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Tales of the Harbingers: Throne of the Undying



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    Sorry, @ThacoBell! I’ll slow it down a bit.

  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,848
    edited May 2018
    Alright, I’m off work.

    So, basically how it would work is that I would roll a 20-sided die and add or subtract a certain number to or from the number rolled, depending on the character’s stat that is being tested. For instance, intimidation and diplomacy are Charisma-based skills, so they receive a bonus or penalty based on the character’s Charisma stat. The number added or subtracted from a roll is called a mod (short for modifier), and in IWD2, as well as PnP editions after 2nd, the mod for a stat increases every two points, with a middle ground of 10. So a stat of 10 and 11 don’t receive a bonus or penalty, but if the stat is higher or lower than those two numbers, it will receive a bonus or penalty that increases every two points (so having 12 or 13 points in Charisma will give you a +1 bonus, 14 and 15 give +2, etc. Conversely, a stat of 9 or 8 will give a -1 penalty that also increases by 1 every two points (a stat of 7 or 6 gives a -2 penalty, etc.)). Having a bonus of +1 or higher means that you add that number to the roll to get the final result for the skill check. Likewise, having a penalty of -1 or higher means you subtract the number from the roll to get the result. There is some random element in the roll itself, but a stat’s mod will improve your chances of getting a high result, or make it harder to get one. The resulting number is then determined by the DM to be high enough to succeed, or not. A successful check means that the desired effect happens. A failed check means that something else happens.

    IWD2 also has things like class skills that give bigger bonuses, but that’s a little too complicated to keep track of without having actual character sheets. Combat uses all kinds of bonuses and penalties too, which is why we’re not doing combat. The proposed system would actually be a simplified version lol.

    Long story short, I roll a d20, add or subtract from it based on the character’s appropriate stat, and determine if the end result is sufficiently high to pass the check and give you the desired result.

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    “Oh, right. Our ‘esteemed’ mayor.” Roan nearly spat out the last sentence as if it was poison. “He would rather sit in his home and indulge in whatever fantasies he has, instead of actually doing his job. That old bastard hasn’t left his home in over a month. His guards won’t say anything about it, they just stand there outside the building’s entrance and prevent anyone from entering. As far as anyone else knows, he could very well have passed away in his sleep, but you won’t get a single word about it from any of his hirelings. That means someone else had to step up and fill his shoes, and since I was the wealthiest and most benevolent, not to mention best looking person in town, I decided it should be me.” His lips curl into a smirk.

    “The caravan is from Laramont, a small mining town a few days north of here. I’d have gone there to collect the caravan myself, but I have other responsibilities at the moment that prevent me from doing so. My usual associates are likewise very busy, which is why I have chosen to seek outside help with this.” He takes another long swig of his ale, then tosses another coin to Dorin, who fills his mug again.

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    *Fiora quietly casts detect evil while Roan is distracted with the barkeep*

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