

    Coaxmetal says:

    I believe there is a grammatical error here.

    After asking Tainted Barse "What are you selling here?", he made a unrelated reply about kidnapping and deva.

    When I talked to Tovus Giljaf for the first time, he said something about the my seeking of the deva, and that is illogical because I have never met him before.

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