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[Christmas Thread 2013] Your presents for Baldur's Gate:EE community members!



  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,600
    I forgot someone important:

    @JLee, for sharing about our Dark Wizard runs together.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,600
    @Cerevant, wow, that's my favorite Christmas song, and I love a capella singing groups. That bass singer and that beat-box guy are amazing! I'll have to check out more Pentatonix stuff. The people on these forums give me so much new music and video to enjoy, that I would not have known about otherwise. What a great Christmas present!

  • WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571


    Merry Christmas/Holiday/Movie Night to everyone!!

    CrevsDaak[Deleted User]typo_tillynano
  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    Honourable mentions to @Boozilla and @ScottBrooks should also be made. Most of the team (who are on the forum) are up there (I think). :-)

  • GemHoundGemHound Member Posts: 799
    Wait... People think I'm being wise? I just suggest what I think would be good.

  • BelgarathMTHBelgarathMTH Member Posts: 5,600
    edited December 2013
    I have a special Christmas tradition that I'd like to share with you all. Every Christmas Eve, I watch Kelsey Grammer's "Christmas Carol, The Musical", while eating sinfully delicious food.

    The musical numbers in this particular iteration of the classic story are very special to me, as is Kelsey's performance, and all its many "Bah, Humbug!" critics be damned.

    This one is very, very fun, and it's Jason Alexander's Marley, and it's great, and wonderful, and is possibly my most favorite minor-key production number in a musical, ever. Jason Alexander is awesome! (skip to 1:30 if you want to hear the song without all the dialogue:

    I think that mostly older people can appreciate the song of the Ghost of Christmas Past. This blurry example is the only one I can find on YouTube:

    Another of my favorite minor key production numbers ever is "Dancing On Your Grave". There is nothing of of Kelsey's version on YouTube, but here's a substitute from the many, many amateur and educational productions of this marvelous Christmas work, and is dedicated to everyone who loves to hurt, tear down, and be mean to others without a second thought - seriously, give it a second thought, please:

    This one goes out to @God, as well as anyone who's ever been a Grinch or a Scrooge:

  • SchneidendSchneidend Member Posts: 3,190

    ...Now I kinda feel bad that I didn't try to be more conversational, and I don't have those messages in my log to review them.

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    Due to the stupendously long post. I too have forgotten names... Luckily, like Santa, when I make a list, I check it twice... Will correct.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0
    edited December 2013
    The user and all related content has been deleted.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    Anduin said:

    Troodon80 - Can we go...

    And Kolssed. Admittedly, you made a good point in proving that he was evil incarnate.

  • NecdilzorNecdilzor Member Posts: 278
    Thank you @bengoshi !!!

    I would like to thank the whole community for being the very best I know with wonderful people, interesting debates and a passionate dedication to Baldur's Gate. This community is the brightest of all the ones I've been at. Thanks for always being helpful with me, thanks for the funny times, and thanks for letting me know about The Order of The Stick (amazing... can't believe I missed it until now).

    Also I would like to thank the team for bringing the games to life and releasing the patches that made the game run on my computer (I still have to get BG:EE 2 xD) and on the computers of many others that wanted to play the game as badly as everyone else. Thank you for the games, thank you for your patience, thank you all.

    Happy Holidays everyone!!!

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    edited December 2013


    ...Now I kinda feel bad that I didn't try to be more conversational, and I don't have those messages in my log to review them.

    You do use more words... But I appreciate your ability to use the fewest possible words to convey your meaning! BREVITY! A word that also establishes GRAVITAS.

    I wish I could do the same... But essays is all I seem able to write. If I could give one word answers. I would have said no a long time ago and left it at that, but no. I need to witter on regardless. Even if said no. So yes. Please take it as a compliment. A great conversationalist knows when to speak, using the exact right amount of words to not bore his audienc... *Looks around thread*

    Everyone stopped reading this awhile back didn't they...

    *Anduin strolls off and sits in his stone coffin in a sulk...*

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    Okay... THE FORGOTTEN.

    How could I forget them! I am a bad person. BAAAAAD.

    Sorry if I missed you out. If you look at the list, it was pretty big. And I did it all off the top of my head. I then placed it into alphabetical order... Took me ages. But it was better than wrapping presents. So...

    @Spaceinvader For showing me that I too, like Xan, can be a gimped character and wield his sword. But this pales in comparison to the veil lifting amazement that the Firewine ruins is full... FULL is say, of treasure.

    @LadyRhian I worshiped the lady at one time... While everyone was using those faces that appear for newbies or portraits from the game, @LadyRhain used one made specially for her by an artist. How COOL is that? She has every boxed edition of the DnD game... I was so enamored I wrote up a magical item named Lady Rhian's Stiletto, a magical shoe that could be thrown like a dart causing both piercing and blunt damage before returning magically to the user (Originally used by Lady Rhian to beat off her would be suitors... before she managed to fall in love with a handsome Gnome with a Charisma of at least 24, maybe 25 in poor light, who would abandon his quest for eternal life through mummification and lichdom to live one happy fulfilled life with the lady of his dreams. The lady used her stilleto to pin the Gnomes hand to a table before he could sign and send his soul through eternal damnation through a contract with the higher powers that be. The Lady, pleading her case and revealing at last her true feelings, caused the Gnome to abandon his foolish quest and signed his soul over to his true love...)

    Lady Rhian immediately wrote back to inform me she mainly wears flip flops... ... ... ... ... ... *long sigh*

    @Kitteh_on_a_cloud Apart from the fact that she could possibly be my wife... Well... She is always there to cheer me up with a kind word... If a person could speak in rainbows... This person would. Comes across as very naive at times though. So glad that innocence is still alive and well in the realms... *Gives big kiss*

    This is hopeless... I'm bound to remember more people...

  • AnduinAnduin Member Posts: 5,745
    @Shandyr said:

    Is anyone else experiencing major forum lags and errors while loading pages since @Anduin made that

    *Cough* Who started the thread? *cough*

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,152
    edited December 2013
    I wrote something regarding this, but I don't tend to make drafts, so I accidentally closed the page, and I lost what I've wrote, FUCK THE IPAD MAN, T'IS A SO BAD TO WRITE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Metalloman, @Anduin, @Troodon80, @elminster, @Foggy, @KidCanival and his familiar @Eudaemonium, @Dragonspear, @booinyoureyes, @LadyRhian, @Batman, @Quartz, @Southpaw, @meagloth. I've wrote something to everyone but not Eudaemonium, still, I closed the page.
    Sorry :/:(

  • CerevantCerevant Member Posts: 2,313
    Anduin said:

    @Cerevant This Dwarf works so hard behind the scenes...

    Thanks for the kind words! (BTW, Half troll / half elf)

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