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This is how we roll.

I was sitting around, pregenerating characters for future runs through BG and IWD (doesn't everyone?), when I realized I'd fallen out of love with min-maxing. So I fiddled around a bit and I came up with a method that produces the characters I want to play.

That's got me wondering about how others roll up their characters. Do you reroll until you get above a certain number? Do you accept the first one out of the gate? Do you set limits on min-maxing?

How do you roll up a character, and why do you do it that way?

Here's what I came up with:

I want characters like I used to play in PnP. Exceptional people, but not over the top.

1. Choose gender, race and class. Note the racial attribute adjustments for the ones I don't already have memorized.
2. Roll until I get a total 80 or over. This is the baseline.
3. Store it and note the individual rolls.
4. I now have 10 rolls to get something better. When I do get something better, I store it and then I have another 10 rolls to beat it. Beating a previous roll doesn't always mean a higher total because...
5. No min-maxing of individual points. I can swap attribute rolls (taking racial adjustments into account), but I can't take points from one attribute and add them to another. If I don't roll an 18, I don't get an 18.
6. Continue the rest of creation as normal.

Of the 10 characters I've created with this method so far, 2 of them have an 18 and 2 of them top out at 16. Six of them have one or two 17's, though on a couple of them, I took lower overall totals, because I intend to dual-class.

Besides having to be careful about the dual-class, I also noticed that sometimes I can't make swaps on classes like Ranger that have multiple minimum scores. I wanted to swap a high wisdom for a low charisma on an Archer, and I couldn't because of the minimum Wis requirement.

So, am I crazy for putting this much thought into a bunch of numbers, or is this tame compared to what some others are doing?



  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,204
    I usually start with a general idea of the type of character i want to play, then have my stats reflect that character. I never aim for the perfect roll, and will usually reroll it if I roll over 90, unless I need the stats for dualling.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 14,095
    I use an Excel sheet to distribute 90 points between the ability scores, then Keeper the scores into my characters to save time on re-rolling. I figure I'll end up at about a 90 stat roll anyway, and this simplifies the process.

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    I've started doing runs with as many rerolls as I like but 0 adjustments after the roll. Feels right to me.

  • jesterdesujesterdesu Member Posts: 373
    I like starts to convey strengths and weaknesses, generally in fairly stereotypical ways depending on character class. Any roll 85 and up begins to look quite boring to me.

    You really don't need great stats in this game and I wish they'd not used dice rolls, as people are often tempted to roll until they get boring characters with at least three 18's

  • DragonspearDragonspear Member Posts: 1,826

    Minimum 4 18s usually! Gotta have that charisma too.

  • MirageMirage Member Posts: 81
    edited October 2015
    Great analysis @bengoshi, that must have taken some time & effort to write.
    I think your comment should be taken into consideration for anyone who want to create a balanced charname.

    Most of the characters I've made are really overpowered, I just re-rolled until I got what I wanted.
    But I realized that as I learn and play more the game I prefer my character to have lower stats. This is because I want the game to be harder and charname seems more authentic. Moreover - this is really important to me - I realized that when my stats are low I tend/have to use more items in the game, especially potions. This is fantastic as I have to think new strategies sometimes!

    To sum up, the margin for me is a roll of 84. 85+ charnames get to be overpowered.

  • jesterdesujesterdesu Member Posts: 373
    For me it's more an issue of blandness when all stats are maxed. It's also impossible for me to role play that as it seems very unlikely to me that I'm a natural 90 in real life.

    Mirage I get what you're saying. Non -consumable items also become more relevant. For example I'm currently playing s stalker with 15 natural strength... A girdle of giant strength is really going to be a big item in some ways. also I can't use composite bows so need to pick the better longbows or even short bows.

    In summary I prefer to role play so I always pick the class and stats I most identify with. Stopping rolling at 80 ish for the first time was difficult but I've never looked back.

