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Request Modfile for Android IWDEE

GusindaGusinda Member Posts: 887
@Xhoblaim, I have moved the request for the IWDEE modfile to the IWDEE Mods area just in case someone out there also wants to use it...

The mods installed here are:
- IWD NPC v6.0
- LavaIt - IWD: an item pack for IWD EE v1.0
- Shadow Magic v1.9.3
- Wildmage v1.7
- A Frosty Journey: The IWDEE Kitpack v2.92
- Warlock v0.8
- I Hate Undead Kitpack v2.8
- Tweaks Anthology v5.0 (various components based on your previous BG2EE choices)

The actual components installed for each mod can be viewed in the WeiDU.log.

This would be about as large as I would go. It is 3 times the max size of an individual file. The big mods are Shadow Magic and IWDNPC in case you are looking at adding something different.

For those who wish to try but unsure how to install:
- Download the .zip files to device
- Remove any previous modfiles and ''
- Delete or rename any current 'override' folder
- Unpack (keeping paths) all the files into the following folder on your internal SDCard:


- you should now end up with an 'override' folder and a file called '' in the root.

Note: The folder could be 'android/data/com.beamdog.icewinddaleenhancededition/files/' (I forgot to grab hold of the actual name when I modded someone elses eariler, sorry).

To uninstall:
- Delete the override folder and
- You should now be running vanilla

I haven't tested it on my device as I don't have IWDEE for Android... so when you install it, can you report back if all works fine or not.

Happy gaming



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