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EE Keeper, Updated to v1.0.4



  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    Folks, I am unable to get this done with my ipad. I've got my folders established (used ifunbox). Cannot seem to figure the directory out though

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    Got past the directory and text reference hump. Now it simply isn't showing my save game. Help?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Royce1987, are you able to use the custom location option?

  • Royce1987Royce1987 Member Posts: 89
    I got it! I'd found some instructions elsewhere that had me moving files around. I decided to just upload from ifunbox as is and try and access the save. And poof. Success. Thanks!!

  • doloredolore Member Posts: 9
    Hi, I'm trying to add a bastard sword+2 to my character but when I load the game it appears in the inventory but I can use it.Why?How can I solve this problem?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @dolore, what sword are you trying to add? Certain items cannot be used (moved). Also, what character class/race are you using?

  • hexxactlyhexxactly Member Posts: 40
    @AstroBryGuy cheers! no work today (snow) so i'm gonna go try it out. thanks!

  • maximilian87maximilian87 Member Posts: 3
    Hello!, just got EE keeper, what is the difference between base HP and current HP and base AC and effective AC?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @maximilian87, base HP is the maximum (sans bonuses) HP your character has. Current HP is what your character has at the time of saving. If your character is injured, then the current HP will be less than the base.

    Of the two armour classes, Base AC and Effective AC, Effective AC is the one that controls what you see in-game. The two should probably be linked/locked. There is probably something in the BG coding that distinguishes between the two, but as far as I know they should both be the same value when saving your game in Keeper.

  • maximilian87maximilian87 Member Posts: 3
    ok thank you for the answer. i will continue experimenting. i want to modify only slightly so that i won't be too powerful.

  • PuddleglumPuddleglum Member Posts: 1
    What is the correct installation directory for Macs?

    BGEE installs itself into the users Application folder. In EEKeeper, I've tried setting the BG2 location to


    But none have worked. The saved game file is in a BGEE folder in the user Documents folder, but I presume that's a different issue.

    Thanks in advance.

  • VasculioVasculio Member Posts: 431
    Why is that, you never get to edit or change the npc dialog scripted? I'm pretty sure editors are out there but which one works for BGEE or BG2EE content?

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    edited January 2014

    Did you get BG2EE from the Mac App Store or Beamdog? It installs in different locations depending where you bought the game. The Wineskin version of EE Keeper I have posted has the directories pre-set for the Beamdog installer.

    I don't have the Mac App Store version, but I think it installs the BG:EE/BG2:EE app directly into the Applications directory.

    Go into EE Keeper.
    Select "Settings -> Installation Directory" from the application menu bar (not the OS X menu bar).
    Click on "Browse BG:EE" or "Browse BG2:EE", depending on which game you want to set up (if you have both games, do both).
    This should bring up a "Browse for Folder" window. Click the "+" symbols to expand the selection tree to "Desktop -> My Computer -> Z: -> Applications".
    Then, find "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced" (or") and click the "+" symbol to see the folders inside the app package.
    Find the directory "Contents -> Resources" inside the app package. Select the Resources folder and click "OK".
    These screenshots may help.

    For saved games, EE Keeper is looking in the following location: "Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\save"

    The Beamdog installer creates a link to the directory "\Users\USERNAME\Library\Containers\com.beamdog.baldursgateIIenhancededition\Data\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\" in your Documents directory, letting EE Keeper find the save directory. Unfortunately, it looks like the Mac App Store version doesn't do this.

    You can tell EE Keeper to use a custom save directory. There's a selectable option when you bring up the screen to open a save game. See this image:

    Select the Use Custom Save directory option and then click the Browse button. Navigate to:

    Z:\Users\USERNAME\Library\Containers\com.beamdog.baldursgateIIenhancededition\Data\Documents\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\save\

    and then click OK. Don't try to pick a specific save. Just point EE Keeper to the "save" directory.

    EDIT: One more thing. Do you have a saved game other than the Auto-Save or a Quick-Save? EE Keeper by default doesn't show those for editing.

  • CurEuSCurEuS Member Posts: 5
    Troodon80 said:

    @dandy, can you copy and paste the exact paths as you have typed them in the Installation Directory settings?

    @Ferluci, when you say Fighter/Mage, do you want a dual-class or multiclass? (noting that multi-class is the 'legal' version for a Half-Elf.)

    For dual-classing, you can see the image here:


    The option to enable dual classing requires that you then select which of the classes you want as your original class (the wording could be better).

    Since this is a dual class or multi-class, you will also need to set the levels for those:


    That ends up with the following:


    If you want Berserker to be the primary class, then set the Dual Class option as Mage. In the example provided, the reason why the experience for Berserker says '0' is because it is level 1. If set at level 2, if shows at least the minimum required to be at that level.

    At Berserker level 2, this says 2000.


    All XP entered in Keeper applies to the currently active class, so you can see from the picture second from the top where it says experience, you can see that this experience is applied in the image just above this paragraph.

    I've tried this with my human Fighter. She is a lvl 11 fighter and I forgot to dual her to mage at lvl 9. So I taking her total xp earned and using that to adjust her through BGEE Keeper.

    I followed the steps above and when I load the save game she is LVL 10 Mage Lvl 9 fighter with fighter listed as the inactive class. The XP amounts are fine.

    The problem is that she has no spell slots above first level? Should I be levelling her one at a time??? Should I dual class in game first and then adjust her in the Keeper? Or should I just use the console to lower XP, dual her to mage and then add xp to where she needs to be? I'm a bit lost on how to proceed so any help is welcome.

