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Wild Surge: Full Article List and Call for Contributors

typo_tillytypo_tilly Member Posts: 5,493
If you'd like to write an article or draw art for an article, email [email protected] or send me or @deltago a message. :)

The sorts of articles we're looking for are book reviews, mod reviews, game reviews, game first impressions, character overviews, short stories or vignettes, poems, custom D&D rules (e.g., for BG, IWD, or pen and paper), and similar things. If you'd like to draw art for articles (e.g., like the shields in the 5e dwarven defender rules article) or for stories, give us a shout.

Our primary focus are IE games, then other D&D games and books, then other RPGs, then other genres. For every issue, we're aiming to have a game or book review, a mod review, a poem, and Corpse's Corner. Most articles are 500 to 3000 words. We post theme issues, where most articles match the issue's theme.

For stories, we're undecided on including fan fiction (e.g., stories of your BG characters). For now, we're just interested in stories written in an original story universe. Orcs and elves are fine... just don't use, say, Forgotten Realms gods or cities or characters. Writers retain the rights to re-publish their works in other publications and media.

If you have any general questions about contributing, feel free to ask here. If you have a specific article you want to write, send a message to me or @deltago.

Current Issues

Issue 1: d Infinity
The Poem: Finding the Familiar Mark “Lord Rumfish” Burton
We Need a Name! (and other fan suggestions) Julius Borisov
A Wizard’s Life: Interview with Elminster Tyler “deltago” Smith
Demivrgvs’ Item and Spell Revisions Mods Chris “semiticgod” Dix
Customizing D&D’s 5e Ruleset: Shields Ashe “Vallmyr” Leggett
God’s Take on Tyranny: Review Mike “God” Millaire
Corpse’s Corner Andy “Anduin” Beale

Issue 2: Dwarves
The Poem: Inscription from a Dwarven Rune Mark “Lord Rumfish” Burton
History of Dwarves Julius “Bengoshi” Borisov
The Top Ten Dwarves Paul “Grum” Abels
An Alien’s Novel Idea, a book review Marcelo “mlnevese” Esteves
Why you should play a dwarf Chris “Tresset” Ethier
The Mod Highlight: SCS Chris “semiticgod” Dix
The Modding Tutorial, part 1 Lava Del’Vortel
Dwarves, The Game review Tyler “deltago” Smith
D6: Custom D&D 5e Rules, The Dwarven Defender Ashe “Vallmyr” Leggett
Corpse’s Corner Andy “Anduin” Beale

Issue 3: Dragonspear and Torment
The Poem: Happy Birthday, Dragonspear Mark “Lord Rumfish” Burton
Dragonspear Review Chris “semiticgod” Dix
Andromeda, First Impressions Tyler “Deltago” Smith
D6: Custom D&D 5e Rules, The Kitsune Ashe “Vallmyr” Leggett
The Modding Tutorial, part 2 – Banters Lava Del’Vortel
Totally Called PST:EE Britta “Buttercheese” H.
Torment: Tides of Numenera Review Tilly “Typo_Tilly” Underwood
Corpse’s Corner Andy “Anduin” Beale

Issue 4: Villains
The Poem: We Want You Mark “Lord Rumfish” Burton
Sarevok vs. Irenicus Shannon “Nonnahswriter” Ozog
5 Games where the player is the villain Tyler “Deltago” Smith
The Modding Tutorial, part 3 Lava Del’Vortel
A Suped-Up Vanilla N “CrevsDaak” Clotta
Injustice 2 Review Tyler “Deltago” Smith
Corpse’s Corner Andy “Anduin” Beale

Issue 5: Thieves
The Poem: Taker of the Gold Andy “Anduin” Beale
Silk: Character Highlight Marcelo "mlnevese" Esteves
D6: Custom D&D 5e Rules, Shadowdancer Ashe “Vallmyr” Leggett
Persona 5 Review Shannon "Nonnahswriter" Ozog
Icewind Dale Mega Mod Review (sarevok57) Chris "semiticgod" Dix
The Modding Tutorial, part 4 (Romances and Friendships) Lava Del'Vortel
Pool of Radiance Review Andy “Anduin” Beale
Lander's Adventures, chapter 1 (Nightlight Visitor) Tilly "typo_tilly" Underwood
Corpse's Corner Andy “Anduin” Beale

