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Your Most Epic Moments



  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 1,894
    edited January 2018
    Um...that's a lot going on.

    I think your Wild Surge had a stroke.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 1,894
    "Always a delight"

    Hehehehehe oh brother @DrakeICN why not grace our ears with a ripping tale of the old days, always a delight.

  • DrakeICNDrakeICN Member Posts: 623
    edited January 2018
    Eh, the problem is that I dont remember the old days to well.

    I know that I used to believe that Minsc was the strongest fighter EVAR!!! and I gave him 2 maces and let him handle hordes upon hordes of enemies, the rest of the team playing support with ranged weapons and spells and buffs. Especially heal, which is where the epic part comes in. On more than one occasion have I gotten a heal in, when Minsc have had exactly 1 HP left.

    I also remember killing a vampire dog with my last charge of wand of magic missiles.

    I know I have killed Demigorgon in some spectular fashion, like the last man standing (me, obviously, since the game ends when your main dies) with my last ditch effort. I also killed Firkraag exceedingly quick, I think I got three crits immediately or something like that. The same thing with that demon that the dark elf ladies summon, he was like "Oy dont ya dare look me in the eye, mug! Oh thats it, now you're gon git it bad!" 1 sec later "Blarggghhhh I am deaded!" I killed Gaxx without scroll of magic protection by spamming wand of monster summoning, and got so lucky he was preoccupied with the cannon fodder he ignored Minsc (this was before you were limited to six summons, obviously). I also had a couple eye for an eye, I kill the bad guy but he gets me with a delayed spell effect or something. And clearing out the beholder lair under the temple district, using only a potion of haste, a scroll of magic protection and Minsc is fun. Having 4 mages use fireball / firewand at the same time is also fun.

    Unfortunately, I do not remember the details to well.

    Edit: Oh yeah, I was also fighting some instadeath mage or something cant remember. But I do remember that I had 4 priests that kept raising each others from the dead with spells and rods of resurrection until the enemy actually ran out of spells. A morbid game of tag, I guess.

  • RaduzielRaduziel Member Posts: 4,455
    I think I'm the only one that never gave Minsc a two-handed weapon.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,035
    I accidentally did a no-reload no resurrection run of BG1 once. It was gonna be just a normal run with a class I hadn't used before. Let's just say that half-orc R/C is kinda really powerful. I ended up dying in SoD because of the earthquake hammer.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,596
    beating the first time tactics irenicus in hell, now is routine work for me, but the first time it was hard, really hard.

    one other great battle was in original with haer dalis and a sorcerer charname against demogorgon, 5 people party with the sorc overleveled as he soloed chap2 soa and the others underleveled as they was recruited at tle last moment (the sorc was bored and felt alone).
    i used all the power of the sorc, spamming PI and wishes, and later of the blade hla song, multiplied by its clones.
    i never touched demogorgon focusing only at his helpers that spawn continuosly.
    in the end all the party had constant +80 dmg and thac0, the best ac while naked and 100% mr.
    when everyone reached 8M XP i finally killed the demon prince, more than 6 hours rt of battle.
    that party never went further than yaga sutra in tob, every battle was too easy...
    it was no difficult at all, but somehow for me was a great battle.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 1,894
    Dude, that is just...dude, wow!

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 1,894
    Tanking a Dragon's Fire Breath because you have Fire Resistance is always great.

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 1,894
    You get all the respect points man, I can barely beat any part of Icewind Dale with a full party, let alone Solo. Dragon's Eye is hell for me and I've never personally gotten past Dorn's Deep even though it's much easier because by then I lost access to the game for a while and subsequently lost interest.

    I have the game now though, and another playthrough is inevitable.

  • Rik_KirtaniyaRik_Kirtaniya Member Posts: 1,466
    edited May 2018

    I have the game now though, and another playthrough is inevitable.

    @ZaramMaldovar Good luck to you this time! :)

    Don't know why, but I personally feel like it's easier to solo IWD than playing it with a full party. Not just the XP bonus, but playing solo makes certain crucial micromanagement tactics feasible, and IWD rewards them generously. ;) Soloing IWD has its fair share of risks (keeping a safe distance from ghasts and stinking clouds, dodging traps, getting stuck inside an impenetrable circle of monsters, and so on), but I enjoy it more than a full party run!

    Post edited by Rik_Kirtaniya on
  • DrakeICNDrakeICN Member Posts: 623
    Try a two party members run. It's actually more fun than solo. Jester and Inquisitor is a match made in heaven (although I don't remember whether IWD have those classes or not). Well, you have no heal spells, but other than that, it is probably the best two party member combination out there!

  • ZaramMaldovarZaramMaldovar Member Posts: 1,894
    I once managed to have Dynaheir successfully cast Horror on one of the two Demons summoned by Simmeon. It was a magical moment and helped me easily win the battle.

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