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Sword Coast Stratagems is now available for BG:EE and BGII:EE



  • WispWisp Member Posts: 1,102
    Palanthis said:

    --> does this mean that SCS should now be compatible with the " Allow Dispel/Remove Magic to take down Globes of Invulnerability " component of atweaks ?

    No, that's a separate issue (and the one you need to be nagging at is me).

  • PalanthisPalanthis Member Posts: 283
    Ok, thanks, and take your time, you're already making excellent stuff . Atweaks is perfectly working on my BG2EE ' game.

  • NameIessNameIess Member Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    This mod looks amazing!

    Haven't been able to get it up and running on my Mac though. Have anyone managed to get v28 working on the app store version of BGEE at all? I managed to get it to install after modifying permissions but the game crashes as soon as I start it...

    EDIT: Nevermind, managed to get it to work. (I downloaded a fresh copy of BGEE, put WeiDu for OSX and SCS v28 in the /resource folder, ran chmod 777 on the resource folder recursively and it just worked. Not sure what I did wrong the first time around).

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  • PalanthisPalanthis Member Posts: 283
    edited November 2013
    I 'm having repeated crashes when fighting Tolgerias on BG2EE with SCS v27 and atweaks.

    It happens when he casts a specific spell, though i don't know which one (i think it was a conjuration spell because of the color, but i can't be sure).
    I suspect it might be a compatibility bug with the fiends component of atweaks and the Gate spell... but until then everything was fine and all other demon conjuration spells did work.

    I think it is mod related so i check here first.

    I attached the zip file of the crash log, don't know if it can help.
    Also attached is my weidu Log.

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,141
    @DavidW The last version works with the original BG2:ToB, I have installed it now, (nice installer, I really liked how many options you had, I felt like in PS:T :P), I am installing it with no trouble, just is taking ages and I really want to go to play :P Thanks for the mod!!
    Umph, if somebody has the Windows version of the game running with Wineskin like me, install the Windows one, it is easier too :P

  • TsyrithTsyrith Member Posts: 180
    edited December 2013
    Hey there, a couple of us have SCS installed and are encountering a problem with BG2EE's Sendai, she's wearing herself some immunity but her death script doesn't fire. I've progressed passed the problem already as I wasn't too sure if it was SCS or not (still yet might not be, honestly, but I don't anticipate it's a point that many people have reached with the mod), but @Aegarion might still have a savegame, though thinking about it, it's probably easier to quicky console yourself there (C:MoveToArea("ar6108") ) and ctrl-y everything else to bits to confirm, though you have to movetoarea yourself there twice, despite the cinematic and progression break it mirrors what occurs in the fight. I also have a savegame that I dragged through from ar6100 , so let me know if you want that and my weidu.log instead. The thread is here.

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  • CastorpCastorp Member Posts: 45

    Just noticed an annoying SCS bug.
    If you try to backstab an archer while being invisible, once you position yourself close to him, the archer will automatically switch to melee and run all over the place, even though the archer does not know you are here.
    It makes backstab painfully unpleasant on hasted opponents.

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,321
    That would be bug behaviour bordering on cheesiness if it's caused by SCS.

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 729
    @Castorp: Almost certainly an SCS bug. The bit of code that changes between melee and ranged weapons according to enemies' proximity probably isn't checking for invisibility.

    @Shin: I'm not sure I even know what it means for a bug to be "cheesy". (I'm shaky enough about whether it really means anything stable as regards intentional behaviour.)

  • SpaceInvaderSpaceInvader Member Posts: 2,125
    Can anyone tell me if SCS2 is stable enough for BG2:EE? Thanks

  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,321
    DavidW said:

    @Shin: I'm not sure I even know what it means for a bug to be "cheesy". (I'm shaky enough about whether it really means anything stable as regards intentional behaviour.)

    Yeah, there seems to be a few definitions floating around. My meaning was that a bug causing enemies to 'instinctively' react on nearby stealthed characters they're not supposed to be aware of by avoiding them, could be thought to mimic a cheesy difficulty-increasing mod, in this case meaning cheap or unrefined.

  • CastorpCastorp Member Posts: 45
    edited December 2013

    I thought the problem would be along those lines.

    Another thing I noticed, not a bug per se, but more of an oversight. Fighting Aec'Letec, I noticed the demon was obsessed with my summons and only tried to attack my characters when all the summons were dead. It made the fight ridiculously easy, in fact MUCH easier than the fight against the enforcers upstairs (which is by far the most difficult SCS encounter in BG1, I really struggled to win without cheese). Maybe you should add a script that makes tougher enemies overlook creatures that are obviously weak to focus on bigger fish?

    Otherwise, do you have plans to spice up a little bit the fight against the demon knight in Durlag's Tower? It is way too easy as it stands, since the demon barely protects himself and can be too easily backstabbed to death (one shot!).

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 729
    edited December 2013
    I actually don't touch Aec'Letec: it's one of the few creatures whose AI I leave alone. Demon Knight: you're not the first person to suggest it so it's vaguely on my list, but not any time soon.

    Post edited by DavidW on
  • ComplyOrDieComplyOrDie Member Posts: 41
    Hi David, just flagging one for you (assuming its SCS as had similar issues in the past). This is on a BGT install with fixpack and ascension. v28.

    In the 'North Forest' area in Chapter 6 where you fight the unnamed mage and priest of cyric etc. by the graves, I get a CTD with the message 'An Assertion failed in OBjAnimation.cpp at line number 20514.

