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Mini-Mod Collection

ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,769
edited April 2017 in General Modding
Hey guys.

There are a lot of small mods out there for the games that only change super minor stuff.
Because they are so minor, chances are good that these mods may get lost in the vast wilderness of the internet.
I think it would be cool if we could maybe collaborate into taking these mods, group them up by themes and then make single, lager mods with one single installer based on those groups.

So why don't you all go ahead and post links to whatever mini-mods you made and tag modders you know who you think could be interested in adding their mods to the mix. I'll then go ahead and see if I can group them up in a meaningful manner.

This thread can also serve as a masterlist for people to find smaller mods.

Please only submit mods you made yourselves.
I will not add any mods to the list for which I don't have the personal permission by the person/ people who made said mods.
Also please don't submit any soundsets or portraits here, these already have their own threads.

Submitted mods


- Arcane Archer Redone (Fighter Kit) by @Artemius_I
- Pale Master Sorcerer Kit by @Artemius_I

- Assassin Backstab/Critical Bonus Effects by @Artemius_I

Baldur's Gate 1

- Convenient Dialogue Tweaks by @Artemius_I

Siege of Dragonspear


Baldur's Gate 2

- Accurate Vhailor's Helm by @Buttercheese

- Bardic Wonders by @Artemius_I

Icewind Dale


Planescape: Torment


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