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***SPOILERS*** possible dlc-kits found!

FeatherFeather Member Posts: 20
By browsing the game-files the new patch added one can find the kit-infos of several new, not yet implemented kits:

Near Infinity -> StringRef 31970 - 31986:

The Dwarven Defender is a formidable warrior that is reputed to be worth two soldiers of any other race. Regardless of the accuracy of that claim, no one can hold the line more effectively.

Class Features:

Must be a Dwarf.
May wear helmets.
May wear any armor and use any weapon.
May achieve Grand Mastery (five slots) in Axe and War Hammer.
May achieve Proficiency (two slots) in any other weapon.
May achieve Specialization (two slots) in any fighting style and allocate three slots in Two-Weapon Style.
Gains Defensive Stance 1x/day for every 4 levels.
Gains 5% resistance to crushing, slashing, piercing, and missile damage for every 5 levels to a maximum of 20% at level 20.
Hit Dice: d12

Defensive Stance: The Dwarven Defender gains +2 to Strength, +4 to Constitution, +2 bonus to Saving Throws, +4 bonus to Armor class, and a 50% penalty to movement rate for 1 turn.

Shadowdancers can harness the power of the shadow weave to increase their lethal abilities. This powerful kit is able to blend seamlessly into the shadows, striking without warning.

Class Features:
May not wear armor heavier than studded leather.
May not equip shields larger than bucklers
May only use the following weapons: long sword, short sword, katana, scimitar, dagger, club, quarterstaff, crossbow, shortbow, dart, sling.
May only become Proficient (one slot) in any weapon class.
May only become Proficient (one slot) in any fighting style.
May only distribute 15 points per level (30 at level 1) in thieving abilities: Open Locks, Pick Pockets, Find Traps, Move Silently, Hide in Shadows, Detect Illusions, Set Traps.
May use Backstab ability for increased damage
Level 1-9: x2
Level 9+: x3
Hide in Plain Sight: A shadowdancer may hide in shadows, even when being observed.
Can cast Shadowstep 1x/day for every 3 levels
Slippery mind: +1 bonus to Saving Throws
Hit Dice: d6

Shadowstep: Give bonus to AC and teleport to selected creature.
Dragon Disciples are powerful sorcerers who are able to manifest draconic abilities. These powers stem from the Dragon blood in their lineage.

Class Features:

May not wear any armor.
May only use the following weapons: dagger, quarterstaff, dart, sling.
May only become Proficient (one slot) in any weapon class.
May only become Proficient (one slot) in any fighting style.
May cast arcane spells.
May not scribe spells into their spellbooks as Mages do. Instead, Sorcerers learn a small number of spells at each level, which they cast daily without memorization.
Lower number of spells per day available than Sorcerer.
1st level: +1 bonus to AC.
3rd level: Breath Weapon (2d8) 1x/day.
4th level: 25% fire resist.
5th level: +1 bonus to AC. +1 Bonus to CON.
6th level: Breath Weapon (3d8) 1x/day.
8th level: 50% fire resist.
9th level: Breath Weapon (4d8) 1x/day.
10th level: +1 bonus to AC.
12th level: Breath Weapon (5d8) 1x/day.
12th level: 75% fire resist
15th level: Breath Weapon (6d8) 1x/day.
15th level: +1 bonus to AC. +1 Bonus to CON.
16th level: 100% fire resist.
18th level: Breath Weaoon (7d8) 1x/day.
20th level: +1 bonus to AC.
Hit Dice: d6
Followers of the dark goddess Shar, the power these monk wield is augmented by their connection to the Shadow weave.

Class Features:

Must be evil.
May not wear any armor.
May only use weapons available to the Thief class (except two-handed)
May only become Proficient (one slot) in any weapon class.
May only become Proficient (one slot) in Single-Weapon Style and may not put slots into any other style.
Moves 2 points faster than other characters. Movement rate further improves by 1 every 5 levels.
May make 1 unarmed attack per round. An additional ½ attack per round is gained every 3 levels. Damage dealt by unarmed attacks increases with level as follows:
Levels 1-2: 1d6
Levels 3-5: 1d8
Levels 6-8: 1d10
Levels 9-14: 1d12
Levels 15+: 1d20
At level 9, unarmed attacks are treated as a +1 magical weapon and gain a +1 bonus to damage and hit rolls. This enchantment improved to +2 at level 12, +3 at level 15, and +4 at level 25.
Receives a +(x) bonus to Saving Throws vs. Spell.
Deflect Missiles: +1 bonus to AC vs. missile attacks every (x) levels.
Starts with an Armor Class of 9 at 1st level and gains an additional +1 bonus every (x) levels.
May use Stunning Blow ability once every (x) levels
Weak against divination spells but strong against illusions spells
1st level: Gains the abilty to cast the spell Blindness 1x/day.
3rd level: Gains the ability to cast the spell Blur 1x/day.
5th level: Becomes immune to all diseases and cannot be slowed or hasted
7th level: Gains the ability to cast Chill Touch 1x/day.
8th level: Gains a +1 bonus to Speed Factor.
9th level: Gains a +1 bonus to all Saving Throws and becomes immune to Charm.
9th level: Gains the ability to cast Vampiric Touch 1x/day.
12th level: Gains another +1 bonus to Speed Factor.
13th level: May use the Quivering Palm ability once per day.
14th level: Gains 3% Magic Resistance per level (starting with 42% at 14th level).
20th level: Becomes immune to non-magical weapons.
Hit Dice: d8

Found here by @Neonfisk: :)


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