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Favorite joinable Forum Member in the BG series?



  • ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
    edited November 2012

    I love it, thank you ;)
    And part of it reminds me very strongly of how I play Dragon Age 2

    He can often be found in the Government Building engaging in lively debate with the Cowled Wizards, about the absurd cost of magical licenses, and about unfair conditions for mages in Athkatla. He hates seeing anybody treated unfairly, and likes to stand up for the underdogs of the city. He also hates people who are pretentious or arrogant, and he uses his considerable intellect and skills to oppose them everywhere he finds them.

    Your Anomen, is my Anders ;)

    (What the heck? I was about to write "Your @Tanthalas, is my Anders")

  • recklessheartrecklessheart Member Posts: 691
    I'll admit I haven't read all of the posts so far, but has there been any shout out for Permidion_Stark yet? I think I'd like to put Perimidion_Stark in my party ^^

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,399
    @Shandyr, you're welcome. I'm glad you liked it. I also love my "cat-man" write up. Hmm, I wonder if Ano likes cats? Maybe I'll "go cat" and try rubbing up against his legs. It should be interesting to watch his response.

    BTW - if anybody has never rolled a chaotic neutral mage or bard and summoned the cat, and then read its conversation lines, you should. They're absolutely hilarious! Whoever wrote those dialogues has got to have been a cat-owner. :)

  • CheesebellyCheesebelly Member Posts: 1,727
    My choice is pretty darn obvious XD


    Mage/Thief, Chaotic Good

    Strength 11
    Dexterity 18
    Constitution 12
    Intelligence 18
    Wisdom 10
    Charisma TWO BILLION... err, I mean 18

    Using Bows and Shorts sword. Her favorite hobby is definitely going for the loot. The rest of you guys do the killing. I swear her inventory size is twice the normal one!

    I'll think of some other people too, but I don't want to offend anyone tho!
    (special thanks @LadyEibhilinRhett for mentioning me though, I feel honoured! :D )

  • ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263

    I must admit I held back some more ideas for you and Anomen...

    It all starts with Anomen feeling being watched all the time through his window.
    And when he leaves his home he always feels those lingering eyes on him.
    One day he looks out of his window at the bushes of the garden.
    He can't help but feeling watched by them. Then he sees a tail pointing out from under the bushes.

    He sneaks up to the bushes, grabs the tail and pulls strongly, revealing catman Belgar, who reacts in shock, scratches Anomen, frees himself and runs off.

    This goes on for a few while. Anomen and Belgar developing some sort of rival-teasing-friendship.

    While Anomen does act condescending and arrogant at first, this behaviour becomes less and less.
    And finally Anomen starts to put out a small bowl of milk every morning...

    This is just a rough blueprint. Just fill it accordingly in your imagination ;)

  • LadyEibhilinRhettLadyEibhilinRhett Member Posts: 1,078
    haha these are all great. i kind of want to know what I am now. I get excited every time it says I'm mentioned in the thread, but it's never a description ^_^;

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Haha, now I'm gonna preceed every reply I write in this thread with the term "@LadyEibhilinRhett" but never describe you :p

  • LadyEibhilinRhettLadyEibhilinRhett Member Posts: 1,078
    /dramatic pose

  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    Trond the meme guru needs to be added.

  • MilochMiloch Member Posts: 863
    Anduin said:

    Level 40 thief Blue half-orc
    Has an OCD to make things work as they should work and modding things appropiatly. Most people are grateful but then always wonder why he is blue.

    Heh, that's barbarian/thief multiclass. Not a valid multi combo due to a glitch in the game engine, but I have just invented a kit to fix it...

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,832
    Miloch said:

    Anduin said:

    Level 40 thief Blue half-orc
    Has an OCD to make things work as they should work and modding things appropiatly. Most people are grateful but then always wonder why he is blue.

    Heh, that's barbarian/thief multiclass. Not a valid multi combo due to a glitch in the game engine, but I have just invented a kit to fix it...
    I'm laughing at the irony of this post ... he just proved the "OCD" comment to the fullest.

  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 9,480

    Anduin said:


    Level 3 fighter /Illusionist Gnome
    Makes the odd moronic quip whilst adventuring, revolving around fond memories of the adventure that you are all about to go on... Odd.


    I'm sellin my copies of "Recent History that Has Not Yet Happened in the North". Get em while they're hot!
    "HaHaCharade is the new Alaundo and his prophecies shall guide the Realms. So sayeth the wise Alaundo." -

    Excerpt from the lost volume from the Prophecies of Alaundo recently recovered by adventurers and brought to Candlekeep.