  • jesterdesujesterdesu Member Posts: 373
    Mirage said:

    Great analysis @bengoshi, that must have taken some time & effort to write.
    I think your comment should be taken into consideration for anyone who want to create a balanced charname .

    Also agree on this

  • MirageMirage Member Posts: 81
    Grum said:

    It isn't about Frodo you know

    I'm still laughing out loud!!!

  • AlmateriaAlmateria Member Posts: 257
    I just press ctrl+8 and skip the whole garbage

  • RewolfRewolf Member Posts: 102
    Two ways how I roll my Chars:
    1. Roll a maximum of 50 times and take the highest roll
    2. Roll until I get a 90+ score and then roll 23 times (why? you might ask....why not!) to see if I get a higher roll.
    Then I decide whether I want to adjust those scores by min-maxing, swapping scores or keeping the original roll.

  • jesterdesujesterdesu Member Posts: 373
    Grum said:

    I like overpowered Charnames. This is Baldurs Gate. The story revolves around him and his birthright as the son of the God of Murder.

    It isn't about Frodo you know

    You have a point. But having all stats equal still seems bland

  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 799
    edited October 2015
    @jesterdesu All stats equal is sort of unrealistic too. Since most people are either smart or athletic, there are a few exceptions of course though.

  • BillyYankBillyYank Member Posts: 2,769
    I've tightened up my rolling procedure a bit since I started this thread.

    Now I do ten rerolls, and take the highest total, even if the individual scores aren't as good. Then I allow myself one swap, full score only, between two attributes.

  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 799
    @BillyYank I pick a random number between 1 and 10 for number of rerolls, pick the best one, make useless stats below average(8) or higher and put the rest into useful ones.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • SkaroseSkarose Member Posts: 247
    I appreciate those who find enjoyment in trying to roll a little above average or good every-person stats, but I've always found it a little therapeutic to endlessly roll stats. There is something awesome about rolling and scoring a god-awesome roll, besides it is somehow fitting because I'm playing a demigod of murder.

    I can never shadowkeep or edit stats. I will put them where I want, but they have to be rolled.

    Lately I've been rolling some crazy 18/100 stats. 98 for a Blackguard (In a little over 5 minutes of rolling) and 98 for a Cavalier in about 25 minutes of rolling and I just now rolled 94(18/100) for a Chaotic Neutral Elf Fighter/Mage, to make him interesting, I'm going to "Glass Cannon" him, 9 con with an 18 Charisma, probably use Two Handed Sword (I have a hard time not dual wielding long swords.) Big Elf hits hard but is pale and sickly...

  • NeverusedNeverused Member Posts: 773
    My method's been generally to roll 100 times and take the best, distributing as necessary. All non-warriors get 16 CON, all Warriors get maximum CON. 18 DEX is preferred on everything, if possible, though Paladins I often don't bother maxing this out.
    Intelligence for non-casters get two break points, generally: either 8 to just be able to use green scrolls, or 10/11 to avoid dying in two hits from Mind Flayers without having to burn any Potions of Genius. Casters obviously get INT maxed so important spells don't take two of more potions to learn.
    WIS and CHA are really only used for the classes. Clerics and Druids will get their high WIS, and my Bards and obviously Paladins get high CHA, but these are the only two stats I will completely dump if I have to. The Ring of Human Influence can be obtained soon enough in each game that it honestly doesn't make any real difference what your natural CHA is.

    Strength I left out because my rolls for that have been slowly changing, from requiring maximum for any melee type to slowly lowering it. STR potions and belts and spells are proving to be enough for both games. 15 or greater for warriors, I'll dump it as low as an 8 for other stat-heavy builds (like Druids.)

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 14,095
    @BillyYank: BG is very wonky with random values. Scribing scrolls, for one thing, tends to occur in streaks. Also, BG stat rolls use 4d6 and drop the lowest one.

  • SkaroseSkarose Member Posts: 247
    edited October 2015
    I'm starting to believe there is a "ghost in the machine" that oversees the process for rolling character stats and lately she has taken a real shine to me! :blush:

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