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The Adventurer's Lounge: Guidance and Support for No Reload Challengers- Newbie or Veteran



  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,455
    @semiticgod @kjeron

    Thanks, that will help me a lot :)

    (I thought that IE's Fireshield worked like the Salamander's aura, that's why I put it on this list).

    Repulse Undead will not be a problem, and I'll swap Fireshield for Aura of Flaming Death. The Sun Soul's ability is beyond scope (my bed, I should have narrowed better my request).

    Again, thanks.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,129
    Come to think of it, Fire Salamander form and Fire Elemental form for Avengers and druids also have a backlash effect, though that might only be SCS. Sanchuudoku from Kuroisan in the Tactics mod also has an infamously powerful acid backlash effect. The Sun Soul Fire Shield would also definitely qualify.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,129
    I have misgivings about continuing Bardy McBardface's restless run. Thus far, everything has been done on SCS v31, and v32 is so much better and so much more interesting that it would feel weak to finish this run whether I switched to my v32 install or not. I don't want to do a v31-only run now that I have access to v32, and I don't like the idea of a run switching to a new version midway through the game. I'm willing to finish Viora's v31 Fighter/Mage/Cleric run with only Melissan's fight at v32, but that's just one fight; Bardy McBardface's run would entail a much bigger divide.

    I'm also not sure if I want to start over from Candlekeep, either. I think the game might be more fun if I used custom characters or the Reform Party trick to cover the power gap and make the WoL trick unnecessary (a Bard+Archer+Totemic Druid+Bounty Hunter+Barbarian+Cleric of Lathander->Mage might be nice), but starting any new run seems like a lot of pain for my hands.

    I also already lost a solo mage run recently due to a Glitterdust spell that prevented me from drinking a Potion of Invisibility to escape the Iron Throne fight when it went ugly--since mages are a conventionally powerful class, I wanted to avoid tricks like using Algernon's Cloak to charm stuff outside of combat, casting Webs offscreen, or avoiding tough fights like Zhalimar Cloudwulfe using invisibility.

    Turns out mages aren't that well equipped to handle BG1 if you don't use their sneakier tricks; you have rather few spell slots without a specialist kit and your inability to cast both defensive and offensive spells in the same round means that you can't make much progress on enemies like the Iron Throne party without neglecting your own defenses. They're fine in most cases, of course, but the Iron Throne is pretty high-pressure, and might have required a Protection from Magic scroll, Mirror Image scrolls, Shield Amulet charges, and some wand and scroll spamming while kiting to stay safe from the enemy's various weapons and spells.

    Anyway, I've had some abortive runs in BG1 lately and they've been hard on my hands, so I'm not keen on starting a new one.

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,129
    I've also considered a restless poverty run. With the Quick Save trick and Reform Party trick, the fundamentals are sound due to the ability to use unlimited kit abilities for most party members...

    1. A Fighter/Thief protagonist could use the Earth Elemental Token from a druid party member and Hardiness to compete in ToB (the protagonist can't use the Reform Party trick, so kits aren't really important here).
    2. A Bounty Hunter could spam Special Snares, dealing heavy damage in BG1 and SoD and eventually allowing indefinite Maze traps in BG2, granting total control over engaging any enemies not immune to Maze. The blind thief trick would make this even more flexible.
    3. A Totemic Druid could summon infinite spirit critters, which would overwhelm BG1 and SoD enemies and crush Belhifet. In BG2, the druid could also provide the protagonist with the Earth Elemental Token.
    4. A Dark Moon Monk could stack Blur spells to get guaranteed saving throws and hit the AC cap, making it a spectacular tank. Stacking Frozen Fists could let the monk deals tens of extra cold damage per hit, potentially landing one-round kills if we had time to stack them before combat. Free access to Blindness spells would also enable the blind thief trick.
    5. An un-nerfed Inquisitor would be able to cure status ailments on the rest of the party, compensating for the lack of defensive spells.
    6. An unkitted monk would have infinite Lay on Hands on self and infinite Quivering Palm spells. Alternatively, a Cavalier would have infinite Lay on Hands spells that could be used on party members instead of just him or herself. Or, depending on the interpretation of the rules, you could let a sorcerer remain dormant until epic levels, then use a forced rest like from the Windspear Hills questline to get Wish-resting via Project Image.

    ...but the lack of resurrection options (assuming you didn't go with the dormant sorcerer strategy) means the run would have very little room for error. It's theoretically possible, but actually making it happen would require a lot of research and testing, and the Reform Party trick can be really time-consuming, since each use takes at least 3 seconds, and that time adds up.