Issue 6: Ghosts and Spirits
A Ghostly Pause Before Wailing Andy "Anduin" Beale
Meet the Marags Marcelo "mlnevese" Esteves
Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Review Bartosz "O_Bruce" Rudy
Icewind Dale 2: Weeping Widow Inn Tyler "deltago" Smith
Pillars of Eternity Review Ashe “Vallmyr” Leggett
A Ballad for a King Shannon "Nonnahswriter" Ozog
Durlag's Story Tilly "typo_tilly" Underwood
Modder Freebie: The Crumbling Chapel Scott "Lord-Jyssev" Fischer
Corpse's Corner Andy "Anduin" Beale

Issue 7: Sounds of Gaming
The Rambling of Sidekicks Tilly "typo_tilly" Underwood
Infinity Engine: The Score Ryley "Fandraxx" McKiernan
An Interview with Jacob Burgess Tyler "deltago" Smith
A Good Book Speaks Volumes Marcelo "mlnevese" Esteves
Modding Tutorial Part 5: Soundsets and Voiced Dialogue Lava Del'Vortel
Music of Past Times Andy "Anduin" Beale
Reviews of Lords of Waterdeep & Tomb of Annihilation Tyler "deltago" Smith
Corpse's Corner Shandaxx

Issue 8: Neverwinter
The city of summer, spring, and fall Andy "Anduin" Beale
Waking the Witch: An Interview with Rob Bartel Tyler "deltago" Smith
Before Neverwinter Nights, There was Neverwinter Nights Andy "Anduin" Beale
Unlocking the Secrets of the Vault: An interview with niv ...............
Neverwinter Nights: The Opus Ryley "Fandraxx" McKiernan
A Guide to Neverwinter Night’s Persistent Worlds Tyler "deltago" Smith
Shadows of Undrentide Review Andy "Anduin" Beale
Neverwinter Nights 2 Opinion Pieces ComeandSee and mr_otyugh
A Look at D&D’s 4e Neverwinter Campaign Setting Tyler "deltago" Smith
Corpse's Corner Andy "Anduin" Beale

Issue 9: Chickens
Chicken Chicken! Andy "Anduin" Beale
In Search of the Hyper Chicken Tyler "deltago" Smith
The Chicken Quests of Baldur’s Gate Chris "semiticgod" Dix
Continuing the Search for the Hyper Chicken Tyler "deltago" Smith
An Interview with Davide Matthew "Dragonspear" Brown
Hyper Chicken Badge: Speculation Tyler "deltago" Smith
Thayan Labs Presents: Cluckendoom Rik Kirtaniya
Metal Album reviews: Pink Bubbles Go Ape Ryley "Fandraxx" McKiernan
A Peek into the Vault: Chicken Theme Tyler "deltago" Smith
A Review of Troma’s Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead Shannon "Nonnahswriter" Ozog
Chicku game review Tyler "deltago" Smith
Corpse's Corner Andy "Anduin" Beale

Issue 10: Fan Fiction
Nobleman Chase Luc Roumen
The Tale of the Necromancer Rik Kirtaniya
The Entropy Blade Adantilus
Alienna: The Start Shannon Ozog
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine game review Tyler "deltago" Smith
Corpse's Corner Andy "Anduin" Beale

Issue 11: Magic
Magic is... Andy Beale
Melting the Ice: Soloing IWD:EE Rik Kirtaniya
Supplementing 5e: An Interview with Mark Burton Tyler Smith
A Wizard’s Concoction: A look at Ravnica Shannon Ozog
A Kind of Magic: Magic in Literature Marcelo Esteves
Forgotten Lore: Review of Magic of Faerûn Tyler Smith
On the Nature of Sigils Rik Kirtaniya
Metal Album reviews: Heroes of Mighty Magic Ryley McKiernan
Sacrifice: A game review Tilly Underwood
Corpse’s Corner Andy Beale

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