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Who should be the next president of the Divided States of Vegetables?

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  1. Who should be the next president of the Divided States of Vegetables?22 votes
    1. Shandillary Broccolinton
    2. Donalduin Trumpiflower


  • ArdanisArdanis Member Posts: 1,736
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    Broccoli's got stronger taste. That said, I think implying I like broccoli because it's non-white is a speciest (?) statement :p
    [Deleted User]Anduinmashedtaters
  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Member Posts: 7,963
    Trumpiflower book reports might be the funniest thing you see today.
  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    Hmmm... What does the Queen Cauli have to say about Trumpiflower's divisive statements? From what I understand, his remarks have stirred a lot of controversy within the Cauli nation.

    @Anduin, perhaps you may enlighten us?
    [Deleted User]AnduinJuliusBorisovmashedtaters
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  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
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    Shandyr said:

    Actually Anduin ate Queen Ester about a year ago or so...

    Well that just goes to show that uninformed voters shouldn't vote. :tongue:
    [Deleted User]mlneveseAnduinmashedtaters
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  • FinneousPJFinneousPJ Member Posts: 6,455
    @SharGuidesMyHand Have the beanicans pay for it as well. Of course, a beanican representative has stated they shallot pay for it.
  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,811
    I think I am just going to write down a name of a vegetable that I think deserves the presidency more than the two main parties candidates.

    I think if enough people do thr same write in candidate, we can avoid a rotten four years.
  • RavenslightRavenslight Member Posts: 1,609
    Frankly, I’d prefer something entirely different. One vegetable has proven to be much like the last in the past. I think it’s time we gave fruit a chance. I’m going to write in a Strawberrian candidate.
  • smeagolheartsmeagolheart Member Posts: 7,963
    Donalduin Trumpiflower has been smearing his opponent with innuendo, false statements and cauliflower conspiracy theories to try and bring her down to his level of things that he's actually done and and said. The fact that so many reasonable folks believe this is sad, believe me. They are seen as equally trustworthy by the public, and yet Trumpiflower makes false statements four times as often as his opponent.
  • brusbrus Member Posts: 944
    Nimran said:

    This is why I hate politics...

    It's just one big roleplaying game. :D
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