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[Utility] EE Autoroller

FrecheFreche Member Posts: 473
edited April 2016 in General Modding

Enhanced Edition - Autoroller


• This tool will automaticly roll for attributes and stores the highest rolled score.
• You can set some priorites for Exceptional Strength if you wish.
• No longer the hassle with OFFSETS changing with patching


• BGEE (& Siege of Dragonspear)
• BG2EE (& Throne of Bhaal)
• IWDEE (& Heart of Winter)
• The Black Pit (1 & 2)


Current version of the program should work with any version of the supported games.

DOWNLOAD (v3.3):
Here is the un-compiled ahk version of the program: Download AHK version


1. Run the Enhanced Edition game in windowed mode (IMPORTANT)
2. Run EE Autoroller (you might have to run it as administrator)
3. If creating a class with exceptional strength, set the priorites as you want them OR set them all to 0 if you don't want to use this.
4. Press START when you have reached the attribute screen, you will be promted to press the RECALL, STORE and REROLL buttons.
5. Once you hit the REROLL button it will start rolling.

Hold down 'X' when you want to stop rolling.
'UP' will increase the rolling speed.
'DOWN' will decrease the rolling speed.

Exceptional Strength
This will give STR% a value and be counted towards your roll score.
If you wish that STR% 51 and higher be worth 1 attribute score you set all boxes 51+ to 1.
Now when it rolls and your currently stored total is 90 with a STR% 20 then you roll a 89 with STR% 77 the new 89 roll will be stored.

Minimum STR% to store
This will simply ignore ALL rolls with a STR% below the one set.
If you have it at 51 and would happen to roll 100 with a STR% score of 12 that roll will be ignored.


I take no responsibility at all for the use of this program. However if used properly nothing should happen as it only reads memory data.

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