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David_Gaider needs a list



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    edited June 2016
    I split it but missed the last 4 posts....sigh. That is annoying, can't move posts between threads. Maybe @Dee can help.
  • rapsam2003rapsam2003 Member Posts: 1,636
    Southpaw said:

    3+) doesn't need to be isometric. (Yes, I said that, deal with it! 8) ) The Elder Scrolls/Fallout franchises have shown us that you can play an extremely good RPG in first-person/third-person view.

    I actually want to emphasize this. I mean, look at Morrowind. It has/had some of the best RPG and story elements (differing factions, class/build combos, reactions to your race, etc.) of any RPG out there. Yeah, the graphics are old, but I don't care. The game is so good that I used to sit there and wait 2 hours, anticipating the whole time, while I installed the fan-made patches that updated the gameplay and graphics. Why is it so good?! Choice. It's also played completely in 1st/3rd person view.
  • baldurskjdbaldurskjd Member Posts: 67
    1. No time refreshing skills.
    2. Companions don't miraculously heal if fallen after a battle.

  • TheMetaphysicianTheMetaphysician Member Posts: 76
    (1) Isometric, with party-wide tactical management necessary, like the BG series. (The worst thing about all the other games in the genre I've played, like the Dragon Age series, the NWN series, and so on, is the fact that you have less control over your companions, or worse, don't need the control because you don't really need to focus on party-wide tactics.)
    (2) Then just great story, well-developed companions, and immersive world.
  • deltagodeltago Member Posts: 7,811
    shawne said:

    3) Between BioWare, Black Isle and Obsidian, we've seen the Sword Coast, we've seen the Underdark, we've seen Icewind Dale and Rashemen and Chult. The Realms are a big place, and there are settings that as far as I know have never been used in a D&D game: Calimshan, Sembia, Kara-Tur, Maztica (or, I guess, "Returned Toril" now?). A change of scenery would go a long way.

    Not that I do not disagree, but there needs to be familiarity as well. Starting somewhere along the Sea of Swords (such as Luskan) and then moving to one of these unused areas would set the tone of familiarity for the player to settle into the game before being thrown into a sense of discovery.

    Discovery first, can be jarring especially if it is something like Maztica or Kara-Tur, since the player doesn't have much lore or canon to go on and that lore would have to be described quickly in the game while attempting to set up a plot.

    Calimshan, Thay (& Rashamen even though it was in MotB) however would need less lore thrust onto the player since a lot of it has already been established through some previous games.
  • MacHurtoMacHurto Member Posts: 731
    I would just ask for an iPad version. Anything else has been covered already
    JuliusBorisov[Deleted User]mf2112Chack
  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,875

    Nimran said:

    I see nobody's mentioning the real important stuff, so I'll do it.

    1. Ferrets.
    2. :cookie:s.
    3. Backstabbing ferrets with :cookie:s.

    Now, are these ferrets that use cookies to backstab? Or maybe being able to backstab ferrets that hold cookies, thereby taking the cookies from them. I must know if I can commit cookie theft :wink:
    Obviously the first one.
  • 1varangian1varangian Member Posts: 367
    I would like to see some kind of system (by default) where companions could actually die in combat and saving/reloading to bring them back would be limited. Some sort of ironman mode by default. With an optional "story" mode for players who don't enjoy tactical combat so much where companions would only get knocked out.

    Combat with realistic consequences would help achieve a much more immersive atmosphere.
  • MandragoraMandragora Member Posts: 79
    BillyYank said:

    2. Decouple alignment and reputation, it should be possible to run an evil/high rep or good/low rep game.

    Always fun to play intelligent sneaky evil, which could seem angelic from first sight, but in reality, is actually quite opposite, like devoted priest of Talos giving "wisdom" to commoners
    kanisatha said:

    For the sake of argument, let's pretend we were making a D&D game of some kind.

    What would be your top-three list of things you absolutely, positively would need to see present in that game -- whether it be in the story or the feature list?

    3) PLEASE have dragons that you don't have to fight, with whom you can interract, exchange knowledge or just banter, gain items and/or quests, and perhaps even become friends and/or allies.
    For example brass dragons love to talk above everything else,(draconic noober version?) or copper dragons who are born tricksters and jokesters..
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,213
    You would need a lot of stones to defeat a draconic noober...
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