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[MOD] Lefreut's enhanced UI (for BG1EE, SoD, BG2EE and EET)

lefreutlefreut Member Posts: 1,462
edited April 2019 in UI Modding

This mod contains the full (and resources) and should be used only if you don't have any other UI modifications. Otherwise, I publish most of the individual tweaks in this forum and you can install them with the mod EEUITweaks.


Download the archive here.
This mod is compatible with BG1EE, Sod, BG2EE and EET (v2.5).


Improved start screen

Background image by @Pecca.

Improved character creation screens

Modify the character creation screens to something closer to the v1.3 look.

Improved main screen

Lot of tiny changes: alignment of buttons, removal of button I don't use, ...

Dialog box tweaks

From here.

Improved inventory screen

From here.

Improved record screen

Mix between the mockup from this discussion and the 1.3 look.

Item description tweaks

Using this scrollbar.

You can directly identify item from this screen, you no longer have to open a popup.

Store screens tweaks

From here and with this.

Customize screens tweaks

From this post and with this.

Loot screen tweaks

Use scrollbar instead of buttons.

World map tweaks

Left click on the map icon to open the area map.

Right click on the map icon to open the world map.

Load / Save screens

Restore the load and save screens to the v1.3 look.

Options screens

Restore and improve the options screens.

Journal screens

Restore and fix the journal screens.

Mage/Priest spells screen

Redisigned priest spells screen (inspired by the mockup by @Pecca in the UI Improvement Suggestions Thread). The bam used are from BG2 vanilla.

Restored confirmation prompt before un-memorizing a spell.

Spell description is opened by right-clicking the spell and showed on the other side of the book.

Contingency screen.

Level-up indicator

From here.

Other tweaks

Tooltip image from here.
Back button on levelup from here.
Tweak popup with modified image from v1.3:

Fix journal popup when the text is too long:

Pick party screen:

There are probably other tiny changes that I forgot.

EET compatibility

The is compatible with EET.

v3.9: Update dialog code. Add character name in some screens. Abilities -> Ability Bonuses. Tweak inventory text box.
v3.8: Remove compatibility with 2.3. Change tooltip 'World Map' to 'Area Map'. Take 'More Confirmation Prompts' into account when removing memorized spells. Tweak text scroll speed in chapter and dream. New dialog code by Adul. Spells screen. Buttons in character creation.
v3.7: Fix using back button in level up screen doubling proficiencies or thief points. Minor tweaks.
v3.6: Compatibility fix with SoD 2.5. Add new option Left click on portrait to level up.
v3.5.1: Fix message box scrolling.
v3.5: More robust detection of update 2.5. More robust detection of EET. Fix show highlight button tooltip. Fix quicksave button in 2.5. Fix combat log in 2.5. Fix using back button in level up screen doubling proficiencies or thief points.
v3.4: Detect game version to install 2.3 or 2.5 Add install option to collapse quests by default.
v3.3.1: Highlight character name input area.
v3.3: Compatibility with 2.5. Update dialog box code. Fix some wrong strref. Add missing sound on some buttons. Add Select All button in Store and Container screens. Add install option to Show Sidebar toggle button, Quicksave button, Highlight button and small buttons.
v3.2: Fix regression introduced in v3.1. Detect Unhide Chargen Options.
v3.1: Add missing weapon style bonus to the Record screen. Show a message when overriding a keyboard shortcut that is already used. Add tooltips in mage and priest spells book. Fix 'Pick to me' with Shaman.
v3.0: Improved adorned letters. Combat log remains scrollable after death. Prepare for patch 2.5.
v2.9: Re-add Tutorial button for BGEE. Fix for empty item description. Add missing files.
v2.8: Restore adorned first letter for chapter, dream and epilogue. Re-add worldmap button.
v2.7: Restore adorned first letter in item and spell description. Update item description layout.
v2.6: Minor tweaks.
v2.5: Add missing ToB chapter screens. Fix save screenshot aspect ratio.
v2.4: Restore quickloot tooltip. Left/right keys in character creation to choose portrait. Return speed to held add/subtract buttons in character creation and levelup. Revert the inventory slot highlight to the EE look.
v2.3: Minor tweaks to start screens. Fix quit dialog texture size. Detect Random Character Generation mod.
v2.2: Restore 'Pick for me' button in mage spell selection.
v2.1: Add keyboard shortcut in character creation (Shift: Change Gender. R: Reroll S: Store C: Recall). Restore sound in the mage book/priest scroll when changing spell levels. New install option (Single Click to Map Travel).
v2.0: Revert journal fixes. Add scrollbar to spell screens. Add install options (choose font, disable item comparison, reverse button position).
v1.9: Journal fixes thanks to @HaHaCharade.
v1.8: Fix small portrait aspect ratio. Re-add stats cheat.
v1.7: Journal and journal popup fixes. Add missing sound on some button in character creation. Properly hide the background image when closing dream sequences.
v1.6: Fix Ctrl+Key shortcut. Fix right-click on portrait when journal is open. Fix click on journal popup not always selecting the correct category. Minor character creation tweaks.
v1.5: EET bug fix.
v1.4: Reencode pvrz to fix glitches with scaling on. Fix tooltip with scaling on. Fix unlearning spells. Reduce min height for dialog box. Spell trigger fixes. Add keyboard scrolling to portrait picker.
v1.3: Quickloot fix.
v1.2: Do not show item comparison if nothing changes. Fix gender filtering in portrait picker. Fix crash in portrait picker. Reduce dialog min size.
v1.1: Fix text position in graphic options. Play movie button should be clickable only when something is selected. Customize appearance should always select current portrait. Closing journal should un-pause. Journal should not have empty section. Revert button position in Worldmap. Tweak some elements positions.
v1: Mage spells screen tweaks. Weidu mod.
v0.9: Journal popups can be scrolled. Priest spells screen tweaks. BG2 vanilla priest spells bam. Convert PNG to PVRZ. Compatibility with BG1EE and BG1EE+SoD.
v0.8: Import screen. Better fix to hardcoded keyboard shortcuts. Fix dialog box to not prevent clicking at bottom map border to move to another area.
v0.7: Character creation screens (+ portrait picker). Do not hardcode the keyboard shortcuts. Fix wrong chapter screen.
v0.6.1: Fix scrolling.
v0.6: Fix quickloot position. Make the movie screen modal. Restored Journal screen.
v0.5: Fix glitch reported by @Elfenix. Revert Done/Cancel buttons order. Restore some popup images. Tweak options screens.
v0.4: Tweak several minor screens (map note, item abilities, journal popup, import, pick party, ...)
v0.3: Restored Load/Save screens. EET compatibility. Update dialog box tweak. Tweak popup. Fix some wrong tooltip.
v0.2: Fix bug reported by @switchza (message box incorrectly resetting to the top). Improved record screen. Minor tweaks to the start screen.
v0.1: Initial release.

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