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If BG was released as an MMO with poor business choices...

GreenWyvernGreenWyvern Member Posts: 247
As inspired by @bengoshi 's "If BG came out today...", let's imagine a completely HORRIBLE world where Baldur's Gate was a terrible MMO that used every tactic it could to suck the gold our of your purses!

[["Gems" is my term for in-game currency that is only obtainable by spending real money]]

0. First off, the game would cost ~$30 beforehand. You can buy the "Enchanted Enhanced Edition" for $55, and it comes with a starter pack, 100 free "gems" and a limited edition Dorn skin. Or, you could buy the "Extra Enchanted Limited Edition Enhanced Edition" for $120, which comes with an extra portrait pack, 200 free "gems", free Premium membership for a month, a "super rare" item and an extra Neera skin, but NOT the Dorn skin. You need to purchase the game twice for the extra Dorn skin.

1. Rerolls, instead of being infinite, would cost "gems". If you get a crappy roll, you're stuck with it.

2. To make matters worse, you can't get a roll higher than 82, because you need to buy a premium account to unlock "the full potential of your dice".

3. Treasure becomes a lot worse, but you have the option to "Reloot" certain objects for a "Higher chance at super rare items!" (Something like a 0.1% chance), at the cost of "gems", of course.

4. Your level cap is 10, but Premium Members get a level cap of 15, Super Premium Members get a cap of 20, and Super Extra Premium members get a level cap of 30.

5. [The final boss] becomes five times harder, forcing you to need the higher level caps. When you beat them, there's a chest that requires a special golden magical key to open, which can be purchased at "The Super Shop".

6. "The Super Shop" is only available to Super Premium members, where you can buy various secret items such as a "special golden magical key"... all for the price of gems, of course.

7. Purchasing a Super Extra Premium membership will give you a "cool limited edition badge" on your forum profile.

8. Any modifications made to your copy of the game through means of third party tools will result in a permanent ban. No refunds on any memberships, "gems", DLC, or anything else you may have purchased.

9. Always Online DRM. Disconnecting through means other than pressing ESC and selecting "quit" will result in both a temporary ban and a 10% reduction of your current EXP and gold.

10. Premium classes and races that are stronger than the default ones. Alongside this, premium "Cool" portraits for male characters and "Sexy" portraits for female characters... all bought with "gems". Oh, and you're limited to one character, unless you spend "gems" to unlock more character slots!

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