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Useful knowledge about the games that other way could be lost (please help by reporting links).

gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,678
This thread is to create a directory from which to access to the threads that analyzed in deep technical aspects of the games, tactics or other way give information that don't deserve to be buried by the new threads and become very hard to find by the new/old players.

My task is only to maintain the thread, everyone that has relevant links can contribute suggesting them in the thread or sending me a PM, if the links are suited i will introduce them in the OP posts and will become part of the directory. Is up to you fellow players to make this thread an useful resource that allow to anybody to quickly find useful information about the games.

The directory will be divided in few sections.
The first one is about technical aspects of the engine and how the different things (ie thieving skills or casting) work.
The second one is about combat tactics and weapon comparison.
I include some placeholders so if someone suggest new sections them can be introduced at the top of the thread.

This thread is not the place to discuss about that knowledge, if someone want to propose new tactics or else please open a dedicated thread and ask for it to be linked here. To tell that a link is to an obsolete or inaccurate thread obviously is possible and welcome.

Please @JuliusBorisov give evidence to this thread as we already have agreed.
And if somebody can suggest a better title for the discussion i am not really found of the one i use now... :)

EDIT: links to external resources and not to threads of the forum are allowed and welcome, but will not included in the opening posts, that are reserved to links to this forum's threads.
You can find them reading the whole thread anyway.
If many links to external resources will be given i will consider if using one of the placeholders as quick reference for them.

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