  • Kitteh_On_A_CloudKitteh_On_A_Cloud Member Posts: 1,629
    @Cheesebelly: What can I say...I love me some loot. Diamonds are a girl's best friends afterall, no? ;) Also, I'd make you do all the dirty work while enjoying messing around with magic. XD *hugs*

  • elminsterelminster Member, Developer Posts: 15,952
  • ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
    edited November 2012
    Okay instead of presenting new forum members as NPC I decided to flesh out the background story of my
    werecat @belgarathmth. Especially his relationship with Anomen... Hope you like it ;)

    Chapter 1

    Just one more time. One more time.
    And then he would stop. He would leave and never
    return again.

    Return to who anyway? This man was so condescending
    and arrogant, why would anyone want to return to
    somebody like that?

    Belgar looked around. It was a warm night on Flamerule.
    It was pretty late and the sun had already set down.
    He stood at the fence of the garden of Delryn Mansion.

    Nobody was to be seen. With grace and catlike dexterity
    Belgar jumped over the fence. Being a werecat had advantages for sure.

    Over there it was. The window. The room was lighted.
    He sneaked up to the window. Looked around once more
    to be sure to be alone outside. And then he risked a peek.

    There! Belgar's heart began to beat faster.

    Anomen Delryn stood in the room making himself ready to go to bed.
    He started to undress. Belgar gulped.
    Soon Anomen only wore his underwear, and then he moved
    to put off his undershirt as well, revealing his bare, strong,
    muscled chest.

    Belgar pressed against the window.
    "MEOW!" No! Nononono! The cats! Why?
    Belgar had pressed himself too strongly against the window,
    squeezing his cat companions inside of his bag against the wall below.

    Anomen turned to the window. Their eyes met. The world froze.

    Anomens face turned from suprise to anger.
    "You! Again!" He rushed to take a broom nearby and
    went for the window.

    Oh no. The broom again.
    Better be off quickly. Belgar took one last glance at
    Anomen and ran away.

    He had to return tomorrow.
    He wanted to see that man just once more.
    Just one more time.

    Inbetween the Chapters

    This game between those two went on for several months.
    The two of them developing a kind of rival-friendship.
    Belgar trying to outsmart Anomen by finding new ways of watching
    Anomen without Anomen noticing (Though at some point Belgar found
    himself wanting to be noticed by Anomen).
    At the same time Anomen developing new tactics to catch the catman.

    Chapter 2

    A cold night in Marpenoth.
    Anomen lay on his bed
    lost in thoughts of daydreams.

    Yes one day to slay a dragon.
    Show those arrogant bastards of the Radiant Heart
    what real heroism means.

    People would honor him.
    Maybe build a monument and put it right there
    in the Government district in front of the
    Government building.

    And the Ladies would swoon at his sight.
    So too would the catman...

    Shoot! The catman!
    Anomen jumped off his bed. He put on a robe and checked the front door.
    He opened it and there he was...

    A shivering Belgar sat outside of the door, cold and uncomfortable.
    He looked at Anomen unsure of what to expect.

    When the seasons had turned cold at some point Anomen
    had started to put out a small bowl of milk everyday and a blanket.
    At first Belgar had been very suspicious, especially of the milk.
    He had tested it on some rats. But after the milk had turned out
    to be no poison he eventually drank it.

    Anomen looked around. He had forgotten to put out the milk and the blanket today.

    "Oh no. I am sorry, I just forgot."
    He paused. "Oh what the hell... You are just a catman, I'm not responsible
    for you". His own words hurt him more than he would have expected.
    Belgar kept silent, he just stared into Anomen's eyes and then turned to leave
    a sad expression on his face.

    Chapter 3

    Anomen grumbled. "Hey wait. I.. I didn't mean it.
    Look, why don't you come inside? The nights will be too cold for a
    blanket to keep you warm anyway."
    Did he just offer a stranger to come inside his house?
    What was going on with him? On the other hand the thought of the catman
    freezing in the cold out there was quite uncomfortable for Anomen.

    Belgar hesitated. "Can... Can they come too?" He pointed at his bag.
    Four kitty heads popped out. "Meow"
    Anomen rolled his eyes and sighed.
    "Alright just come inside..."

    Anomen led Belgar and his cats to his room.
    Belgar noticed the window. The very window he had peeked through
    for so many months. On the outside. But now he was on the inside.
    Finally he made it! Yes!

    "So... where can I sleep?" Belgar asked, looking at Anomen's bed.
    Anomen catched the drift. "No way! You will sleep on the floor!"

    Belgar looked at the window again. He had made it from outside
    to inside. He looked at Anomen's bed. "Same will go for that" he mumbled.
    "What was that?" "Nothing..."

