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Would You Join the Ferret Legion?

NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,860
edited February 2015 in Off-Topic
Well, the Ferret Force Five is already full, unless deltaco doesn't return, but now I have a new idea with which I can spread the Ferret Gospel. I am now accepting members of a new legion of ferreteers, and will hand out cookies to any who join willingly! And, if deltaco doesn't come back, there might just be an opening in the Ferret Force Five for anyone interested.

Would You Join the Ferret Legion? 21 votes

Hell yes, I'll be a Ferreteer!
SethDavisChildofBhaal599kcwise[Deleted User]OneAngryMushroommashedtatersCrevsDaakSmilingSwordElrandirwubbleNimranJTerzin 12 votes
Hell no, I won't be a Ferreteer!
smeagolheartBelgarathMTHelminsterAnduinrufus_hobartTeflonbooinyoureyesSionIV 8 votes
...What? Are you completely insane? Don't come near me, you crazy freak!
TheElf 1 vote
[Deleted User]lolienkcwiseJuliusBorisovAnduinCrevsDaakRavenslightbooinyoureyesTeflonmashedtaters


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