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A Belated Hello from Dameon

Dameon2Dameon2 Member Posts: 46
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A Belated Hello From Dameon

My mod is now available, check it out here :

Hey there everyone! I've been using the forum for quite a while, but I just made my account in April cause seems that these forums have become the main hub for infinity engine enhanced modding now!

My name's Dameon. I'm a 27 year old college student in my third year of Game Development, I specialize in programming more so than the art/design side. I'm a really feminine guy and I fancy both boys and girls.. tho I do tend to be more attracted to males, and kind of see myself as a female in a lot of ways. I'm a huge Baldur's Gate fan from back when they were brand new, still got my Baldur's Gate 1 box, complete with now heavily creased map of the sword coast and tattered instruction manual. Personally I love the enhanced editions, think they are fantastic re releases of the games. That's my two cents on the matter, rose tinted glasses and all!

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Plushies - Techno - Comics - Starcraft - Cute boys with 6 packs
Anime - Cartoons - Books - Elderscrolls - Riding in hot cars with hot guys
Vanilla Milkshakes - Tattoos - Corsets - Parking in hot cars with hot guys
Buying n Wearing cute panties - & Showing them off in hot cars for hot guys
Cheese Cake - Makeup - Nailpolish - Silicone&Jelly - Somthing somthing hot cars, hot guys.... you get the idea.. ;)

Congrats to Beamdog for making this forum the hub for EE modding, it's no small feat.. with stiff competition to boot.

Modding info

I'll be releasing a game play UI redesign for SOD GUI overhaul by @Pecca as soon as I update it for the latest version. If your interested in an update that moves the side bar content to live along the bottom keep an eye out!


***I apologize if this is a double post.. i exited out of the last one by mistake :C.. to any mods please just delete the other one if it exists.***

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