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Provision of toilets in 'Adventure Y'?

Permidion_StarkPermidion_Stark Member Posts: 4,489
'Adventure Y' promises to provide some continuity between BG1 and BG2, which obviously means the subject of internal plumbing is going to have to be addressed. Perhaps the most significant difference between the two games is that in Baldur's Gate, despite the existence of an elaborate sewer system, there are no toilets, while in Shadows of Amn toilets abound (there are four on the first level of Irenicus's dungeon and a Sewage Golem to keep them serviced, which suggests that the real reason behind big Jon's behaviour could be that he is suffering from IBS and has a fear of getting caught short).

A decision must have been taken on this subject but the devs remain strangely quiet on the matter. It's time to make your voices heard people. Do we want toilets in 'Adventure Y'?

Provision of toilets in 'Adventure Y'? 54 votes

BG 1 had it right. I say no to toilets!
wojtekPaladinTuthPermidion_Starkartificial_sunlightNoonOlvynChuru 7 votes
BG 2 had it right. Comfort stations must be provided!
TingelSpjuv3rnDrugarSethDavislunargnaumiecKamigoroshispacejawsMoradinKadrikMetallomancmk24bob_vengOneAngryMushroomJuliusBorisovSouthpawNonnahswriterFinneousPJManicMcChipmunkJenzafar 40 votes
I don't really care. Just show me how things pan out.
mlneveseDJKajuruCalmarproccoLord_TansheronAlexisisinneedNimran 7 votes


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