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Daily Life of Casters

KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,614
Spellcasters are (sometimes) people, too. It's only natural to think that they would utilize their spells in daily life as well in order to laze have more comfort in their home sweet home. So I thought it would be interesting to make a little forum game out of this idea.

The rules are simple: The previous poster names a random spell and the next poster needs to think of a *new* use for it. Remember it has to be a use for daily life. Already mentioned spells can of course be re-used by other posters, given that there are countless of ways to utilize them differently. Let your imaginations run wild! :)

Baldur's Gate: Spell: 1st level Necromancy Wizard spell Chill Touch

Next Post:
An excellent choice for re-cooling your ale in hand while watching the latest scrying orb news on your couch!
Baldur's Gate: 2nd level Illusion Wizard spell Deafness

Next Post:
A crucial day to day spell to block out the noisy neighbours.
Final Fantasy: White Magic spell Mini

Rinse and repeat. You are not bound to take D&D spells and can choose from any other fantasy franchise that strikes your fancy. Thought in case the next poster doesn't know the spell it's better to clarivy its origin like in the provided example.

Here's an easy one as a starter,
Planescape Torment: 2nd level Mage spell Ice Knife



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