  • ArviaArvia Member Posts: 609
    I'm interested in the no-reload concept, but the thread is very intimidating. I have just finished my first run of BG:EE and will enter into SoD now, also for the first time.
    I have reloaded only for Character death and once for a scripting issue and twice for a bug in a mod. Without those 3 mentioned above (I have uninstalled that mod) I had 8 reloads. That sounds like a lot, but this was my first playthrough and most of them will be avoidable in the future.
    I'm going to continue into SoD to get to know it, and then I want to try a no-reload. (I know BG2-ToB well enough I think, and I doubt I will even reach it during the first 100 attempts, if ever).

    BUT: I have read so much in the no-reload thread, and I wonder if I even dare to post there once I reach the point where I want to.
    I would play on Core Rules only, nothing harder, and without mods, but almost everybody seems to use SCS.
    Also, I min-max my character, because I'm not very experienced yet, and I need the good stats because I miss out on several items and XP. That's because I stick to my roleplaying, and as a paladin I don't break into houses, don't steal, don't loot except from fallen enemies, don't take stuff out of chests in inns or homes, and I don't rob graves or tombs (that includes the Candlekeep catacombs with the Tomes).

    So, with those paladin restrictions on the one side, but the min-maxing and not using mods like SCS on the other side, should I even bother to try to participate and share a run, or is this against the accepted "code of conduct" anyway?

  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 1,781
    Ouch! Best of health to you.
    Is it insensitive to suggest playing left handed? :neutral:

  • semiticgodsemiticgod Member, Moderator Posts: 13,129
    I schedule an appointment with my PCP tomorrow and hopefully I can see him soon this week. It might just be a pulled muscle, but the symptoms are kinda fuzzy to get a clear diagnosis right now.

    It's not so much my back as my neck and my shoulder. Small movements aren't so bad, but the thing about BG is that there's a LOT of mouse clicks involved, and all those inputs really add up, particularly since I play very quickly. Playing left-handed would be very slow, though I could try it.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,455
    semiticgod wrote: »
    I may have a herniated disk, and my right arm is essentially useless. I don't think I'll be playing any games at all anytime soon.

    That's why it is called Hall of Heroes, not Hall of Weaklings.

  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 1,781
    Quite a predicament. Don't force yourself I suppose. Get well soon!

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    edited June 18
    I know that there is a Xan mod for SoA which looks as if it has been adapted for SoA EE.

    However, I believe that currently Xan is only available for the very first part of SoD. Does anyone know if their are plans afoot to make him available for the rest of SoD, either by Beamdog, or by modders?

  • AasimAasim Member Posts: 591
    I know that there is a Xan mod for SoA which looks as if it has been adapted for SoA EE.

    However, I believe that currently Xan is only available for the very first part of SoD. Does anyone know if their are plans afoot to make him available for the rest of SoD, either by Beamdog, or by modders?

    Xan for BG2 is (imo at least) the best written NPC mod for BG2. It's EE compatible. As for SoD, unfortunately no - Xan won't be available and I havent found any mod that puts him there. No love for the gloomy elf...
    Altough, maybe Roxanne made him available for EET installs, so you might want to ask at her forum.

  • StefanOStefanO Member Posts: 332
    Xan v17, available at PPG, has native EET support as well. Done by k4thos himself.

  • AasimAasim Member Posts: 591
    StefanO wrote: »
    Xan v17, available at PPG, has native EET support as well. Done by k4thos himself.

    I don't think that's the issue here - Xan may be available to adopt in BG2, but he very likely isn't playable in SoD; at least the readme doesn't mention it. EET support doesn't equal SoD content.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    edited June 18
    Thanks everyone for your input regarding Xan. Appreciated. :)

    @Aasim I went to Roxanne's forum where there was exactly the same question that I was asking, only more general.

    For the benefit of others with the same or similar questions:

    Does anyone know which of the NPCs included in the Install Tool have content for all parts of the EET game?

    So I mean for the whole BG/SoD/BG2/ToB/.

    Roxanne's reply was:

    Gavin, Ajantis, Isra, Sirene, Breagar (if you know German), Verszza (worked on, may not be completed in BG2 yet), Sandrah.

    There are also Branwen, Kivan, Xan and Coran mods that make those re-appear in BG2 but they are pre-SoD era, so missing there and they are not really continuous, they rather make those NPCs reappear with a story why they came back. They are new NPCs based on their BG1 originals and trying to continue them in SoA.