    ~ END ~

    Post edited by Shandyr on
  • MoomintrollMoomintroll Member Posts: 1,481
  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    A few more... Hopefully I have not upset anyone... so far...


    lvl 3 F / M / T Elf
    Named by an overly pushy father, who wished his son to be the best at everything. Unfortunately, he became a jack of all trades and a master of none... Much to his fathers disappointment. To make matters worse, his sister Bard (Dad was really bad at names...) became one of the most famous in all of Faerun, commonly using the woes of her brother to comic effect in her songs. He has since developed the ranger ability of a hated enemy against Bards. All Bards now fear the possiblty of picking up one of Fighter Mage Thief's exploding coins


    Lvl 3 Bard Tiefling
    Apparently from a future where Imoen dated a demon. Has managed to travel back in time to the present to save his own mother from Demonkind. He knows that this in turn will make his future impossible so will cease to exist if he is successful. On awakening each day, he feels sad that he still exists and can be quite sad and morose. His arch enemy is the Wildmage @Ajwz who is spreading a rumour that Imoen is actually a figment of a Bhaalspawns imagination... @Son_of_Imoen factually states that his existance now is proof that Imoen exists... @Ajwz argues however, if he ceases to exist, then Imoen could also cease to exist and become once again a figment of imagination, causing Son_of_Imoen much paradoxical pain.
    Son_of_Imoen and @Ajwz both share the innate ability to make brain matter dribble from your ears.


    lvl 10 Avocado
    The mighty Decado has the power of 10 normal, non-bruised, Avocados! Constantly on guard to save his trees from the Evil Furry Green Kiwis and Mad Pineapple. Fights alongside Coconut and Aubergine...

    Gotta stop... sides hurt... I really can write a lot of crap... lol!

    P.S. @Anduine Stop fighting evil and show your face you overzealous Paladin! Everyone thinks I have made an NPC of myself!

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,832
    Zafiro said:

    @Moomintroll always gives you a "like" for no good reason. He'd be a seal clapping every time you pass him.

    Don't see me complaining! :D

  • PhilhelmPhilhelm Member Posts: 473
    This thread is worse than getting picked last in kickball. :D

  • ajwzajwz Member Posts: 4,122
    Zafiro said:

    @Moomintroll always gives you a "like" for no good reason. He'd be a seal clapping every time you pass him.

    He didn't "like" that comment. You have clearly displeased the Moomintroll. Beware.

    Lvl 1 noob: I don't know anything about him, but he seems like the sort of person I'd pick last in any team-based sporting contest.

    oops, nearly forgot to get @LadyEibhilinRhett hopes up again.

  • ZafiroZafiro Member Posts: 436
    But, is there anything worse than kickball? I actually had to google it; watched a clip on YouTube; the players seem confused..Wikipedia has an explanation - "Kickball is a popular playground sport and is typically played among young, school-age children."

  • QuartzQuartz Member Posts: 3,832
    edited November 2012
    Anduin said:


    Lvl 3 Half-Orc Librarian
    Possibly the most uncouth, uncultured and unread librarian in the realms. Signed up to become a flaming fi(r)st barbarian enforcer but signed on as a librarian as it had less words to read. In Quartz's head the difference between a librarian and barbarian is just a few letters. In fact Quartz is an excellent librarian. Books have been returned on time and even replaced on shelves by the borrowers. The alleged incident of Quartz hunting out and devouring the heart of the last person to fail to return a book on time is still vivid in the minds of many at candle keep. Quartz also has a profound sense of honour and justice. If he feels that you have done wrong, he will throw the book at you... Then another... And another, and possibly the book shelf if your still standing after the first one...
    Quartz has the innate ability to drink beer.

    Rofl, absolutely fascinating. Amusing, plus it touches well on my outspoken-ness and being opinionated. I like it. =P

  • ZafiroZafiro Member Posts: 436
    edited November 2012
    Veiled insults?! Why I never..! Serious now, I keep thinking about a normative way of socialization starting with this said by Marcus Aurelius - "To refrain from imitation is the best revenge". The idea is not just to ignore people, especially when you don't have much choice but to take action; in politics or journalism for instance. I'm saying take action, but only to talk and act in a beautifully manner...aaand, I did it again..going off-topic; apologies.

  • Awong124Awong124 Member Posts: 2,643
    edited November 2012
    Anduin said:


    Lvl 3 Monk
    Awong124 hails from a monastery that believes on making neutral, interesting comments. The monastery has few enemies and many friends due to this. Awong124's true name is never used. He is currently named due to his inability to pronounce the letter r correctly. His catchphrase "He a' wight but he a'wong either" is famous up and down the sword coast. In fact the phrase "It gone a bit awong" denotes some mishap is down to Awong124. However there is something very awong with Awong. He will go berserk when confronted with the number 3. He avoids it at all times.

    My true name is never used because I gave it up when I joined the monastery, and also because it's a very white unoriental sounding name.

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