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[MOD] BGII:EE - Unofficial Item Pack

EdvinEdvin Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 3,075
edited March 17 in BGII:EE Mods
For many years bothered me that lot of items have completely untapped potential.
So I decided to rework large number of them and "Unofficial Item Pack" was born.

Version 2.7b:!AzRnQYLB!bdlQIy-QO8b_42jODr-VlTrVWH2k_0CK08HddXIR1Y0

Unfortunately, (most parts) this mode (part one is exception) requires starting a new game and patch version 2.0 or higher.

Languages: English, Czech

Installation of this mode has eight optional parts:

A ) Unofficial Item Pack

01) Malla's Soul Stone - Human souls are source great strength. Gotta catch 'em all!

02) Sigil of Tyr - Only for the best of us.

03) Dark Elven Chain - Armor Class: +1

04) Handmaiden's Mace - Now Mace +3 (also new, better model)

05) Mask of King Strohm III - I do not see practically nothing.

06) Symbol of Amaunator - Praise the sun!

07) Human Flesh +5 - You can be evil and also look elegant. (recolored)

08) Keepsake Locket - True love make you stronger.

09) Shadow Dragon Wardstone - Loks like Ioun stone to me...

10) Mantle of Waukeen - You can save the world with this stylish jewelry!

11) Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard - Ruby crystal? Hmm...

12) Soul Reaver +4 - The ultimate weapon for evil incarnate.

13) Boo - Simply because I can!

14) Deirex's Gems - Souls belonging drow warriors? That sounds useful.

15) Talisman of the Hearthfire - Jump to left or jump to the right!

16) Girdle of Fortitude - Stay healthy little longer.

17) Blackmist +4 - Now you see me...

18) Cloak of Balduran - New drop from Firkraag
19) Helm of Opposite Alignment - Ask undead mayor
20) Girdle of Femininity/Masculinity - Owned by biggest Casanova in Amn
21) Bracers of the blinding strike - New drop from Drizzt (According lore he should have them)
22) Cloak of Displacement - Blur is gone
23) The Claw of Kazgaroth - Blur is gone
24) Silver Dragon Scales - New drop from Adalon
(Right now usable only in ToB. Modification for Cromwell will be in the next version.)

B ) Scarlet Katana

01) Scarlet Katana - Scarlet Ninja-To is now Scarlet Katana.
Higher price, but useful for monks, bards and thieves.

C ) Gourmet from Underdark

Someone said "Rare ingredients"?
That sounds very... delicious.

01) Kuo-toa's Blood - It tastes little bitter.

02) Elder Brain Blood - It tastes pretty sweet.

03) Eyestalk of an Elder Orb - It tastes like chicken.
Boo approve this very tasty dish. :smile:

WARNING: Do not eat them all!
At least one is required for Q.

D ) Holy symbols

All six holy symbols will now have Armor Class: +1

E ) New Items

Completely new (almost) original items.
(Adventure Mart)

01) Butcherer of Innocents - BLOOD!

02) Guenhwyvar's Figurine - New drop from Drizzt

03) Ring of superior arcane clumsiness - In possession of a well-known religious madman

04) Hourglass of Gond - Reward for the hardest fight of your life.

05) Kangaxx's robe - New robe for evil mages

F ) SoD Items

Few useful items from SoD.
(Adventure Mart)

01) Backwhacker +2

02) Nimblefinger Gloves

03) Stalker Gauntlets

04) Screaming Bagpipes

05) Cloak of the Gargoyle

06) Crown of Lies

07) Wizzard Hat

08) Circlet of the Cynosure

09) Bloody Bone Plate +2

10) Robe of Arcane Aptitude

11) Shield of Egons +2

12) Fleshripper +2

13) Daeros' Full Plate +1

14) Headband of Focus

15) Tongue of Acid +3 - New drop from Thaxll'ssillyia (Shadow dragon)

16) Key ring - New drop from Ilyich

G ) Better archery shop

This guy will have much bigger inventory + some ammunition from SoD.

01) Bullet of Fire +1

02) Bullet of Ice +1

03) Bullet of Electricity +1

04) Bolt of fire +1

05) Bolt of ice +1

H ) Reworked free action

Abilities that prevents from being hasted were removed from the following items:

Firecam Plate
Ixil's Spike +6
Flail of Ages+5
Ring of Free Action

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