    So, not the answer that I would have liked, but at least I got an accurate and honest answer. :)

    It looks like there is room for a new mod here featuring Xan in SoD. :)

    Post edited by Wise_Grimwald on
  • lroumenlroumen Member Posts: 1,781
    @semiticgod A vanilla game where you use only the game AI should reduce the number of clicks drastically. I wonder what that would be like.

  • AionZAionZ Member Posts: 2,996

    Okay it’s even more clear now that Roxanne doesn’t do the research.

    No, Gavin, Ajantis and Isra do not stay in SoD.

    The current mod NPCs that have full SoD content are: Sirene (I did it first, mwahahaha), Verr, Drake, Aura, recently Emily, Kale and Vienxay by @Skitia. Breagar I’m not sure about, but I think he also does although it’s an incomplete translation.

    I think it’s an indication that most of the old modders that still show up haven’t played SoD or just don’t want to write new content, which is understandable.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    edited June 18
    I have noted that if you want a mage in Siege of Dragonspear you have to choose either an evil NPC, a wild mage, or a mage who won't make it to SoA.

    I don't like any of those options.

    I want a mage who will make it through until Amn.

    The obvious answer is to have the PC be a mage.

    The other is to create a small party at character creation that includes a mage. If I chose this latter option, would the mage go with me through BG1, SoD and SoA?


    I have discovered yet another option which is to choose Aura, an illusionist/artificer as a party member as she is available through BG1, SoD, SoA and ToB.

    When I start a new run I will have to reinstall Aura as an Illusionist/Artificer. That could be interesting.

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  • Mantis37Mantis37 Member Posts: 946
    edited June 19
    Get well soon semiticgod.

    Many of the BG2 npc mods would require a bit of rewriting to account for the events of SoD, so I guess it's easier for semi-retired modders to ignore its events than it is for newer modders who can plan on incorporating its events.

    If you really want a different mage character in SoD then you could use Lv1 NPCs - the class switches should persist if they come into your party. For example Khalid might be a Fighter / Mage, or Viconia could do some shadow magic.

    Post edited by Mantis37 on
  • AasimAasim Member Posts: 591
    ll party at character creation that includes a mage. If I chose this latter option, would the mage go with me through BG1, SoD and SoA?

    Not only that, but unlike other NPCs he will be in your party always. A lot of SoD NPCs aren't available from the start.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    @Mantis37 I hadn't thought of using Lv1 NPCs like that. Thanks for the idea.

  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    edited June 20
    I have been doing some research on the best level to dual class a fighter to a mage.

    One post that I read said that in BG1 it is impossible to dual-class after level 7. I am wondering if this is still true in EE and if so, what is the situation in SoD.

    In addition, if you have a character who has dual classed, will that character gain experience in SoD if he hasn't reached 500,000 in his new class, but has reached 500,000 overall?


    I have tested this out and certainly with my set-up, I can dual-class at level 10, so that is different. If I dual-class during the final battle with Sarevok, I become a level 1 cleric with zero experience in SoD and cannot get any more experience there. :( Obviously NOT the thing to do. No levels as a fighter, level 1 cleric with no chance of advancing would be VERY dodgy.

    I now need to investigate what would have happened if I had dual classed at 500,000 and gained some experience as a cleric before entering SoD.

    It looks as if you have to be VERY careful about when you dual-class.

    Perhaps the level 7 limit on dual-classing a fighter was there for a reason.

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  • Wise_GrimwaldWise_Grimwald Member Posts: 2,248
    edited June 20
    Another qustion.

    Upon starting SoD the experience of two characters with high experience was reduced to 500,000.

    They have since performed quests that should have given them more experience, but it remains at 500,000.

    This makes me think tat there is an experience cap in SoD of 500,000. Is this correct.

    When installing BG1 the cap was raised higher than that to make the Drizzt Saga feasable.

    I would appreciate explanation as it hardly seems worthwhile doing any sidequests.

    Also, what will happen to the experience if and when my party gets to Amn?


    I have already found the answer here:

    Good old search engines. :)

    I am thinking that opting out of SoD and going straight to SoA might be a good idea.

    In my current run I am single class being a paladin, so what I have just discovered isn't a problem in this run.

    At least I have checked out what happens to dual-classed characters before trying it out in an actual run. :)

    I also need to find out what would happen if I dual-classed just before the end of SoD.

    Do any current mods remove the level cap in SoD? Or should I have removed the level cap during installation instead of just increasing it?

    I wouldn't mind the character having his fighter levels capped so long as it was possible to increase the cleric levels.

    Level 9 seems like it might be a good place for dual-classing as it would be possible to be a level 9 cleric in SoD. The fighter class would be de-activated, but that would be a minor problem.

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