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What phrase in the game do you hate the most?



  • abazigal5abazigal5 Member Posts: 290
    elminster said:

    abazigal5 said:

    Where exactly is the portal to the Twisted Rune hideout?

    The following map shows the locations for a number of different things in the bridge district (including just random NPC's you can talk to as a number of these numbers aren't quest related). There are no descriptions provided, so its not significantly spoiling anything, but I figured I'd put it under a spoiler tag all the same.


    Just a bit north north east of where the number 17 is there is a trapped door there (be warned you really want to make sure its been disarmed). In order to enter this "building" you need a rogue stone in your inventory. Anyways entering this door will transport you to the hideout.

    But if you want a more general, less spoilerish version I'd say that particular doorway is roughly in the south eastern part of the map.

  • abazigal5abazigal5 Member Posts: 290
    I also really hate Melissan's lines in the final battle. Seriously, when she casts Timestop, she says "Doom awaits thee!" and "You shall suffer!" so many times that they actually overlap.

    I know, Melissan, you can stop now.

  • abazigal5abazigal5 Member Posts: 290
    SnowBlind said:

    "Heya, it's me Imoen!"
    Pretty much everything she says in chapter one.

    Typical. If I had a sense of humor left I might find that funny. I do not, on both accounts. ~Jon Irenicus
    Anything he says is awesome. Always love the end of chapter one when he destroys everything in his path (and Imoen leaves) yay

    You dare to attack me here? Do you even KNOW whom you face? You will suffer! You will ALL suffer!

    Irenicus is my favorite villain (along with BP1 Baeloth). His voice acting is awesome and his power is incredible. I always have and always will aspire to that power.

  • TheGraveDiggerTheGraveDigger Member Posts: 336
    Jaheira... Her voice is worse than the SCREAMS OF HELL! It's enough to ruin my characters... they become broken shells after meeting her, forever echoing her HORRIFIC f'king voice in their heads.

    It's not a phrase but the worst sound in the entire saga is when you fail to scribe a spell...

  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 6,962
    "Hey ya."

    Makes me want to punch the NPC in the face. Thank god, two that say it I can with no repercussions.

  • abazigal5abazigal5 Member Posts: 290
    [spoiler] If, after the real Hexxat tells you to meet her at the Copper Coronet in two hours, and you go to the inn after any length of time over two hours, will she still be there? [spoiler]

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,143
    @abazigal5‌ you hve to go before 2 hours pass IIRC.

  • abazigal5abazigal5 Member Posts: 290
    Dang it. Thanks, though.

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