    From a RP perspective I'm okay with this as she is just emerging from the Planar Sphere so all manner of strangeness is to be expected!

    Jaheira: It is GOOD to be back to mother nature and out of the hells, even IF it is in the city!
    My PC: Wooooooo FIREBALLZ EVERYWHERE!! booom!
    Jaheira: What's this? Magic is yours to command now?
    My PC: I'm Bahlspawn, remember? Imoen also commands magic...
    Jaheira: It's unnatural!
    MyPC: Okay Jaheira you need another time-out at the Copper Coronet! Here's 50 gold go get some "special attention" and we'll chat later...
    Jaheira: I TOLD you I will not allow you to threaten the realms....
    MyPC: Mmmmhmmm.... you know as a godling I could use a cleric, ever think of switching? You could be my head priestess!
    Jaheira: Harumph! I would sooner lay with-
    MyPC: Sarevok? looolz trolololo

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,127
    @CurEus you have to set your mage class to level 1 with EEKeeper (or 0 if you want, it's the same) to get all the bonuses, doing it from level 0 will give you another proficiency point to spend with fighter weapons (highly recommended), but don't touch the XP, just set Mage level to 0.

  • CurEuSCurEuS Member Posts: 5
    But then how do I level up to 10?

    I managed to dual class, then I set fighter level to 9 and set my xp at 330000. When I loaded I had a level up sign so I added a proficient to staffs and have all my spell slots.

    Will that be okay? I used a save game not an exported character

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,127
    @CurEus change the Mage level to level 0 so you level up in the game, just give yourself more XP to level up those levels in one shot, for a mage level 10 you'll need to set your XP to 500000.

  • AsthnerAsthner Member Posts: 83
    I’ve been trying to modify a save game on my girlfriend’s laptop but after loading the save in game BG just crashes. Any ideas?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Asthner, what modifications are you trying to do, and do you have any other mods installed?

  • AsthnerAsthner Member Posts: 83
    edited February 2014
    For debugging I’ve tested this on my desktop computer too. I’ve just copy-pasted the original install, so that mod settings are the same, etc.

    The bottom line is: it runs on my machine, but on hers the issue is as described above (crash on loading the save). It’s the same no matter the extent of the modifications: a save with just the XP in one character changed by a single unit crashes all the same.

    Modifications and differences:
    1. I’m Win7 x64, she’s Win8 x32
    2. language used: pl_Pl; some items’ descriptions modified with DLTCEP because of the game-crashing bug present in BGEE in regard to some language-specific characters
    3. WEIDU log (mods installed): attached (but some of the names are in Polish, so in short: HLAs, TeamBG Armor and Weapon Pack, Deidre and Joluv in BGEE, Saradas Magic, Wandcase, BG2Tweaks, SCS, aTweaks)

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Asthner, so the saved game modifications work fine on your own computer but not on the Win8 machine? Can you zip up the original and modified saved games so that I can take a look at them?

  • AsthnerAsthner Member Posts: 83
    I presume you mean saves generated by EEKeeper on that Win8? Sure, as soon as I get my girlfriend to mail them to me. But I get a feeling this won’t help much – one of my ideas was running EEKeeper on my machine and try using the saves generated by it on hers. No luck, the crash is the same.

    I probably won’t have direct access to that laptop until the weekend, unless I get some lucky free time tomorrow. Any ideas what I can test at it? Changing the language to English and re-editing comes to mind, but maybe there’s something more…

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Asthner, it doesn't need to be save games edited on the Windows 8 machine. If the crash is occurring regardless of where the saved game is edited, but occurring on Win8, then it could just be something to do with the modifications being made and how the game reads the save file on Windows 8. I can debug the issue on my end, but I still need a before and after saved game. :-)

  • AsthnerAsthner Member Posts: 83
    edited February 2014
    Ok. I’ve instructed her to do a simple Experience edit on a working save game and to send me both of the saves. I’m attaching them to the post. ;)

    Edit: here are some more testing results. I asked my gf to change the game’s language settings to English. Here’s the breakdown:

    UNEDITED – original save game
    SIMPLEEdit – original save game with experience points changed by a unit or two
    LARGEREdit – original save with changer experience, levels, proficiency points and classes (Khalid into Fighter/Mage)

    1. pl_Pl

    UNEDITED works. SIMPLEEdit freezes immediately after loading it. LARGEREdit freezes immediately after loading it.

    2. en_Pl

    UNEDITED works. SIMPLEEdit freezes immediately after loading it. LARGEREdit crashes during loading.

    3. pl_Pl (again)

    UNEDITED works. SIMPLEEdit works (!!!). LARGEREdit freezes immediately after loading it.

    save.7z 162.3K
    Post edited by Asthner on
  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Asthner, I just loaded up the edited save game on a Windows 8 machine with Polish as both the system locale and the game set to pl_PL. No crash on my end. I'll keep looking.

  • AsthnerAsthner Member Posts: 83
    @Troodon80, I’ll probably go ahead and reinstall the game with its mods on the weekend, just to be sure that there are no inconsistencies there. My gut tells me that things will suddenly fix themselves then. ;p

  • MonoCanallaMonoCanalla Member Posts: 291
    Royce1987 said:

    I got it! I'd found some instructions elsewhere that had me moving files around. I decided to just upload from ifunbox as is and try and access the save. And poof. Success. Thanks!!

    Could you tell us where you found that instructions?

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    Tagging @Royce1987 for a possible answer.

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