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Wild Surge Issue 7 - Sounds of Gaming

What's that noise? Is it a clamor, a clang? A bang or a bloop? No, issue 7 of the Wild Surge thuds onto the scene, and it's stuffed with the sounds of gaming (and all the other onomatopoeia you might hope for)!

This month, hear from Jacob Burgess, the voice actor behind everyone's favorite gnome (or 2nd favorite, depending on your feelings toward Jan Jansen), Glint Gardnersonson. (Glint was written by @AndrewFoley don'tcha know!)

Explore the scores that accompany us through the Infinity Engine games. Cut through the noise of code and learn how to integrate sound into your mod.

Pine for the days of past tunes, discover a different way to enjoy your favorite book, and check out some of the newest tactical D&D games.

Finally, a foreign voice howls in the Corpse's Corner. Shandaxx has taken over and shares centuries-old wisdom on the songs that provide the best soundtrack to your evil deeds.

This marks the 7th issue of Wild Surge and also the 1 year mark for the magazine! The magazine has come a long way since its 1st issue and we've got a lot in the works for the next year!

A big thanks to all contributors of this issue! @Anduin, @argent77, @ashafetov, @deltago, @Fandraxx, @LavaDelVortel, @mlnevese, @semiticgod, @SFisch, @Shandaxx, @typo_tilly. Special thanks to @Jacob Burgess for letting us pick his brain! Thanks also to everyone who contributed this year!

The next issue will be in February on Neverwinter. If you want to contribute (with game reviews, book reviews, art, or something else) send an email to [email protected] or send a message to @deltago or @typo_tilly. Previous issues can be found at If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to get involved with the Wild Surge, please email us at [email protected]

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

deltago[Deleted User]FandraxxZaghoulGrond0NonnahswriterashafetovO_BruceAerakarhook71JuliusBorisovkanisathaAnduinThacoBellelminstertypo_tillyArctodusGusindaUnderstandMouseMagicStefanOJacoblolienOxvaRaduziellunar


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