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You know you're playing too much Baldur's Gate when...

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,161
1. You complain to your family about having to live in "such a pissant town"
2. You search for objects at the base of every tree you see.
3. You walk into a complete stranger's house and start rummaging through his drawers.
4. You go into your basement to kill spiders.
5. You buy an Irish wolfhound and name him 'Ruffie'.
6. You tell your boss, "I don't like the way this company is working out. Perhaps better leadership would help."
7. You try to pawn severed heads.
8. All your friends have green circles around their feet.
9. You have a collection of odd-looking sticks which you believe contain magic, but haven't been identified yet.
10. On your resume, your education is listed as 'lore'
11. You demand discounts on the grounds that you are a hero for getting a cat out of a tree.
12. You rest for exactly 8 hours every night.
13. You refer to your luxury car as an 'automobile +1'
14. You divorce your wife for 'incompatible alignments'
15. You find a ring and carry it with you for your entire life in the hopes
that you will meet the person to whom it belongs and return it.
16. You've been wearing a cloak around the office lately.
17. You scan every square inch of the ground looking for hidden objects when on the way to the store.
18. Your wife says, "Something smells. Have you been hanging around in the sewer again?"
19. You're fired from your job for 'laying hands' on the other employees.
20. You are deathly afraid to kiss women you meet at the beach, especially ones with bluish skin.
21. You have nightmares about your 4th grade teacher screaming, "You WILL Learn!!!"
22. You have bite marks all over you from trying to charm squirrels.
23. Your playing sessions end when you say, "Ooops" as you notice the sun coming in the window.
24. You now hesitate or are paranoid about putting on a belt.
25. When you leave your house and want to get back in you need to give a book worth 50 USD.
26. When you're going to the basement you refer to "The Naskel mines."
27. You feel like being controlled by an omnipresent authority figure.
28. Your boss gives you a new assignment and you reply disdainfully, "A waste of my talent..."
29. You order a large steak in a resturaunt, then grab your knife and cry out "My blade will cut you down to size!"
30. Everytime you see a huskie you cry "vampire wolf!" and run.
31. You are trying to change your appearance, but you cant find the "customize" button any where.
32. You buy a hamster for the sole purpose of naming it Boo.
33. When it starts to snow/rain/thunder&lightning out, you complain that you can't find the gameplay menu to disable weather.
34. When something catches the corner of your eyes and you frantically try to hit the .
35. Everytime you dream you wonder why you didn't get a special ability.
36. You start talking to chickens to see if they can talk.
37. You leave a friend at the mall and, upon returning there the next day on another errand, are confused and annoyed he isn't standing right where you left him waiting for you.
38. On your way to school/work you get waylaid by enemies and have to defend yourself.
39. You stand up in the middle of a meeting and start yelling "Less talk and more fight".
40. You are in your car looking at a street map and you can't figure out where to go, because no other sections are highlighted.

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