    This message doesn't appear if I kill everything quickly enough but couldn't pinpoint what it was, the thief did backstab and appear without a crash sometimes. A wyvern also successfully spawned nearby during one attempt.

  • SkieSkie Member Posts: 90
    It's been a few years since I played the series, and now my interest is sparked again due to EE.
    I'm very glad I found your mod as it seems like a very well done one, smooth and hits all the right spots without making a mess (I hope).
    Really glad about the wolves tweak, I'm with you on that one!

  • OgaburanOgaburan Member Posts: 83
    I just finished my first play with stratagems installed.
    It was a no-load run, and... mod kind blew my mind.

    Cant even put to words how much I enjoyed this...
    Maybe mathematics?

  • KrillzKrillz Member Posts: 2

    Just tried installing SCS on an fresh BG2:EE install on OSX (10.9.1).

    The install appears to run fine but I can't help but notice these warnings in the terminal windows at several points throughout the intall process :

    Copying and patching 1 file ...
    chmod: Unable to change file mode on stratagems/ssl/ Operation not permitted
    This is Stratagems Scripting Language
    Should I assume that something went wrong in the process?

    Thanks for your help :)

  • AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
    @Krillz - Is this the Beamdog version of BG2EE or Mac App Store version of BG2EE? There might be a permissions issue here. I'm not sure what that perl script does, but something may not have been set up correctly.

  • KrillzKrillz Member Posts: 2
    @AstroBryGuy thanks for your help. I bought it on the MAS. (It's sold by beamdog though isn't it? )

    How can I fix the permissions issue? I made sure to right click the Resources folder and allow Read and Write for everyone.

    Also I'm logged in as an admin.

  • DavidWDavidW Member Posts: 729 compiles most of the scripts in SCS from the scripting metalanguage I use ("SSL", or "stratagems scripting language") to the Infinity Engine BAF format.

    If it installs correctly, ssl must be working, so the permissions thing is probably harmless.
    (Bear in mind that I don't know anything about OSX and haven't touched Linux in ten years, so the OSX version of SCS can be sketchy.)

  • DexterDexter Member Posts: 253
    just wondering if anyone has seen this: I have BG2EE + SCSv28 and in my game it seems that liches are still immune to breach. Yes, I installed 'more consistent breach spell' component and I've re-installed it, but it didn't fix the problem. Maybe I should reinstall the entire mod?

    Thanks for you help, and thank you for an amazing mod DavidW

  • Night_WatchNight_Watch Member Posts: 514
    Will SCS work in the middle of a multiplayer game I am in? Or will we have to start a new game in order for the tweaks to go into effect?

  • EtaminEtamin Member Posts: 788
    "Recover lost items from Hell (BG2, BG2EE, BGT)"
    Where are those items? I have lost Jan in Hell and since fight was quite hard i really dont want to start it again. After Irenicus death i regain control over my party in grove but they are not there. I also checked SCS installation to be sure i didnt miss this component, but i cant find it in installator? Is it build-in?

  • PalanthisPalanthis Member Posts: 283
    Dexter said:

    just wondering if anyone has seen this: I have BG2EE + SCSv28 and in my game it seems that liches are still immune to breach. Yes, I installed 'more consistent breach spell' component and I've re-installed it, but it didn't fix the problem. Maybe I should reinstall the entire mod?

    Thanks for you help, and thank you for an amazing mod DavidW

    Same here unfortunately :(

  • lansounetlansounet Member Posts: 1,182
    @Dexter @Palanthis

    Known issue, described here if you know how to mod your files. Otherwise you'd have to wait for an update or find other tactics.

  • DeioDeio Member Posts: 23
    Just want to say that I tested SCS for the first time yesterday in a multiplayer session and I was absolutely blown away how much more fun and challenging the game becomes. Impressive stuff.

    Now a quick question to anyone who knows or @davidw. We loaded an already started game with the mod and everything works perfectly except that my friend cant use his Cleric HLA's anymore (since they've been moved to special abilities and he's already picked them as spells). Is there an easy way to edit a file to make them available again? I'd rather not sit through the whole installation again if possible.

  • dashteacupdashteacup Member Posts: 52
    I've noticed a couple serious problems while playing with SCS and BG2Tweaks in BG2EE. First, the Sendai fight was bugged. When you enter her lair she won't do anything until you manually speak to her. Then, after you initiate conversation, fight her, and destroy all the statues, she won't die. She just sits there stupidly at 1hp and no amount of damage or Ctrl-Y will finish her off. I managed to work around that by eating her brain, but her death dialog never triggered. The solar appeared and gave her little speech, but when that ended I found my self back in Sendai's chamber with no way out. I had to use MoveToArea() to escape. I attached my save right before the sendai fight to this post. I tried running the fight multiple times but always had the same issue.

    The other more serious problem, is that the game crashes when I try to enter Abazigal's lair after killing Draconis and taking his head. The areas AR6001 and AR6008 always crash the game whenever I try to enter them, no matter how or when I do this. Maybe I could beat abazigal's lair by teleporting between different areas via MoveToArea() but I'd like a better way to run the lair if possible. I've attached my save right after the fight with Draconis. I also attached my WeiDU.log. Does any one have a way around this or a fix?

  • dashteacupdashteacup Member Posts: 52
    I tried creating a new game with Abdel instead of one of my saves, and MoveToArea("AR6001") still crashes the game.

  • dashteacupdashteacup Member Posts: 52
    I managed to isolate the problem. Removing "Improved Abazigal's Lair" fixes the crashing problems. Be careful with that component in BG2EE.

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