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Guess Facts about the Next Poster

ShandyrShandyr Member Posts: 8,263
edited June 2015 in Off-Topic
Hello everyone,

Based on @CoryNewb 's "Guess the Next Poster" I thought it'd be fun to extend his idea.

So instead of guessing the next poster you guess facts about them.

"The next poster likes tomatoes."

Next Post:
"True, I really like them.The next poster's most favorite villain in the BG Saga is Irenicus."

Next Post:
"False, it's Sarevok. The next poster lives in Germany."

And so on. The italic part is optional.
When you answer with "False" you may correct the statement but you don't have to.
In any case you may elaborate on your answer.

I hope that this is a nice and fun way to get to know each other better a bit.
Intellectual Property rights belong to @CoryNewb.



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