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Favored Enemy - What's Your Choice?

I considered making this a poll, but I think there's probably too many choices to include, especially taking the whole series into account. Anyways...

When you play a Ranger, what's your preference when it comes to the Favored Enemy feature? Speaking for myself, I tend to go with giant spiders in the first game, because Phase Spiders and especially Sword Spiders are especially dangerous enemies, and since they're also quite common, the more damage you can inflict on them, the better. For the sequel, there's obviously a whole new selection available. For SOA, I tend to go with golems, since my Rangers tend to be either Archers or Stalkers. Since golems are immune to backstab and clay golems are immune to piercing damage, they still cause some serious problems, so that's where I want the extra damage. On the rare occasion I start in TOB, I'd probably go with demons, since there isn't much left that can threaten you, and it'd make level three of Watcher's Keep a fair bit easier.

So, what are your choices, guys?



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